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Fan Art Hazma 3D model
Hello everybody, I'm new in this forum.

I'm a student of game development in Argentina, and after play Uranium and encounter with Hazma (he save me in the first battle with Urayne) I needed to do a 3D art from him, but with the intention to make him with a realistic look. So, that is what happened in the end.

I maked this with 3ds Max and Substance Painter (if anybody what to know).

It's possible that in the future I continue making the Uranium fakemons in 3D, but not soon.

Excuse me if my english it's not good (I need some practice).

[Image: 40513317_1971021152944383_71364546046187...e=5BFCE2E6]  [Image: 40402891_1971021282944370_99951846693326...e=5C33EEFD]

Link of the Sketchfab page (you can explore and see the model with all the details):

PD: I tried to insert the sketchfab viewer with the code, but I failure. So that is why I put the link directly.

PDdD: All the feedback will be acepted.
This is unique! You should post it to the Creators Discord if you're into that.
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Whoahw - The different textures used for Hazma's skin+spikes and the googles/metallic parts in its face look kinda cool and give the whole model a nice touch. Good work!

Oh yes, come over to the Creator's Collective Dircord Server if you like, we're a friendly community there.
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[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png] <3
Wowie, that looks wicked cool! The green spines and limbs could be textured to be a bit softer looking in my opinion, but other than that I find the picture perfectly pretty! Great job, mate!
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Okay, I would officially be freaked out if that Hazma approached me!  Exclamation 

All freakishness aside though, VERY nicely done!  The detail on your textures is absolutely amazing... you definitely succeeded in your goal of making it realistic!  Heart
Very nicely done! I would enjoy seeing your 3D renditions of the rest of the fakemon.
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Its incredible the detals you make in such 3D format. The skin suit, and textures of the little nuclear was indeed very nice and awesome. Great job man
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