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  Looking for Foreign Female 6iv Raptorch
Posted by: UnusualOutlet - Today, 09:06 AM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (1)

Can trade an English Fem/Male 6iv Raptorch, or an English Male 6iv Eletux. Or a Male 6iv Raptorch and a Male 6iv Eletux.  Smile

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  Poll: What's your favorite Halloween Monster
Posted by: CodySP - 10-20-2017, 09:02 PM - Forum: Rules and Official News - Replies (11)

Howdy Uranium Fans!

It's that spooky time of year again, It's time to pull out the Skulls and Skeletons, the ghosts and ghouls and vastly unhealthy amounts of Candy. Halloween is on it's way and it's sweeping across Tandor! 

Of course, what would Halloween be in Tandor if we didn't have a special treat lined up for the spookiest day of the year but we're changing up our formula from our last event. This year, your screams will be heard and the results will directly reflect the gift we put into your candy baskets. What will it be I wonder? Chocolate? Skittles? RAISINS!? or maybe something a little more sinister? (But can anything truly be more sinister than Raisins on Halloween?) This is a choice we leave completely in your hands and we have just one simple question to ask.

[Image: 6f1271878fdddd8928ad.png]

Let us know here http://www.strawpoll.me/14192905

The Poll closes October 27th

Get Scary!

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  Box Battle Challenge
Posted by: shademonkey - 10-20-2017, 08:58 AM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (3)

Here's something I discovered quite recently and enjoyed to watch, and that I thought could be fairly easily applied to Pokemon Uranium :

What it is
The Box Battle Challenge is a kind of PvP battling mode with a few major differences from the classic 6v6 that we all know. I'll explain it all in this thread.

-Players don't fight with a team that they've built. Pokémon are chosen randomly from a box full of their own competitive pokémon.
-Teams are made of three pokemon per player.

How it's going to happen
As fun as the challenge may be, it does require a bit of organization.
-Each player must post a screenshot or a link leading to a screenshot of their competitive box here on this thread before battling or even sending a battle request to another player.
-Each player then moves the pokémon around in their box without showing the new reshuffled box to anyone. Swapping a pokémon with another that was not initially in your box is not allowed. That's why I demand that everyone show the box they're going to use beforehand.
-Each player picks three numbers at random and tell them to their opponent. The numbers will determine which pokémon the opponent will have to use, based on their position in the box. We're counting with the rows, so if Player A picks 2, 16, and 24; then Player B will have to use the second mon on their first row, the fourth mon on their third row, and the last mon on their fourth row.

This is all in good fun. Of course "teams" will end up being odd and bad most of the time. That's the point. Players are expected to go by the rules and not cheat, ie using your strongest mons regardless of the random drawing from your opponent is killing the fun. No one can verify if you do use the mons you're supposed to, but you are expected to be a fair play, otherwise there's no point in playing this game to begin with.

-Restrictions : Duplicates of the same pokémon species are allowed as long as they run drastically different sets. Remember that everyone will be able to see the box you submit, so anyone can ask you to make some changes if they feel that the 14 Nucleons you intend to use are ruining the fun.
No other restrictions. 

To keep this thread clean
Please use the following forms. I insist that both MUST be used to make things easier for everyone.

Box display form :
Online ID : ___
Trainer ID : ___
Box : enclosed in attachment / screenshot inserted in the post / link to a screenshot of the box. [Choose]
Team preview : Yes / No / You decide [State your preference on whether you want to know which pokémon you picked for your opponent and let them know which they picked for you, or not.]

Battle request form :
Challenging : @     [Tag the person you want to fight]
Team preview : Yes / No [Only if they let you decide]
Pokémon : #__, #__, #__

If you wish to make adjustments in your comp box, remember to edit your box display post by adding a new screenshot.

Additional notes
I would love to get some feedback on the matches. Don't hesitate to tell us how it all went, I understand that this kind of debriefing would be easier to do in an instant chat, but I know I'd be super grateful if you could write 2-3 lines about how the match(es) went. Even better if you could record it and put a link to the video here  Big Grin

Hope it's clear enough for everyone, have fun!

