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Game Update Halloween Pokemon and 1.2.4
(10-30-2018, 09:02 PM)EeveeBailey Wrote: Quite honestly, I'm thrilled about Yawn in particular, as it more reliably puts an enemy to sleep than Hypnosis does.  I tried a few ways to get it to chain over and it failed each time.  Now that it's available, I'm eager to try out some potential sleeping moveset hijinks with this nightmare birb, although Synchronize might not be the best ability for what I had in mind.  Ah well, that's what breeding is for!

It's cool and all, but Yawn's usually more of a psuedo-phazing tool than a move that puts the enemy to sleep, tbh :/  There's also Telekinesis into Hypnosis, but that also requires two turns.

Poor M-Dramsama can't really get a break, tbh.

The option to use either of them is still pretty nice, though, no question.
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(10-30-2018, 08:01 PM)EeveeBailey Wrote: Actually, the Masking has two Egg Moves that are currently unobtainable for it in-game -- Yawn (which can't be chained on it otherwise, believe me I tried!) and Telekinesis (which isn't available at all, as it can only be called upon by Metronome)

Oh? I wasn't aware of that before you pointed it out, so thanks for that Bailey!~ Will make sure the small creature won't forget these two moves now when going for evolving her. ^^

Now I'm developing hope for the other not-yet-obtainable moves being implended into the Game at some point as well, like Fake Tears as an egg move for Eevee...
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