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Read,i think it's important!!
No estamos listo para hablar de ellos mas que son un poco como Arceus, no tienen mucho que hacer con la historia en el juego. De hecho ni tenian sprites hasta el medio de 2018

We're not ready to talk about them yet, except that they're a little like Arceus, they don't actually have much to do with the main story. They didn't even have sprites until the middle of 2018.
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(03-02-2019, 04:15 PM)Iron Wrote: They're pretty confidential too, but you can find some hints about their lore in the game, on the wiki, and in threads like this:

If I have already read it, but good as I write this was playing and I got my first impressive shiny! that's good, well, to wait and a taste Iron, Polaris and Phantom see you later! : D

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