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  Two years of the Uranium Forum!
Posted by: CodySP - 09-09-2018, 02:33 PM - Forum: Rules and Official News - Replies (12)

Howdy Uranium fans,

I find myself in a slightly emotional state as I look back on the days that lead to this point. Starting as a fan like many others, I joined the pokemonuranium.com forum to share my experience with the game and offer help to those who were having trouble. After sending a private message to Twitch regarding the sudden surge of traffic and my years of experience with Forum boards and moderation, I was made a mod working under Iron. I can't remember the last time I had been so excited, I was a small part of a truly incredible project that I was passionate about not as a professional, but as a player, Twitch and Iron gave me the opportunity to be both.

Fast forward to Today and I celebrate my two year anniversary as Pokemon Uranium's Community Manager, rebuilding the forum from scratch, communicating with thousands of fans from across the globe not unlike myself, I've sat down with major tech journalist for interviews, spent months spreading the word that the project didn't die, it just joined a new Daycare. I have heard stories about how this game has saved lives, about how people found there partners and formed a romantic relationship and only found each other because they were both part of the fandom, I've heard stories about how this game helped people stay on the straight and narrow as they were in rehab fighting addiction but most importantly I have heard stories about how happy and how excited people were about Uranium and I hope JV and Twitch are just as proud of making it that I am just working for it.

So welcome, my friends, to year two of the Uranium forum 2.0, the domain has been renewed for another year, and it has been a fantastic journey interacting with all of you. This Forum only exists because of the people who post and communicate here. A forum without a community is a ghost board that serves no purpose, a purpose that no Administrator, Moderator or Coordinator can fill. Rest assured that in order to do our jobs, we rely on you to give us the purpose to do so.

There are a million and one people I wish to thank for bringing us to this point but I'll try to keep this short and sweet, please know that even if you were not mentioned, your contribution to making this website a better place has not been disregarded and I am deeply appreciative of you being here with us.

@Iron Well, what can I say? When we spoke for the first time could you have guessed that this is where we would have ended up? Had someone told me that this is what would happen I probably would have laughed in their face. Regardless, an endless amount of thanks goes out to you for coming back and tackling this with me. Your actions, words and constant support have been paramount in keeping this place in working order. It has been an honor and a privilege working with you.

@Polaris Of course who could forget the person who modded alongside me on the old Forum. It was a joy hearing from you after you found us again and your work speaks for itself. Not only are you an extraordinary Mod but a talented artist which was desperately needed. Thank you for being here!

@PhantomUnderYourDesk and @Lord Windos So how should you two be addressed? King and Queen? Joker and the Thief? Salt and Pepper? Mustard and Ketchup? Abbot and Costello? Bonnie and Clyde? In any case, your continued and active presence have been a major part of keeping this forum alive, your kindness and eagerness to participate has been key to the long-time success of our community. It has been a pleasure working with you both to ensure that we create an inclusive, safe and most importantly welcoming environment for users both new and old, thank you for your continued suggestions and feedback. (Also, I don't mean to brag and I don't wanna say I fostered the OTP, but I kinda made the environment and kept things ship shape so... do I get credit? Yeah? Do I? Hm? No? Okay...)

@Dragonstrike How could I not mention you with that post count rivaling Wine and Cheese up there? Though there are many things I could bring up regarding your contributions, the one that meant the most to me, the one I'm most appreciative of is your willingness to work with me when times were tough through no fault of your own. I appreciate the openness and maturity it took to find a positive solution for both parties and I thank you for it.

So without further adieu, allow me to welcome you all into Season 2 of the Uranium Forum, as always if you have any suggestions, comments or concerns, or spot a bug in the system please contact me or leave a post in the proper forum. I hope to see you all in 2019.

With thanks,

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Posted by: SunGoddess23 - 09-07-2018, 10:59 AM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (16)

I have recently having to restart my Uranium game, because my other computer crash, and I'm looking for the starters I don't have. I've started with Eletux so please let me know if you have any spare

Online ID: 074740

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Heart starters
Posted by: GuillySoulStar - 09-04-2018, 11:35 PM - Forum: Battle and Trade - No Replies

i have an eletux as my main starter, and i'm trying to get my hands on all 3. so if it's possible, can someone trade me a spare of the other 2?

