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Bug Reporting Thread
Bug report
After accidentally knocking out neopunk in the punk event, I closed my game and reopened it to do the battle again, but what I got was a 43 by 35 tile room with no features that is inescapable if I didn't have an escape rope.
I saved right after the puzzle.
On my first try, I knocked out praseopunk on purpose and accidentally ko'ed neopunk, to which I soft reset successfully
Second run, I reset when I ko'ed neo with praseo still up, causing the bug
All controls reverted to default
I used the pc in the daycare
43 is the hieght, 35 is the length
I killed first neo with flare blitz, second with beat up

I don't know if this messed up my chances on getting the event again
Surf on solid locations has been reported here, I just found one on route 12, second island, the big rock on the left. No big deal though, it does not even allow to get past the rock barrier or anything.


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