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Game Update Pokemon Uranium 1.2
Also make sure you're doing it exactly right. When dealing with multiple saves, it's possible to shuffle around in the various saves and yet never receive a gift.

1. Load the game
2. Go to Other Save Files and select the one you want (I'm guessing MG doesn't work great with randomizer)
Now that save file's name should be at the top.
3. Now you can go down to mystery gift and select it. It should let you select any existing MG.
4. Now you have to load the game for which you selected the MG, without ever changing which save file is displayed at the top
5. Go to the PokeMART and talk to the delivery guy. If you load a different save without talking to this guy, he doesn't stick around.

If you're doing it just like that with no problems, then the MG has probably expired.
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Unfortunately it was only available for a limited time. The Nuclear Pahar is no longer available
Backup your saves, don't lose progress!
C:\users\<Username>\Saved Games\Pokemon_Uranium

Save Backups:
C:\users\<Username>\Saved Games\Pokemon_Uranium\Backups

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Still an awesome update and great to see Expunge working too.
I have the 1.0.0 version wheres the download of 1.2?
I say its better for you to back up your save files and uninstall the current version of Uranium you have (Or save it for archival purposes THEN delete it), and download + install the latest version found on the Uranium reddit. Link to downloads should be present in the side bar, so it should not be too hard to find, my friend!
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