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Posted by: SmokedMemes - 7 hours ago - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (7)

The spam e-mails have returned, all admins currently on board, if you can assist the forum... Please do.

EDIT: The spam e-mails can be traced back to
@Aseris2003, who seems to be opperating one bot... or something? I'm not sure how this works.

Another thing to note is that the other bot is traced back to a banned user, @Astr021

The two botted accounts seem to be babaji0123 and guruji001 respectively.

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Posted by: shademonkey - Yesterday, 11:46 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (12)

They're in the Competitive Discussion forum too, noooo -_-   Ok not anymore
Also, did @PhantomUnderYourDesk 's thread get deleted?

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  Pokedex Completition Trades
Posted by: Lucy24 - Yesterday, 04:04 AM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (7)

Hey there : )
I'm looking for a few trades in order to complete my collection.

3x Snopach Lvl 1 (2x Solid Rock, 1x Snow Cloak)
2x Eletux Lvl 1
3x Eevee Lvl 1
2x Neopunk Lvl 1

1x Orchynx or Metalynx
1x Raptorch or Archilles
1x Slothohm or Theriamp
1x Praseopunk

Back & Forth Trading for Evolution:
Cometeor → Astronite
Spritzee → Aromatisse
Spritzee → Miasmedic
Linkite → Chainite
Xenogen → Xenoqueen

My Online-ID is 020458.

Any help would be appreciated :3

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Posted by: Bayneko - 06-26-2017, 10:32 PM - Forum: Creativity - Replies (2)

Haven't drawn any pu pokemon in a long time, but today my friend @guille-poser gave me a shiny owten. Owten was my first favorite pu pokemon, I first saw it with the professor and it was really cute, but after i checked it's stats... well i love the little guy anyway.
[Image: owten_by_9473813-dbe6a2g.png]

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  [Competitive] Yatagaryu
Posted by: Cataclyptic - 06-24-2017, 09:35 PM - Forum: Competitive Discussion - Replies (11)

[Image: latest?cb=20160816030848] Yatagaryu [Image: latest?cb=20160816030940]

Weaknesses (4x): Nuclear
Weaknesses (2x): Dragon, Fairy, Ground, Ice
Resistances (1/2x): Fire, Flying, Grass, Steel, Water
Resistances (1/4x): Electric

HP: 90                  (290-384)
AT: 90                  (166-306)
DF: 85                   (157-295)
SA: 130                (238-394)
SD: 85                  (157-295)
SP: 120                (220-372)
Total: 600

In game lore states that the ninjas of Tsukinami village worship Yatagaryu. They are not wrong to do so. It has the typing of Zekrom, a small but concise movepool that lets it sweep most anything, a fantastic ability and stats, great speed in a metagame that relies on speed and can probably beat Chuck Norris too. Yatagaryu is a titan of the Uranium metagame, so much so that there have been calls for it to be kicked upstairs to Ubers.
The Stormbringer Pokemon is capable of a variety of offense sets, each different in their own subtle ways, but having the commonality of ripping everything to shreds. Its ability, Stormbringer, gives it a 100% accurate Thunder, makes all electric moves get boosted 50% and even deals electric chip damage on odd turns much like Stealth Rock does, except for the electric type. Combined with its pseudo legendary stats, this thing can produce extraordinarily powerful attacks.
Yatagaryu is not invincible though- most sets are weak to Inflagetah, its mega and Mega Archilles which can take it down with Earthquake. It’s counterpart Laissure is immune to its greatest strength and can fire back an supereffective Earthquake. However, the list of things that can actually counter Yatagaryu are few. Fear the Stormbringer, for its reckoning can be quelled but a little.
(Sets are in order of what I believe to be most to least viable)
The Storm Cometh
(Choice’d set)
[Image: latest?cb=20161201001719] @ Choice Scarf/ Choice Specs
Modest/Timid: 252 SpAt, 252 Spe, 4 HP
- Thunder
- Draco Meteor/ Dragon Pulse
- U Turn/ Volt Switch
- Focus Blast / Hidden Power Ice

