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A Plug for my Fanfictions
1. Steel type playthrough 2.0

This is improved from the original post on as I have:
a) edited the earlier chapters for consistency
b) inserted all the artwork I did for the fic in appropriate places (see if you can find them all  Big Grin )

2. No more wonderland

A Lucille backstory fic in progress, based on the story of one of my favourite real life scientists
[need to warn for spoilers on this one for both the game and steel type playthrough]
Nice mate! I'll be sure to check these out, since I liked the old version quite well! Thanks for the hard work!
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'Lucille' and 'backstory' is all I need to hear. Downloaded it for me to enjoy later.  I'm hoping for the story to be finished then at some point and not just being broken off without a proper end.

Edit: Ah... I enjoy depicting my Lucille as someone who enjoys black sugary coffee. C:
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The story will be finished (as you can see I am writing it very presently; the last update was less than 12 hours ago...), but it's going to end on a bit of a 'break' - this point will be when game events take over.

I might add a 20 years later epilogue to round it off though.

Also, thanks Windos!
Always nice to see the Creativity section of the Forum get some use. Well done! Well done, indeed.
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