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[Game thread] Skull Ruins Pokerole
Nathan walks into the gym, feeling confident. "Hello again, Zamboni. I think it's about time I cashed in my chances to battle you, no?
I've been looking forward to this, as have Ralts and Swiftfire." Everyone was able to make it to see his first attempt to beat Zamboni, the majority of their business at the festival concluded already, though Valder seemed to only be there just because he could be. He presents the first CarnyCoin to Zamboni so the serial number can be registered as used. "Well, your battle, your terms. What're the rules?"
Pokerole Roleplay as Nathan and his Ralts:
After everyone gave their schedules and input on Nathan's announcement, Ventus decided to turn into bed early. 'Today has been quite exciting, but that just wore me out more in the end! Time for so shut eye,' he thought, heading into his room for a good nights sleep. In the morning, after he completed his daily rituals (shower and dress), he retrived to Pokeballs from his person. A snap of his wrist, and Apsis appeared right in front of him. She raised her head towards him, looking sluggishly throughout the room. Judging from her sleepy stare, she still had not quite gotten used to his early morning routine.

Smiling apologetically, he thumbed the button of the other Pokeball he was holding, and out came the Magikarp he caught earlier in the festival. Upon contact with the ground, it began splashing weakly, unused to being on dry land. "Apsis, sorry to awaken you early again, but we have a big day ahead of us! Of course, we need to have plenty of energy for the upcoming events, so what better way to obtain it than by having a hearty breakfast? This Magikarp is here is for you; I hope you enjoy it!" Ventus said, looking down happily upon his Ekans. He did promise her a reward for all the hard work she had done up until now, so why not give her a delicious fish to eat?

(Insert Scene of Ekans devouring here, @Iron [if you wish])
*Note: This is all taking place within the privacy of his own room, with the door to it locked to prevent anyone from walking in on Apsis breakfast.
**Note 2: He recalls Apsis after she has eaten the Magikarp.

With Nathan at the Gym:

Seeing Nathan rush of to challenge the Gym Leader, Ventus followed at him at his own leasurely pace. 'Its not like I have a garitee shot at fighting Zamboni, so I might as well take my time and enjoy the festival,' he thought, loving all the sights, sounds, and positive emotions that surround him. He eventually enters the Gym, and notices the sudden drop in temperature. While he's not bother by it overly, he notes that Apsis and Michael will have a much harder time here than usual. 'My Apsis is a cold blooded animal, so the cool temperature might threaten to send her to dream land. Michael will just not like the cold period. This will be a tough gym for us...if we have a chance to challenge Zamboni,' he thought, making his way over to the side lines to cheer Nathan on. He summons all his Pokémon so that his whole family can support his effort!

Order: Cheer on Nathan in his first Gym Battle! If its possible, I'd like to turn the cheerleading into a training session for all my Pokémon! It may not look like it, but its definitely hard work!
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