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a pokémon with such great special attack and speed can be boosted further with Choice items. Choice Scarf is the first item on the list, with a Timid nature and max speed it can outspeed everything except for Choice Scarfed Alpico. With a modest nature it can outspeed any choice scarfed mons below 104 base speed, as well as all non choiced pokemon, so still pretty good. With a choice specs equipped it becomes an absurdly powerful wallbreaker, a Timid nature is recommended but if you have something like Sticky web support, go for Modest and break everything.
The only required move here is Thunder, which gets boosted by stormbringer tuning it into a 100% accurate 270bp spammable move after all the math is done. Thunder is so absurdly powerful that it deals great damage to even things that resist it. Next we need a dragon move to take care of pesky ground types- Dragon Pulse for consistency or Draco Meteor for pure power- the latter is recommended since this set likes to switch a lot. After that you have your scouting move: Volt Switch is boosted by stormbringer and STAB but grounds ruin it, while U turn works on anything, so take your pick.
Finally we have Focus Blast to round out the coverage, or Hidden Power Ice if you want a weaker but more reliable method of damage dealing. Focus Blast hits Lanthan and Metalynx formes for supereffective damage whereas HP Ice hits Luxelong (which would otherwise be a perfect counter to this set), Cocancer and Laissure, though it can be argued that Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor hits the last two more effectively.
This set is designed to hit hard then switch out. Some prediction is required in order to make full use of this set, for instance using Volt Switch/ U Turn to scout for counters, or to predict the right move to use since both Yatagaryu’s STABS’s have immunities. It is recommended to use a Timid nature with Choice Specs and a Modest nature with Choice Scarf.
(Non choiced special attacker)
[Image: latest?cb=20161201001719]@ Life Orb
Timid/Modest: 252 SpAt, 252 Spe, 4 HP
- Thunder
- Draco Meteor
- Focus Blast / Hidden Polwer Ice
- Roost
This set functions similarly to the above set, except now you have the freedom to switch moves and heal off damage. You have three options to wreck havoc on your opponent’s team, so switch in Yatagaryu, pick the best one, then switch out once checks and counters show up. Roost off any damage, keep pressuring the opponent until you win. Thunder is the STAB of choice for its immense power, Draco Meteor is the same way for its power and the SpAt drop isn’t too bad since this set switches out a lot. The final move is either Focus Blast or HP Ice, depending on what you want to hit harder: Lanthan or Luxelong.
Functioning as a wallbreaker/sweeper depending on the conditions, this one requires less prediction that the first set but also tends to not hit as fast or hard. Playing somewhat conservatively is your best bet for this set.
[Image: latest?cb=20161201001719] @ Life Orb
Timid: 252 SpAt, 252 Spe, 4 HP
- Nasty Plot
- Thunder
- Dragon Pulse / Draco Meteor
- Focus Blast / Hidden Power Ice
A more one dimensional set, but nonetheless still very effective. Use Nasty Plot to setup and sweep with the appropriate coverage moves. Once again Thunder is a given due to its immense power. This time Dragon Pulse is the preferred move of choice due to being reliable, but Draco Meteor can be used in case you want even more absurd power at a cost of losing that boost. Finally we have Focus Blast or Hidden Power Ice: Focus Blast is a great move for hitting otherwise resisted things like Lanthan and Metalynx, while Hidden Power Ice can be used to decimate Yatagaryu’s usual counters, barring Scarf’d pokémon.
As a wallbreaker this set is designed either for early game hole punching or late game sweeping. If you want to use it early game, set up when you can and just wreck things so that your other pokémon have an easier time sweeping. For a late game approach, get rid of Yatagaryu’s potential counters, set up, and have fun watching your opponent weep.