Edit: i should note i do not know how to add other players

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Photo Hazma 3D model
Posted by: Deadlysmile - 09-01-2018, 03:30 AM - Forum: Creativity - Replies (6)

Hello everybody, I'm new in this forum.

I'm a student of game development in Argentina, and after play Uranium and encounter with Hazma (he save me in the first battle with Urayne) I needed to do a 3D art from him, but with the intention to make him with a realistic look. So, that is what happened in the end.

I maked this with 3ds Max and Substance Painter (if anybody what to know).

It's possible that in the future I continue making the Uranium fakemons in 3D, but not soon.

Excuse me if my english it's not good (I need some practice).

[Image: 40513317_1971021152944383_71364546046187...e=5BFCE2E6]  [Image: 40402891_1971021282944370_99951846693326...e=5C33EEFD]

Link of the Sketchfab page (you can explore and see the model with all the details): https://skfb.ly/6B6Zs

PD: I tried to insert the sketchfab viewer with the code, but I failure. So that is why I put the link directly.

PDdD: All the feedback will be acepted.

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  Looking for event Sheebit (Hershey)
Posted by: Sonny173 - 08-31-2018, 08:11 PM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (5)

The Sheebit evolution line is one of my favorite Pokémon designs from PU, and I wasn't playing when the event was active.

Does anyone have a spare Hershey to trade? I'm willing to trade one of the following shinies for it.
Direct link (if somehow hyperlink doesn't works): https://imgur.com/a/Y0iQZhw

Thanks for your attention. ^u^

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  Gen 4 legendary improvements
Posted by: Shai - 08-28-2018, 04:32 AM - Forum: Everything goes - No Replies


I recently wrote about an idea for improving Vanilluxe (https://pokemonuranium.co/forum/showthread.php?tid=2149), and I had another Idea which I would like to share with you.

I love Gen 5, but Gen 4 is my favorite of all time, and one main reason for this is due to their awesome legendaries - I mean, some of the MINOR legendaries (lake trio and Heatran) are more powerful according to the lore than most of the main legendaries of the other games... However, their stats and gameplay do not do them justice, so I feel they can be improved, as follows:

Lake trio: Add the Fairy typing to them, which makes complete sense given their design and story, and reflects on how even the darkest of souls (Dark type) can be restored by emotions. Raise their base stats to 670 as well, giving them their rightful status as box-legendary comparable (I mean, the controllers of emotion should have at least as much power as some birds...)

Heatran: Uranium actually did this better than I could have ever done, with the Brothers of Metal storyline - that I believe can be elaborated in a postgame sidequest. Since I heard rumors of IT going to work for GameFreak, is this a possibility?

Creation trio: Give each one of them a Primordal Reversion (Primordal rather than Primal due to Primal ialga already messing that one up, and since they are way before Hoenn's legendaries), with the same base stats as Mega Rayquaza. However, each one of them will get a unique ability. as follows: 
Dialga would get the ability Time Turner, which turns time back once when it faints and resets its HP and stats.
Palkia would get the ability Space Warp, which distorts the arena and causes all attacks that do not make contact to have a 50% additional fail rate.
Giratina would get the move Distortion Curse, which is a stronger version of Cursed Body and disables evey move after it hits - forcing the trainer to make it's moves in order.

Arceus: Since Arceus is the true God of Pokemon, it should be revealed that all it's forms are a mere shadow of it's power. However, a Primordal/Original Arceus should be availible - as a projection of Arceus's true power - with a base stat total of 150 in each stat (total of 900) and the ability Omnitype which makes the user the master of all types and makes all moves hit against it "not very effective". This Pokemon should also be able to learn all the TMs and Move Tutor moves in the game.

Regigigas: Regigigas is meant to be an extremely powerful Pokemon, but Slow Start nerfs if to the ground and makes it PU. However, as Slow Start really fits it in lore, I would keep the ability, but I would give it access to moves like Rest, Protect and Recover to help stall out the 5 turns, as well as reliable set-up to utilize said turns - plus it's own Z-move to help it out.

