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Forum Event WTE 6
What I started with:

- 14 Tracton
- 20 S51
- 15 Minicorn (most of the ones I had previously got traded in the last WTE I participated in)
- 38 Gargryph (bred for 4 different natures)
- 65 Comite (4 different breeding projects. One of each ability, and one hidden power project)
- 18 Xenomite
- 25 Flager

Total: 195 pokemon, which is equal to 6.5 Boxes (@EeveeBailey)

Roughly 25% of what I ended up with at the end of it all was 'junk pokemon'.  75% of the trades being decent isn't too bad, all things considered.  6 of the 195 pokemon I received were Shiny.  6 of the pokemon I received were unhatched eggs. I traded with myself 4 times (lol).

Quite enjoyed the event once again!  Looking forward to the next one!
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Well, we're nowhere near having a complete tally, but so far it appears that WTE was a rousing success, despite the hiccups right at the beginning.  Some behind-the-scenes magic from our devs helped make the magic possible, so be sure to give them MAJOR props, because if not for the tweaking of WT to fix that lag, this would have gone very drastically differently...!

So as our evening is coming to a close (going a lot longer than expected, and some breeders are STILL putting stuff out, so be sure to keep an eye on WT for the next few hours or days), I'd like to gently remind everyone that -- even though we took some preliminary box counts prior to the event -- you'll still want to send in your final box counts (estimation is fine) so I can help Cody crunch numbers and actually quantify just how well things went.  For those of y'all on Discord, I would prefer the final counts to be DM'ed to me there (my Discord alias is EeveeBailey#7635).  If you hadn't signed up as a participating breeder ahead of time, please include your in-game name and your online ID -- we'll still count you even if you weren't on the list.  Alternately, you can post them here in this thread, and both Cody and I will try to keep an eye on things.  If you @ me when you post here, that will help me spot those counts easier!

Thanks again to all of our amazing breeders who turned out tonight (31 and counting!)... all of your efforts are what keeps WTE alive!!  Big Grin
Finished taking a closer look and sorting what I received!~ Managed to snatch a shiny Pahar from kooks (looks so graceful in that shade of blue!), the sweetest female Chimical with the HiddenAbility in a Friend Ball (only 3IV, doesn't matter - it's the ideal mothermon if I decide to rebreed these chimeras <3 ), TWO of the HP Fire Eevees from Alex and TWO competitive Comite from KuroDescan, on with HP Fire and the other with HP Grass - these will incredibly useful to raise for a possible future Tournament. C:

From you I 'only' managed to snatch a 5IV Dunsparce, @EeveeBailey *sob*. All in all, I've send in 5 Boxes = 150 Pokemon, not counting sending received Pokemon back. This event was great, the amount of random wild-caught Pokemon was notably lower, the slight drawback is that I'd wish that more members of this board would join and have a fun time here. Oh well, nevermind... Thank you to all those who sent qualitative stuff into Wondertrade, and of course to the Devs for fixing the initiate lagg (and to Aiden acting as a messenger of this happening)!

(07-14-2018, 08:52 PM)Lord Windos Wrote: Grips aside, I had a nice time with this WTE, same as all the others! Got several neat Pokémon, including several 5IV Genderless Pokémon and a Shiny Jerbolta! I also got several Pokémon from you, PhantomUnderYourDesk, but sadly none of you shipmons…. Oh well, we can arrange a private trade to fix that little problem of mine, now can't we?

A regular bred blue Jerbolta or the Mystery Gift one from JV? o.o 

Ah, and of course I can send you one of my ship-Jackdeary over, I've kept one for exactly this scenario. Just let me know when you're ready to trade~
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[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png] <3
I sent only 92 pokemon — 3 boxes plus 2 pokemon that I sent later —, grouped by this order: 
10 Chicoatl, 10 Stenowatt, 10 Tikiki, 12 Glaslug, 12 Unymph, 12 Chimical, 12 Hagoop, 12 Minyan, and 2 Glaslug again. 

All of them had their Hidden Ability; they were holding an item (just an additional gift); and the only ones with no egg moves were the Unymph group and those two Glaslug (Mara and Azelo) — that's why they weren't sent at beginning. 
(proportion of 3:2*:3*:1:0:1:1:3:0 egg moves per group, *considering Swords Dance as an egg move since Stenowatt and Tikiki can't learn it by using TM).
Moreover, I received a few number of non-bred pokemon — 19 in total (20.65%) —, 5 (unexpected) eggs, and 1 shiny (previously shown). 
And I just thank everyone, then, for one more enjoyable Wondertrade Event!

* For remembering purposes, my OT name is George and my OID is 034946 *
I really take hours to type and revise a single paragraph...
Looks like some are still floating around. I got this Luxi from Pegacorn today:
    I got two from that trainer, but this one has better HP IV's (the other one has 23 HP IV's)
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