Calm Before the Stormbringer
(CM sweeper)
[Image: latest?cb=20161201001719] @ Leftovers / Lum Berry / Life Orb
Timid: 252 SpAt, 252 Spe, 4 SpDf (30IV’s in HP)
- Calm Mind
- Thunderbolt / Thunder
- Dragon Pulse / Draco Meteor / Hidden Power Ice
- Roost
A Calm Mind set is not too impossible to pull off. If you can get rid of any physical attackers your opponent has / potential counters, Calm Mind might secure the game. Your item choice comes down to three options: do you want extra healing to boost more, a way to get out of status once, or the ability to cause more havoc? After you’ve decided that, Calm Mind is a must on this set, as is Roost to heal off any damage you take (especially if you choose life Orb).
Your attacking moves should be an electric move of choice, then either a dragon move or HP Ice. Thunderbolt is preferred on this set solely because it takes a couple CM boosts to be safe, and by the time you do Stormbringer is likely worn out, making Thunder have 70% accuracy again. Dragon Pulse is another reliable STAB, while Draco Meteor can hit harder but unlike the Nasty Plot set, takes more turns to set up. Hidden Power Ice is another feasible option as Electric/Ice is nearly unresisted in the metagame.
This set is more cautious than the others because Yatagaryu doesn’t have a very good special defense stat. It takes more than a couple boosts to make sure this thing is ready for sweeping, but it makes up for that by having Roost in its arsenal to heal damage over the course of a battle.
Screw You, Ground Types
(Magnet Rise)
[Image: latest?cb=20161201001719] @ Life Orb/ Leftovers
Timid: 252 SpAt, 252 Spe, 4 HP
- Magnet Rise
- Thunder
- Dragon Pulse / Hidden Power Ice
- Calm Mind/Nasty Plot / Hidden Power Ice / Focus Blast
A somewhat niche set that can be used to surprise counters. With Magnet Rise, Yatagaryu can be immune to ground moves, allowing it to potentially sweep unhindered. Lanthan and Laissure in particular need to worry about this set because they will not be able to spam Earthquakes/ Subductions, leaving them with few options to hit the Stormbringer Pokemon. After Magnet Rise, Thunder is an obvious choice, then a potential dragon move or HP Ice to get more coverage, rounding it off with possibly another setup move or another coverage move.
Other Options

- A mixed sweeper set with Dragon Dance, Outrage, Dragon Claw or Megahorn can possibly be feasible but it’s also likely outclassed by the pure special sets in power.
- Hurricane or Air Slash can be potential coverage moves if your team is wary of Seikamater, Garlikid or Wintoger. It doesn’t hit much else harder than Thunder/Dragon Pulse otherwise.

Team Options

Most Yatagaryu sets like switching, so entry hazard removal is key. Or it would be if we had those. Instead, try just keeping hazards off the field with Taunt and Magic Bounce pokémon, especially sticky Web. Harzard support for your side is always appreciated by sweepers to score more KO’s, Laissure in particular can set up Spikes, Stealth Rock, and is immune to stormbringer.
Pokemon that can get rid of Yatagaryu’s counters and resist Stormbringer are much appreciated, like Metalynx and its mega, who can get rid of ground types that otherwise threaten the dragon. Syrentide and its mega also make a good partner for this reason, though they have to be careful with stormbringer.
Playing against Yatagaryu
There isn’t much that can stop this thing, plain and simple. Specially Defensive Lanthan, M-Metalynx and Luxelong are the only things that can truly take hits from all Yatagaryu sets and live, but Lanthan and M-Metalynx have to be careful about Focus Blast while Luxelong is vulnerable to HP ice, especially if Yatagaryu Nasty Plots. Unfortunately this thing has so much sheer power that even dedicated walls crumble before it. 
Wearing down the Stormbringer is your best bet, as it is vulnerable to all types of entry hazards. If Yatagaryu is Choice’d, prediction and immunity to its STABs is key. Ice Shard users can pick it off once it’s weakened. Tailwind or Sticky Web support can take away Yatagaryu’s prized speed and bring it down to more manageable levels.

