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Fan Art My New Fan-art : The Brave Onyx _ this Onyx love water
It is a pleasure to participate in the forum and have the opportunity to make friends with common tastes to my, I am student work with webdesign, fan of pokemon and I very much sympathized with the forum. I would like to present IF Posible my drawing of Pokémon: The Brave Onyx , I used simple materials but I put colors and revision, I hope you like it, someday if my channel grow i use advanced materials,but at moment chalk work fine.
as you can see in my sign i love grass pokémons.I want know your favorite type and why.
Feel free to post your drawings and I would like to talk more about the character it pays to use in pokemon games, I’m not much of pokemon rock, I prefer more grass through infinite life and high regeneration , but this onyx loves water!

I put in video of speed art to demonstrate the step by step of how to draw, in my youtube channel of drawings of pokémon.
A hug to everyone
ro mix.

speed art full draw


[Image: nwx2k0.png]
[Image: 11rf8ls.jpg]
Awww, it's been a while since we saw some Pokemon-related Fanart on this board!~ (Mental note: I should draw more too)

I somewhat like that drawing as it depicts a whole unusual scene, wherelse would one see an Onix enjoying the sea, lol. Shading in color is pretty decent. ^^

I'm sharing the liking for Grass Type, the variety of that Type has always fascinated me somewhat, Fire with its possibility to create and destroy comes second.
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[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png] <3
Aww! I really love the scene, its adorable
Your inking is really good, and I like your style, keep it up! <:

(As for my favorite type, I really love dark and fairy type; dark because a good amount of my favorite pokemon are the type and fairy because i hecking love how something so adorable in concept is a dragon-destroyer)
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@Phantom Thank you for watch Smile the base idea is make a really different onyx ,but without escaping much of the reality of the pokémon in fact the biggest highlight of the drawing even ended up being the golem xD that is in close in the drawing.Someday i maybe use better materials at moment i cant =/

@Pheonixia52 Thank you Smile My drawings do not have the best material, but at least of it to stand out for a different style of drawing,I think this makes up for the lack of materials, the ideal is watercolor and other inks, in this speed art i used chalk and other simple materils Wink
[Image: 11rf8ls.jpg]

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