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[Game thread] Skull Ruins Pokerole
(10 hours ago)Dragonstrike Wrote:

Ventus, in linue of  interrupting the touching/consoling moment between Nathan and Kirlia or interjecting a potentially mood ruinous comment about either Shadow Pokémon, elected instead to close his eyes and puff on his lavender incense in silence, almost abscent mindly stroking Raphael's feathers while doing so. This earned him a delighted co from the archangel, as they leaned into his touch and seemingly basked in the contentness and warmth their father's affections brought them. 'I'll let the boy dictate the pace of this conversation for the moment, so long as he tries not to over extend his boundries and starts prying for unsolicited information. Rushing things now will only lead to the teneous calm his experience to break in the nasty of ways, and giving him more control over the proceeding this time should give him a small measure of stability and confidence.....' he thought, letting things goes as they mean to for long as necessary. He was perhaps a bit disappointed in Kirlia lack of confidence in handling matters, but then again the reverse could be said for many other things as well, so he'll leave well alone.
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(10 hours ago)Lord Windos Wrote:

They stay like that for 10 minutes or so.  Once they break the hug, they both sit there quietly, trying to figure out what to do or say next...what kind of pace to set...

"...emotionless killing machines that don't even care for themselves...creatures of pure hatred, fury, and insanity...humanity has done some awful things to pokemon recently..."
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"Lets do our best then Viktor. First of all use Leech Seed! Then go ahead with Phantom Force! (Give me strengh @PhantomUnderYourDesk!) Then go ahead and use Feint Attack! If you got hurt I use a potion! "

Leech Seed Acuracy: Dex (3) + Fight (3) + Canalize (3) - Acuracy (1) - Actions (4) = 4d6
Notes: Each end of the round 1 Dice damage to the foe and restore 1 HP from the user

Phantom Force Acuracy: Dex (3) + Fight (3) + Canalize (3) - Actions (5/6) = 4d6/3d6
Damage: Power (3) + STR (3) + STAB (1) = 7d6
Notes: Charge Move

Feint Attack: Dex (3) + Fight (3) + Brawl (3) - Actions (7) = 2d6
Damage: Power (2) + STR (3) + STAB (1) = 6d6
Notes: Never fail
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