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  Ability to use usb controllers
Posted by: Kdog - 10-19-2017, 11:34 AM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Hey, I absolutely LOVE this game, Pokémon Uranium has brought me GREAT joy and GREAT enjoyment that Game Freak, Nintendo, and Creatures Inc. have not be able to do in quite some time, but I do feel that the game would be even better with the ability to use usb controllers to play this game in a future update. Please dev team include this ability in a future update to the world’s BEST fan-made game, that is in my opinion, much much much more fun and enjoyable than the official games.   Big Grin Smile Wink Idea

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  the return 3.0
Posted by: Super_trainer_Larry - 10-17-2017, 12:57 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

after leaving playing other games and getting bored of them comes
the 3rd return of your favorite 14 year old America
 but with new features like: being a Japanese obsessed boy, and acting like a Nazi at times (only when pissed off)...

ok lets be real here im back more crap yall got to deal with and all that ignorant American stuff but with..... POKEMON!!

and history jokes... eh im out of words and stuff but
but hey welcome to round 3

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  Suggested Move-set Changes
Posted by: Pokemastercj1 - 10-16-2017, 09:01 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

Hi All, been a while since I've used these forums, but I thought I'd make some suggestions to change the move-sets of some Uranium 'mons in future updates. Most of these are specifically level up move-set changes, many of these pokemon have decent move sets but aren't as useful in playthroughs because of what moves they get by level up, the level they learn these moves, or only getting certain moves through TMs found at the end of the game *cough*Earthquake*cough* or through the move tutors which are also late game on top of being expensive. Keep in mind that I like to play through a game with a pokemon that can use stab moves for both of its types and also like having those moves aligned with its better attacking stat (example, I won't use a special variant Nidoking for a playthrough) so many of these movepools could be the way they are for balance, In fact many pokemon in the official games have bad movepools for balance or because Gamefreak likes watching us suffer (such as the pre-mentioned Nido lines) some of which I've excluded. But with the introduction of randomizer mode a lot of pokemon who could get away with not having a stab move till around level 30 because you would end up catching them at higher levels now become less useful in the first half of a randomizer playthrough. So here's the rundown of this list. I've organized how important I feel a moveset change would be by where it appears on the list. The suggestion at the bottom of the post would be most important, least important or necessary will be on top. Many of my suggestions are also very similar, just with different pokemon, so a lot of these are just categories with the move change listed. Finally if any of the devs happen to see this I am by no means trying to be rude, calling out the original devs for crappy move-sets or saying that any of these need to be implemented into the game. Making a game is hard and though I think some of these move-set choices are questionable, I am not a game developer and I am not here to disrespect the people who put their heart and soul into just the movepool making aspect of this game. So let's get into it

Basic Move Additions to level up moves - These are usually the addition of one or two moves, whether just a single more powerful damaging move that may be useful in competitive or some moves that would be useful in a playthrough. Some of these moves are already learn-able by the pokemon in question, but they may only be available by late game TM, Move tutor or egg move. Also, not all pokemon who need additional moves are in this group because some need additional level up moves way more than the others and make way less sense as to why they don't get these moves.

Archilles - Earth Power - Archillies doesn't really need a change to most of its level-up set because it has even attack stats as a raptorch and as base form Archillies, so you'll have a special fire type move in the form of flamethrower when you obtain it's mega. But it won't have earth power. Sure it gets eath power via the tutor in the next city after unlocking megas, but it would be a nice gesture to have access to it earlier, especially if you end up with an attack lowered nature archillies.

Minyan line - Poision Jab - This line doesn't have a big level up set but it doesn't really need one, but it would be nice if it had a physical poison move that was stronger than poison fang by level up

S51 line - Mirror Shot - Just a special steel type move that would also give the line some needed stab in the steel department

Chimical - Acid - Chimical doesn't get a special poison move until a very late level, so even just the basic 40 base power acid would be nice

Chicoatl - Absorb/Mega Drain - I was originally going to exclude this as a "meant to be extra weak" basic stage pokemon, but it has pretty decent stats for a first stage, so I don't think it was meant to be in that category. So, why not more grass stab (granted, energy ball is available in the same place you can catch one, so this change isn't really necessary).

