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Most recently played Pokémon game?
I played through Uranium for the seventh time not long ago... I do different teams every time, maybe trading over pokemon like Minicorn and Slothohm so that I may use them throughout the adventure, When I complete the game I trade the pokemon to a specific file where I store them so that I can look at all the different teams and remember how well they did and how surprisingly useful some of them were. I love collecting and I very much enjoyed Uranium.
 My last adventure I used (in order of acquisition (all pre-caught in and traded from another file)):
-Minicorn (Oblivicorn
-Xenogen (evolved upon arrival to Xenoqueen)

I love them all very much, and after experiencing Xenogen have opened my heart more to other nuclear types that aren't Nucleon. I also want to remind everyone that Chainite is such a cool pokemon even though they have the devastating lack of Sucker Punch.
 Have a nice day, anyway.
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