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Your first team in Uranium
I just started playing Uranium a week ago. Currently, I have already beaten all 8 gym leaders and CURIE, so I'm training my pokemon for the championship. I'm trying to build a team that can hold its own in the competitive scene so I don't get completely annihilated, so as of now, I only have 4 strong pokemon. They are:

Lv 79 Archilles (w/ Archillesite)
Lonely nature
This was my starter pokemon. I realized later on that I messed up with Blitzkrieg's nature, since I didn't take its Mega Form's Special Speedfreak battle style into account. Even though I invested in its Attack stat, my Archilles grew well enough for it to dominate most pokemon (even ones resistant to Fire) with a Drought-enhanced Flamethrower. It's ludicrous Speed is just insane, and I'm still able to OHKO with Earthquake even with the minimal boost to the Attack stat when it Mega Evolves (I know Mega Inflagetah but eh who cares). It's an indispensable part of my team as the High-Speed Sweeper, and I'm hoping to breed a Modest variant of it in the near future. Too bad it's Male.

Lv 70 Winotinger (w/ Amulet Coin)
Naive Nature
I kinda screwed up with this pokemon's nature as well, as it ended up with mediocre defenses, but Grenwog's main gist is a decent Special Attacker with good coverage. It has its two strongest natural moves, Moonblast and Aura Sphere, as well as Dark Pulse to take out Psychic-Types. Usually I'm able to OHKO a lot of strong pokemon with these, but I pack a Calm Mind in the event of an uncertain match-up. This is my counter to (Mega) Baariette and other Dark-Types and Fighting-Types.

Omega Beam
Lv 70 Nucleon (w/ Expert Belt)
Rash Nature
When I found out that Nuclear-type moves are Super Effective on most types, I sought out Nucleon almost immediately. Caught from the same route as my Winotinger (in their pre-evolved forms, of course), Omega Beam's basically a Multi-purpose Glass Cannon. Thanks to its (super broken) Atomizate ability, I have a 120 base power (with additional STAB) 100% accuracy spam move in Hyper Voice that hits two targets. Its defenses aren't as bad as Grenwog's, but it is slower. This means that anything that can out-speed it outmatches it (It does have a 4x weakness to almost everything after all), not to mention Steel-types being resistant to it. Nevertheless, its still a really great pokemon that deserves a to be a permanent mainstay.

Lv 72 Yatagaryu (w/ Choice Specs)
Timid Nature
I bred this from the egg that I obtained from the Tsukinami Village and gave it a Timid Nature so that it can overwhelm most pokemon with its great Speed in addition to monstrous Special Attack. Yatagaryu is a fine addition to any team, it being a Pseudo after all, so this already speaks for itself. Not to mention it has an ability that makes Thunder 100% accurate as well as do some damage to opposing pokemon that aren't immune to it (I can switch to Yatagaryu every other turn to keep my own safe from the Lightning Strikes). I chose the name Raikiri because of the investment in Speed, for I'm basing it on the legend of the Raikiri blade, which was swift enough to cut lightning in half. In the future, I hope to breed a Modest version of this as well, and name it Raigeki.

So those are my pokemon as of now, tell me what you think. I'm currently breeding an Adamant Sheebit, and I'm trying to find a Fafurr with a Jolly Nature to beat down those pesky Ground-Types. If you have any alternatives to these two, I'd be thrilled to know them.

P. S. I also had a Shiny Empirilla (the second member of my party in my early days) but I chose Winotinger over it.
Glad you enjoy the game mate! Why don't you make a new thread in Competitive Discussion where you'd post your RMT? I'd be glad to help. Smile Also, since you seem to be into competitive stuff, make sure to join the Breeders' Discord , it's likely people will be willing to trade you comp mons there. You can also check Aiden's Breeding Guide if you want to get started on your own.

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