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Star New Discord Server for Uranium Fanwork Creators!
Posted by: EeveeBailey - 06-24-2017, 04:21 PM - Forum: Creativity - Replies (3)

For any of you out there who were so inspired by Pokemon Uranium to do your own creative works based on it -- be it fanart, sprites, fanfic, videos, etc. -- there is now a special Discord server just for you!  The PU Creators Collective was created as a special gathering place for all of the Uranium fanwork creators to come together, share their works, exchange ideas and inspiration, and generally help foster the growth of the creative fandom.

Not a creator?  Not a problem -- even if you're just a fan of fanworks, you're welcome to join as well! Big Grin

Official Invite Link for the PU Creators Collective!

We hope to see you all soon! Wink

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  [Competitive] Astronite
Posted by: Cataclyptic - 06-23-2017, 10:39 PM - Forum: Competitive Discussion - Replies (21)

[Image: latest?cb=20160816123739]Astronite [Image: latest?cb=20160816123848]
Weaknesses (4x): Nuclear
Weaknesses (2x): Bug, Dark, Ghost, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
Resistances (1/2x): Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison, Psychic  

HP: 80                  (270-364)
AT: 85                  (167-295)
DF: 85                   (157-295)
SA: 115                (211-361)
SD: 75                  (139-273)
SP: 105                (193-339)
Total: 545

Here we have one of the most unique pokemon in Tandor. Astronite is an oddity among the competitive realm not just for its unique Rock/Psychic typing but by virtue of all the viable sets it can run. This space alien possesses a wide and versatile movepool and very good stats, allowing it to effectively run a good variety of sets: from stall support to a hyper offensive attacker, Astronite can do it all.
This makes the traveler pokemon incredibly unpredictable- and as one might think, hard to take down. Unfortunately, Astronite has seven weaknesses and nearly all of them are to very common types. It has key fire and flying resists, but that’s about all it has going defensively. Despite these flaws, the traveler pokemon is still one of the best mons available in Tandor, so underestimate it at your own risk.
(Sets are in order of what I believe to be the most viable to least viable)

Powerful Meteor
(Setup Sweeper)

[Image: latest?cb=20161201000516] @ Life Orb / Expert Belt
Timid/ Modest: 252 SpAt, 252 Spe, 4 HP
- Nasty Plot
- Ancientpower
- Earth Power
- Hidden Power Fire/Ice

I just realized that every single attack on this set involves the root word “Power”. Therefore it must be powerful. But puns aren’t the scariest thing about this set- no, that would be the perfect coverage. With a combination of a rock, ground and fire type move, Astronite achieves perfect coverage on the entire metagame. Most everything in the meta takes supereffective damage from this, and everything else takes neutral damage, making this set entirely unresisted. Also it gets Nasty Plot to make this even more unfair.
But wait there’s more! Use this set and we’ll throw in a Technician ability for free that raises the power of Ancientpower and Hidden Power to 90bp each! With a Life Orb and a +2 boost to its special attack, Astronite can wreck entire teams with ease. Choose Hidden Power Ice or Fire based upon your teams needs- HP Fire hits Metalynx formes while HP Ice hits Garlikid, some dragons and Laissure. Either move results in the same perfect coverage and equally good supereffective hits. This is a one dimensional set, but it is oh so effective. Life Orb is the preferred item in order to score more KO’s, but an Expert Belt can be used just in case you don’t want to lose HP in order to tank priority normal and fire moves. Timid is the preferred nature so that it can outspeed everything it possibly can, but Modest can be used for more power. 

