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Idea to fix the nuclear type
Guess I'll express my opinion on the subject as well. I do think Nuclears are "balanced", or at least kinda. You might struggle switching into a Nuclear-type, but Nuclear-types also struggle coming in. Of course I agree that faster Nuclears might be busted; at least Urayne is simply just strong (although I believe this goes beyond just being fast, but anyway) for Uranium. But I'm totally against banning the whole typing from competitive play if there's a chance that "lesser" Nuclears might actually be healthy for the strategical diversity in Uranium's comp scene. I myself have used Rocky Helmet Xenoqueen and I have to say, it is quite fun xD And people might end up finding a niche for things such as Hazma and Geigeroach... And I don't see any of these given Pokémon breaking the meta as Urayne, Nucleon and N-Jerbolta would. Simply banning the whole type might not be the best course of action...

But being fair? I'm quite a huge fan of "tiering backwards". I guess we could ban Nuclears at first, and then "re-suspect" them one at a time, from the "least broken" to the "most broken", and see how they affect the meta. I definitely don't see Hazma being unhealthy for the competitive, I actually would like to see people making it work somehow. And I guess "tiering backwards" kinda helps shaking up the meta every so often.

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