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[Meta thread] Iron's PokeRole Adventure: The Skull Ruins
(1 hour ago)PhantomUnderYourDesk Wrote:
(1 hour ago)Lord Windos Wrote: How many Potions and Super Potions do you/Mika have left? I'd like to see the numbers before I agree to unequal loot distribution of the Healing Items. I also don't want to cut Nathan out of things or screw him over out of a good share, for reasons I've already stated.

From my side it's 1 Potion that Ventus once mixed (yes I kept them seperated for sentimental reasons), 5 Potion Orchids, 3 Super Potions and 2 Super Potion Orchids. Half of my Pokemon are down to -2 Pain, but since we'll (hopefully) rest here at the Slowpoke Well, I', restraining from healing any of them now.

Based on those numbers, I'd say you have plenty enough of Healing Items to afford to take an Equal/minimal cut from the Medical Supply hoard (no offense meant here). As for Healing, Terra has Solomon with him, Nathan has Gallade, Heart has Gustav, and Shiva has Raphael's Wishes (If Iron permits again them be spread to others) for Heal Pulses/Wish Support, so even if we don't rest in Slowpoke's Well (Which may not be a bad idea, considering its home to Frllish/Jellcient that can survive out in the open air, and who knows what else baddies.....) your Pokemon can be brought to good health (if the dice permit) easily without using a Medicinal Items. If we don't use their powers to save resources, then why'd we bring them along in the first place (Beyond their other utilities/sentimental value)?
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No offense taken, but I at least want an equal share and not a smaller one - let us agree on indeed sharing everything equally then because that's what Shiva herself would vote for, since 'I don't like it' does not automatically mean 'She does not like it either'. Additionally, Terra attempts to catch that Slowbro and she catches that Shellder, if it's posdible in the first place. That said, I can turn in for the night with that off ny mind. :>

We'd have to deal with a huge penality on everything if we don't rest here though, which I really don't wish to attempt - even if completely healed up.
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(43 minutes ago)PhantomUnderYourDesk Wrote: We'd have to deal with a huge penality on everything if we don't rest here though, which I really don't wish to attempt - even if completely healed up.

Not everyone would have to.  Nathan still has an encounter left for the day.  That's another reason I had Nathan hang back: if we do continue, we'll have at least one person who's still fresh and able to fight at their full strength if required.
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