Moon Logic
(Hazard Controller)
[Image: latest?cb=20161201000516] @ Leftovers
Timid: 252 Spe, 248 HP, 8 Df/ SpAt
- Stealth Rock
- Power Gem
- Taunt/Magic Coat
- Earth Power/ Recover / Taunt

This Astronite set takes a radically different approach, as a dedicated lead with the intent on stopping opponents entry hazards while setting up your own. Trace allows you to copy a myriad of good abilities, especially Magic Bounce, which can be used to aid in the set up of Stealth Rock, the main move of this set. After that comes Taunt or Magic Coat depending on what you prefer more: stopping entry hazards or potentially throwing them back at your opponent.
Finally we have a couple open moveslots: Power Gem should be a guarantee to save Astronite from being Taunt Baited and allows it to strike hard against sticky Web users and some other hazard setters. Earth Power helps against more hazard setters like Lanthan, but the fourth move can also be Recover just in case you need to block hazards multiple times, or Taunt if you picked Magic Coat earlier. The EV’s are designed to give it the ability to outspeed most hazard setter and Taunt them, while dumping the rest in HP for defenses.

3…2…1… Liftoff
(Rock Polish)

[Image: latest?cb=20161201000516] @ Life Orb/ Expert Belt
Modest: 252 SpAt, 128 Spe, 128 HP/ Df
- Rock Polish
- Power Gem
- Earth Power
- Hidden Power Fire/Ice

So remember how Astronite can achieve perfect coverage? Suppose you make it the fastest thing alive…
This Astronite set plays similarly to the first sweeper set. Set up, have perfect coverage and a life orb, score victory.  With 128 Speed EV’s, Astronite reaches 242 speed with a Modest nature, doubling it to 484 with Rock Polish. This lets it outspeed Mega Inflagetah, which is actually useful since the rocket cheetah’s priority moves are resisted by Astronite, meaning it’ll be KO’ed by Ancientpower!
(252+ SpA Life Orb Technician Rampardos Ancient Power vs. 252 HP / 252 SpD Flareon: 328-385 (87.7 - 102.9%) -- 25% chance to OHKO) (Since Inflagetah will never run max HP and special defense, gaurenteed OHKO basically.)
252 EV’s in special attack for obvious reasons. The rest is dumped into HP so that it can tank better, but you can dump it into DF in order to better take physical priority moves like Inflagetah’s, or random Aqua Jets. Modest is the only nature you need, as Timid would be pretty pointless.
Damn Annoying Aliens
[Image: latest?cb=20161201000516] @ Leftovers / Choice Scarf
Timid: 252 Spe, 248 HP, 8 SpAt
Trace/ Technician
- Recover
- Toxic
- Ancientpower/ Power Gem/ Knock Off.
- Trick/ Knock Off
Astronite can function as a great annoyer thanks to its great movepool. For abilities, use  Trace if you think you can get lucky and copy something like Magic Bounce or Water Absorb, or use Technician to boost its rock move of choice for more damage. Recover lets it live longer than your opponent wants it to, while Toxic makes enemy monsters not live as long as your opponent wants. Since Astronite can switch relatively freely, it can status multiple enemies. After that is a toss up for your rock move of choice: Ancientpower if using Technician and Power Gem if using Trace. One can also opt to screw rock moves and just throw in Knock Off to be more eviler, in which case dump the SpAt IV’s into defense.
The final move depends on what item you are using: Knock Off is a generally annoyer move while Trick has greater synergy with choice scarf in order to cripple a wall. That being said, Knock Off can still be used with Choice Scarf to a great degree as well. Speaking of items, Choice Scarf is a great item to gain a speed boost and be even more annoying, especially with Trick, while Leftovers is great for passive healing.
Space Shield
(Dual screen support)