Let me know what you think!

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  Idea for Vanilluxe
Posted by: Shai - 08-27-2018, 03:57 PM - Forum: Everything goes - Replies (9)


I had this idea a while ago which I shared with the awesome PhantomUnderYourDesk, but I would like to share it with you guys also and see what you think.

B/W are my 2nd favorite Pokemon games, and I love them, but they get a lot of hate by the fanbase for their pokemon designs (as you probably already know). Chief among that hate is the Vanilluxe line. While I personally don't agree with most of that hate, I have to say that Vanilluxe is a seriously wasted concept, and I came up with an idea to turn it from one of the most hated pokemon to one of the most loved.

The starting premise of this idea is that Vanilluxe changes from a bad Pokemon freezing anyone who tries to eat it, to a kid's best dream - never ending, regenerating ice cream!

The way this would work is that Vanillish can evolve into a number of different forms of Vanilluxe, representing the player's choice of flavored ice cream - as follows:
Cherry/Jalapeno - Vanilluxe becomes red, and turns into an Ice-Fire type
Blueberry - Vanilluxe becomes blue, and turns into an Ice-Water type
Mint/Apple - Vanilluxe becomes green, and turns into an Ice-Grass type
Banana - Vanilluxe becomes yellow, and turns into an Ice-Electric type
Peppermint - Vanilluxe becomes light blue, and turns into an Ice-Steel type
Coffee - Vanilluxe becomes brown, and turns into an Ice-Ground type (coffee grounds)
Chocolate - Vanilluxe becomes black, and turns into an Ice-Dark type (both from DARK chocolate and due to chocolate being most kid's cause of weight problems, which makes it somewhat evil)
Grape - Vanilluxe becomes purple, and turns into an Ice-Psychic type (a reference to drinking)
You are welcome to add more forms if you have ideas for flavors... 

Said forms would be obtained by having Vanillish eating the corresponding Berry in battle, which would cause him to "learn the player's preferred flavor" and evolve into that form

In addition, you could have either the evil team or Looker's guys corrupting a Vanillish, injecting it with toxins and adding an atomiser mechanism, turning it into a spy device capable of poisoning their enemies while disguised as ice-cream, similar to real-life CIA and Mossad devices. This form would have the unique Ice/Poison type, could be reached by the player after completing the relevant episode of the story - much later than the others and would have +20 in SP.Attack, Speed and HP compared to them 

Let me know what you think!

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Thumbs Up Venom Hype
Posted by: Spiritmon - 08-21-2018, 07:04 PM - Forum: Entertainment - Replies (4)

Heya everyone! Spiritmon here. Well, the movie gonna come in 4 or 5 of october in this year 2018. For those who dont know, Venom is one (if not the greatest) villain of the super hero Spiderman. He have powers similar to Spiderman (super strengh, super agility, quick reflexes) but with some bonus: He can produce natural web (Spiderman use a machine in his arms to produce a limit quantity of web), shape shift powers, and cant be detect by the Spider sense of Spiderman (its a super sense who alert the spiderman against any danger). Here a image of that beast:

I would like to hear the opinion of you guys about what you all think? The movie gonna be good? Bad? Tell in the comments bellow!

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Information Championship Hotfix
Posted by: Polaris - 08-21-2018, 05:12 PM - Forum: Rules and Official News - Replies (2)

Some of you have reported crashes around fighting the championship. We're happy to announce that after several days of feverish beta testing nothing is on fire, so Hotfix 1.2.3h is now live and ready to install through the patcher so you can finally defeat everyone and everything without computer glitches getting in the way.

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  Looking for Rival(s)
Posted by: Corva - 08-21-2018, 12:24 PM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (1)

So uuuh, since I'm stuck at final CURIE on my main account due to a crash issue, I started out a new game.
Thing is, I kinda want to play with other people now that I went through the entire game, so if anyone is interested, send me a private message or answer directly into this thread Smile

Online ID: 073090
Edit: Here's my main ID: 071023

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