Tracton - Metal Claw - Tracton only gets one steel move by level up, Iron Head at 33, but you get Tracton at level 25 if I'm not mistaken, so I see no harm in at least giving it some light stab

Snopach line - Rock slide - this line gets rock slide by TM, but due to the dearth of rock type moves in their level up sets I don't see why not to add rock slide

Titanice - Ice Shard - Titanice has only a decent attack stat, but I'd rather have stab Ice shard than icy wind in a randomizer. It may even be helpful in competitive too

Masking - Confusion - Just so it has a stab move if obtained early on in a randomizer

Antarki - Ember, Flame Burst, Flamethrower, Hex - This is a big moveset change, but you can't get antarki till post-game so I understand why it has a lackluster attcking level up set. that being said, this pool is assonine in a randomizer. I gets only one stab attacking move by level up, and at level 45! 

Frosthra Line - Struggle bug - I'm cool (no pun intended) with the frostha line getting high damage moves late as this line is supposed to be a "from pathetic to powerful" group. I'd still prefer to have a special attacking bug move before level 61, no matter how weak

Fafninter - Icicle Crash - It would make sense for Fafninter not to have icicle crash due to balance, it's an amazing pokemon. but it gets icicle crash as an eggmove, so why not a level up move?

Lavent - Dragon Pulse - This one could have been excluded from this category entirely, because it makes no sense why Lavent can't even get dragon pulse by TM! I decided that it still was only one move though, and wouldn't help lavent much competitively so it would really just help it in playthroughs

Stenowatt - Volt Tackle - This one is here entirely for competitive, it would be similar to brave bird skarmory since Stenowatt only has base 85 attack so an extremely powerful volt tackle would make it a little more threatening (plus I don't see any Pikachu in this game, do you?)

Geigeroach - The Special Bug Moves - Geigeroach doesn't get many nuclear moves for balance reasons but I don't get why it's only stab bug move is a physical X-sizzor when it has much better special. Sure it doesn't need any other stabs with the nuclear typing but I don't see why not.

Garlikid - Bullet seed and Seed Bomb - why is mega drain Garlikids only damaging grass move by level up? This I think makes the most sense of all the suggestions in this category (excluding Lavent)

Changing Move Levels/ Swapping Move Levels - This category is for pokemon who already learn a certain move by level up, but that move is either learned at a level before that pokemon would have been evolved or is learned really late hindering its usefulness in a playthrough. I've actually ordered this category based on importance like the list as a whole, because not many pokemon have this issue and it severally cripples those who do.

Linkite - Shadow Sneak - This is just for randomizers, and seeing as you can't evolve it in a randomizer this one isn't too important because it's practically useless in a randomizer anyways

Cubbug & Cubblfly - Bug Bite - Nimflora is a pretty fun pokemon to use, but is a physicial attacking fairy. This already leads to issues with play rough, but what if it couldn't even get a physical bug move till the late 30's. Well this isn't an issue because cubbug and cubblfly get bug bite by level up! Except that Cubbug learns it at a level after it can evolve, and cubblfly gets it at level 8, which is before it evolves from cubbug at level 10. but Y tho. This also means this line doesn't get a stab bug move until level 22, but that move is the weaker special move struggle bug, and cubbug and cubblfly as opposed to Nimflora are already agonizing to level up and use. This would really be a simple fix, give cubblfly bug bite at level 10 instead.