[Image: latest?cb=20161201000516]@ Light Clay
Timid: 252 Spe, 248 HP, 8 DF
Sturdy/ Trace
- Reflect
- Light Screen
- Recover
- Taunt / Power Gem / Toxic
Astronite can function as an effective dual screens support due to its high speed and access to Recover. Thanks to Recover, it can set up either of the screens effectively multiple times. The last move falls between Taunt- to shut down other walls, Power Gem- a reliable STAB attack and Toxic- to help it take down problematic pokémon while it supports. Sturdy or Trace can be used, the former allows Astronite to potentially set up easier while the latter can help in a pinch if you copy the right ability.
Light Clay is the item of choice for pretty obvious reasons. A timid nature with defensive EV’s allow for Astronite to survive and support your team over the course of any battle.
Playing Against Astronite
Astronite is incredibly versatile, making checks and counters to it somewhat difficult. It does however have seven weaknesses with most of them being common attacking types, so you can likely wear it down easily. Additionally, although its setup sets are to be feared for their perfect coverage, dedicated specially defensive walls can sponge a hit and fire back an attack to OHKO it like Mega/Metalynx and Lanthan. Faster Pokemon can Taunt Astronite’s supportive sets, since base 105 is actually medium in this high speed meta.

Chainite works as a counter to Astronite, being able to trap it no matter what the set and fire off STAB boosted ghost or dark moves, though Astronite can potentially hurt it with Moonblast, if it ever runs the attack. Coatlith can check Astronite due to its typing barring any HP Ice, outspeed it under the sun and destroy it with a grass move. Likewise Mega Arbok can come in and lower Astronite's precious speed, leaving it vulnerable to attack, though the purple orochi has to be careful of Earth Power. 
Team Options
The setup sets like entry hazards to be up in order to sweep and score KO’s easier, so any pokemon with entry hazards is appreciated. Tracton is a great partner for these sets as it is a good wallbreaker that resists most of Astronites weaknesses, save for Ground, allowing astronite to sweep (or vice versa). Gyarados in normal form can help Astronite by sponging hits, as it too resists most of Astronite’s weaknesses.  
Since the supporting Astronite sets are there to support a team, good partners for them include hyper offensive pokemon like Mega Archilles, Mega Elextruxo and Yatagaryu. These strong but defensively frail pokemon appreciate the entry hazard or screen support that Astronite can offer to ease their sweeping. 
Other Options:
- Moonblast is a good move, but Rock/Ground has better synergy.
- Magic Room can be used to remove items for a little bit, but is niche at best.
- Psychic moves for STAB, but psychic isn’t too good right now in the meta and generally outclassed by the aforementioned Rock/Ground combo.
- An attacking set of Focus Blast/ HP Fighting, Psyshock and Omninous Wind can be used as an alternative perfect coverage set. It generally hits less things supereffectively than the ones listed above though.
- Calm Mind can work in place of Nasty Plot, and may be able to win a CM war if you carry Psyshock.

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Posted by: shademonkey - 06-22-2017, 06:52 PM - Forum: Competitive Discussion - Replies (12)

[Image: latest?cb=20160815025650]

  • Typing : Grass / Fire
  • Statistics :
    HP : 75                       Attack : 125
    Defense : 70               Special Attack : 90
    Special Defense : 65    Speed : 85
  • Abilities
    Vital Spirit
    Iron Fist
    Technician (Hidden Ability)

Frikitiki is an interesting pokemon. Its high Attack stat makes it a good choice for the adventure run, and is something that can easily be exploited in strategic battles. 85 is a relatively bad speed tier, as Frikitiki ties with a lot of relevant rivals like Krilvolver, Gellin, Electruxo, Chimaconda and Leviathao once it gets released; and is outsped by the important 90 Speed BS benchmark, namely that of Nucleon, Mega Arbok, Raffiti and Fafninter. Its defenses aren't that great but not nonexistent, and are backed up by an interesting defensive typing in Grass/Fire. Weaknesses to Ground, Bug, Fire, Water and Ice are cancelled by its dual typing, which leaves it with a fair load of neutralities and only three weaknesses in Flying, Poison and Rock. And Nuclear if we're counting. Grass/Fire is also a neat stab combo resisted only by Dragon- and Fire-types. So all is not that bad for the monkey, which finds relief in exploitable abilities. Technician lets Frikitiki draw a wider range of options from its movepool, Vital Spirit is nice in that it provides switch-in opportunities. Iron Fist is the least useful ability since it only powers up one move from Frikitiki's movepool : Fire Punch. Let's see what the grassy monkey has in store for us.

Haxtiki (Technician Sweeper)

King's Rock
Jolly-natured (+Speed, -SpAtk)
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
-Flame Charge
-Bullet Seed
-Rock Slide
-Glare / Synthesis / Flame Impact or Quick Attack / Taunt

Let the fun begin. The goal of this set is to try and hax your opponent to death. Plain. Simple. Flame Charge and Bullet Seed are Frikitiki's Stabs and fit this strategy perfectly. The former lets us boost our speed with every hit, increasing our chance of flinching faster enemies, while the latter's multiple hits works wonders in conjuction with King's Rock. Both moves have a relatively low Base Power but Technician is there to fix the issue. Using an Adamant nature could be an option to hit a little harder, but Frikitiki does like his speed to be the best it can get since it can't take that many blows from being outsped. Using Life over King's Rock is also obviously viable if you want to hit harder and/or don't want to bet your victory on luck. Rock Slide is a compulsory coverage move for touching Fire-types and Dunseraph super effectively, and Mega Ampharos, Barand, Luxelong and Yatagaryu for neutral damage. Rock Slide also has a nice 30% chance of flinching. The last moveslot is a filler move, you don't want to blow holes in the opponent's team with this Frikitiki anyway. Glare provides some support for the whole team by paralysing faster threats, and notably Ground-types that are typically immune to Thunder Wave. Synthesis is there for recovery. Taunt shuts down any foe that might think the monkey is not threatening enough and would proceed to set up on it. Priority is always good to have : Flame Impact, while barely avoiding the Techician BP boost, is stab'd, while a Technician-boosted Quick Attack could be useful to finish off Fire-resistant targets. 

Checks, counters and partners
This set was made more for casual play than it was for competitive battling, still, Haxtiki enjoys partners that can deal with bulky walls and Dragons in general. Dermafrost has enough Defense to come in on a neutral Dragon or Fire attack, and threaten the opponent with its stab moves. Haagross' Toxic Spikes can also prove devastating when coupled with Frikitiki's flinch ratio. Of course stab'd SE moves force it out, but Frikitiki also has to be careful around strong neutral hits like Glavinug's Blizzard or Laissure's Earthquake.


Vital Spirit
Life Orb / Leftovers
Adamant / Careful natured
EV spread in progress
-Swords Dance / Will-o-Wisp
-Power Whip or Flare Blitz

Frikitiki is not as bulky a Stallbreaker as Gliscor but can function quite similarly. There are two distinct sets to distinguish here. The first option of every slashed slot works for an offensive Stallbreaker; the second option, for a defensive Stallbreaker.
Vital Spirit protects our favourite monkey from the occasional Hypnosis users, but is mainly here because we have no use for Technician and Iron Fist here. I still have to look further into the match-ups Frikitiki has against potential stallers to come up with a decent EV spread and choice of nature. Such stallers would include : Metalynx, Sleep Talker Gararewl/Brainoar/Fafninter, Dunseraph, Gargryph, Seikamater, Cocancer, Mega Syrentide, Dramsama, HA Tubareel/Gliscor, and clerics like Vaporeon/Sylveon/Luxelong.
Taunt shuts down recovery moves, hazard setting and status spreading. Swords Dance is here to power through defensive fortresses while Will-o-Wisp negates Leftovers recovery and has some usefulness in crippling physical attackers. The choice between Power Whip and Flare Blitz has to complement the needs of our team. And Synthesis helps Frikitiki win its one-on-one duels.