lunapup/Herolune - EARTHQUAKE - I'm extremely passionate about this one, because I've experienced it first hand, in my first ever playthrough of the full game. I get pokemon that evolve with a stone getting more moves in a weaker form to teach you to be patient with evolving them. But most of them get their most important stab moves by level 45 at the latest, any moves beyond that, even if more powerful, aren't any more useful (usually due to low PP and accuracy, here's looking at you thunder and/or fire blast and/or Hydro pump). So Lunapup getting Earthquake as its last level up move at level 54 is freaking bonkers! This wouldn't even be a problem if it got earthquake as a Herolune or the TM was available at around the same time you would have learned it normally. But herolune doesn't get Earthquake at all by level up and the TM is in VICTORY ROAD!! I played through the game with a lunapup, and though it was fine at first, after the fourth gym it became a pain to use because it had low stats and its best ground moves were base 60 power. There are two ways to fix this issue, A-Give Herolune Earthquake, be it as a level one move or one of his limited actual level up moves, even if we still don't get earthquake until the sixth gym city where the move re learner is (where I finally got mine to learn it) at least we can evolve the lunapup so it can survive hits and deal out more reliable damage without missing out on earthquake completely. Or option B is lowering the level Earthquake is learned, which I think would actually be more effective if the levels lunapup learns Close Combat and earthquake were swapped. Close combat should be that high power high cost move that is an option to players if they want to level up their lunapup all the way. Even still, it maybe should learn close combat at level 48 rather than 54 (because when will a herolune ever use moonlight).

Finally, the rest of my suggestions aren't in these categories, as they needed more attention so I placed them on their own. Once again the most important one is the last one.

Drillgann - Dark Moves BY level up - And I don't mean dark pulse, why does this line get only one dark move by level up? Better question, why is that one move the base 40 power pursuit? Why doesn't it get Night slash is the big question. As far as I'm aware Chainite is the only Pokemon in Uranium to learn night slash by level up, so spread the slash (#spreadtheslash lol).

The Physcial Fairy Fiasco - I already mentioned Nimflora, but Uranium has a lot of physical fairy types. Obviously the problem is that Gamefreak only made one physical fairy type move when they were introduced and they haven't made any more. The other problem is that this is a high damage move, so it shows up late in the level up move sets. Some things that need fixing are of course those late levels, but also Maismedic doesn't even learn play rough. But I actually propose another Idea. Add in a new physical fairy move. Uranium is no stranger to adding moves, so maybe a new physical fairy move somewhere between 50-70 base power that can show up earlier in move-sets can help these physical fairies get more use in playthroughs.

WARNING! the following section leaves the realm of a suggestion or even constructive criticism at times, it can get a bit mean. I wish to say again that I have nothing but respect for the game developers and that I hope those who read this understand the suggestion itself I am making in this, but this is pretty much a rant. If you wish to skip the rant, the suggestion itself is at the end in bold & Italics. You have been warned.

Baa Baa Black Sheep - Why? WHY! Why does the baariette line have one of the most confusing level up sets ever! They got their fighting moves correct, but that's about it. For starters Baashaun doesn't get a true damaging stab move until after it evolves, which still takes until level 25. That is already an issue, but then let's throw in its atrocious dark type move pool. It gets one true stab move by level up, faint attack which has only 60 base power. This line's other dark moves are either non damaging or are gimmick moves, with beat up doing limited not stab damage based on your party, and of course foul play, which has 95 base power, gets stab, but goes off the opponent's attack stat, not good seeing as dark is strong against ghost and psychic, which are predominantly special attackers in this game. All it really needed in terms of better dark stab was night slash just like drillgann (#spreadtheslash). But the thing that pisses me off, that makes the least sense, is baariette's moveset specifically. Baariette doesn't actually have faint attack in its level up set, so don't make it forget it till you get to the dentist. This means that baariette has no true damaging stab dark moves in its level up set. So if Baariette doesn't have a good dark move, what does it get? Shadow ball. SHADOW BALL!?! Baariette, a physical attacking dark/fighting type, gets shadow ball. Not night slash, not shadow claw, shadow ball. Of all the options why that? It is common for dark type pokemon to get shadow ball as a TM, but in the official games, the only dark types that have ever been able to learn shadow ball by level up were also part ghost type, in fact only two non-ghost types learn shadow ball by level up in official games. So, my suggestion is that Baariette line should get night slash in place of shadow ball, and have faint attack and revenge be learned at a lower level.

I went into researching this thinking The Baashaun line was going to need an updated move set more than any other Uranium Pokemon. However in my research, I found an evolution line even more in need of an overhaul. Once again, no offense to the devs, but this move set is bad. 

Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs? - Cocaran line - This is probably the worst level up moveset in all of pokemon Uranium in terms of usability. It doesn't get a stab move above base power 40 until level 35. It also only gets three stab moves at 70 power or higher by level up, one of which is only available if you haven't evolved it into a cocancer, and one is only available if you have evolved cocancer. Only one of these moves is a ground move, and it's just dig. Not to mention, the evo exclusive moves are the only two grass type physical moves in its level up set, and they are learned at level 46! This line needs a full makeover, razor leaf, Bulldoze, leaf blade at an earlier level and of course EARTHQUAKE!

So those are all the pokemon in Uranium who could use some moveset updates, and my opinions on some of their current ones and why they need change. I apologize for the more rant like comments towards the end. Remember that as harsh as I got these are just my suggestions and opinions. I would also love to hear how the community feels about the Uranium Level Up Sets. Should any current devs see this please remember that these are suggestions, I am not demanding that any of these changes happen. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

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  Buff Sticky Terrain a Little
Posted by: Dragonstrike - 10-13-2017, 09:15 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (2)

So, I was reviewing my posted guides to see what would need updating after the egg move overhaul, and I came across an interesting note in my Seikamater analysis that I'd forgotten I put there:

Quote:If you really want to mess with your opponent, bring a Haagross that knows Sticky Terrain along with your Quiver Dancing Seikamater.  If you can manage to boost up while the field move is in effect, not even Inflagetah will be able to stop you until the terrain returns to normal, since its priority attacks will be disabled until then.  Harptera is still going to have free reign over Seikamater though since it's airborne.  But would you look at that...Haagross resists both of Harptera's STAB moves Tongue

And then I realized that it's EXACTLY what Psychic Terrain does in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

...minus the super awesome secondary effects that all the other Terrain Moves have.  Grassy grants a Leftovers level heal every turn and boosts grass moves, Electric prevents sleep and boosts electric moves, Misty prevents statuses and halves the power of Dragon moves, Psychic prevents priority moves from working and buffs Psychic moves...

...and Sticky Terrain only stops priority moves with no bonus effect based on its Poison typing to my knowledge.  A buff to it to boost Poison moves or something would bring it more in line with what the other Terrains do.  

And while Poison types and Haagross aren't really that significant in Uranium's competitive meta (particularly since there's no Terrain triggering abilities nor Terrain Extenders/Seeds in Uranium), I would like to see Sticky Terrain be a little more than just a 'half Psychic Terrain,' just for a little peace of mind.

And who knows?  Maybe Sticky Terrain will be the deciding factor in a match when an Inflagetah can't use its most powerful attack...players just need some incentive to actually use the move (and by extension, Haagross. Though I guess Raffiti could use it too...)

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  Let's start our own LP
Posted by: TmcJagger - 10-13-2017, 08:55 PM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (11)

Hey there.

Many of you might not know me, but I'd like to do something but was wondering how I should go about it. Since Pokemon Insurgence is currently down (Servers are at least), I can't continue my LP of that. This would be uploaded to Youtube almost daily as well.

So I was wondering how should I go about a Uranium LP? I mean, getting the starter isn't that easy (not as easy as other games).

Would anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

Link to channel:
My channel.

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  1.2.1 Not Working
Posted by: Shadowbandit - 10-09-2017, 06:50 PM - Forum: Everything goes - Replies (2)

My patcher installed 1.2.1 awhile back, but when I tried to use the GTS, it said I was on 1.2.0, and when I checked in the main menu it said the same thing, but my patcher thinks it's installed and I can't figure out how to update my game. Can anyone help me with this?

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  LF Naughty Synchronizer (temp)
Posted by: Cataclyptic - 10-09-2017, 01:19 AM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (6)

I am looking to see if anyone would be willing to give me a pokemon with Naughty nature and the ability Synchronize, so that I can 1) confirm whether or not Synchronization works on Urayne and 2) maybe get myself a good Naughty Urayne. I will give it back once testing is done. 

If possible I’d like it to be a high level because I speedran the game so all my pokes are underlevelled, but if this cannot be done I’ll find a way.

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