Checks, counters and partners
Stallbreaker Frikitiki's goal is to pave the way for late game cleaners such as Speed Boost Tracton and Moxie Harptera. Monkey can deal with bulky Water-types for Tracton, and other Rock or Steel-types for Harptera. Residual damage is one way to wear down Frikitiki before it can do its job properly : a spinner or defogger would be great, but hey. Rain, Thunderstorm, Sandstorm,
and Hail hinder Synthesis' recovery and reduce its staying power, as does poison. Frikitiki needs a bit of preparation in order to work properly, but that's what teambuilding is there for.

All-out Attacker

Vital Spirit / Technician / Iron Fist
Adamant / Jolly natured
252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP
Life Orb / Choice Band / Choice Scarf
-Flare Blitz / Fire Punch
-Power Whip / Seed Bomb
-Rock Slide
-U-Turn / Explosion / Knock Off / Flame Impact / Flame Charge / Close Combat

Pretty straightforward here. Full investment in Attack and Speed to maximise the damage output. Flare Blitz is Frikitiki's most powerful stab, Fire Punch hit for less damage but is recoil-free. Power Whip has a higher BP than Seed Bomb but is less accurate. Rock Slide is there to hit Fire- and Dragon-types that resist both stabs for SE or neutral damage. U-turn helps us keep the momentum, Knock Off is always nice to have. Explosion is a great option on a Choice Scarf set. Flame Impact is stab'd priority. Close Combat is there for rounding up coverage on Dark-types that take neutrally its stab attacks (Baariette, Umbreon), and specific targets like Daikatuna, Dermafrost, Tracton or Beliaddon.

Speed stats
Adamant Life Orb : 137. Outspeeds every full speed unboosted mon with a speed BS strictly under 74.
Jolly Life Orb : 150. Ties with every full speed unboosted mon with a speed BS of 85.
Adamant Choice Scarf : 205. Outspeeds every full speed unboosted mon with a speed BS strictly under 150.
Jolly Choice Scarf : 225. Outspeeds every full speed unboosted mon with a speed BS strictly under 155.

A few calcs

Other options
A full support set running : a stab move, u-turn, glare and will-o-wisp; might be interesting but Frikitiki is not bulky enough to pull it off. Same with Bulk Up, it'd rather use Swords Dance two be at +2 in Attack than at +1 in Defense.
Grass Whistle is really too risky to use on the last two sets, but Haxtiki could have fun playing with it.

Great movepool, interesting typing both offensively and defensively, defensive stats are a bit of a letdown. Frikitiki should not be underestimated as it packs quite a punch, especially at +2 or with a Choice Band. Its movepool lets it do just about what it wants, but it might prove to be a little too frail at times. My guess is that it would work best in an environment only filled with moderately powerful pokemon, something like UU.

Coming soon : ev spread for the stallbreaker set

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  Which comes first? Egg or chicken?
Posted by: Kiryuu - 06-22-2017, 01:50 AM - Forum: Introductions - No Replies

If you answer egg to that question, you're wrong
If you answer chicken, you're also wrong


Sooo a little about me
I've been playing Uranium for a while now c: Most of you probably already know me as "that sadistic breeder". Well good news to yall, you're not wrong!

I've been breeding a lot and some of my projects have concerned the creation of the perfect weak pokemon

But fear not! I don't always create the "weakest" pokemon. I also have bred 82 perfect IVed pokemon (+ the other 2 being perfect HP specieses)

Other than that I'm also working for my grand project: the shiny living dex! Right now the progress stands at (around) 189/194~ (god forbids me getting shiny garlikid and urayne)

That's all from me~ If you have any questions, dont be afraid to ask, i just wont answer lol(jk, ask away)

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Posted by: UraniumRainier - 06-21-2017, 10:32 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

so yeah, it is I, dio
you may remember me from the OG forums, I had a lot of Fakemon stuff going on. Met some cool people here. Made a post on reddit about how I missed the forums and someone linked me back. I'm glad to be back. Big Grin

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