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[Game thread] Skull Ruins Pokerole
(Yesterday, 03:35 PM)PhantomUnderYourDesk Wrote: (While waiting for the others to have handled out something in MetaThread, I'll do something I desired to do for a little, if it's alright: )

Ah. Shiva, Nightshade and Cottonee don't really like that fog and seem to protect oneself from it by sticking together firmly, while Vaporeon and Primal Glaceon seem to be in their element. The waterly Eeveelution shrouds herself in some Haze and then squeals in joy when diffusing it with her paws, while the bigger, noble and currently icy Primal Eevee carefully joins in these antics, he tries to bite the fog. :>

It's super-cute for the natural fae enthusiast to watch, she glances to them every now and then while she's busy with her cell: At first she'll try to call Ventus, since he's an early riser he should be up by now. She mostly just wishes him a good morning, desires to know how he and his research are doing and to hear his voice to cheer her up. ".....Yeah, I love you too. ...Raphael's doing good, he's got something to show you when he'll meet you again! ^o^ ...Well, that's all then, I have to go. But, we'll hear each other again sometime! For now, take care and stay safe. Bye!~"

After that, she'll call or otherwise try to contact a League Official and ask whether there's anything new concerning the Pokemon that were taken from Water Scimitar Juni and that were handled as...evidence of her and her clan's guilt (she dislikes to speak that out), basically whether they are free to adopt by now. "I'm interested in that small Togepi in particular, please... That poor small thing, you see...?"

"Actually... yes! A League Official recently fast-tracked these adoptions. I can have someone meet you in either Capital for an interview. An agent from the Shelter for Disobedient Pokemon will also be there as an adoption consultant. Togepi won't be processed until tomorrow, but if everything goes well, he could be assigned your OT and deposited in your PC when everything is ready."
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Ahhhhhhh, these are great, GREAT news for the natural fae enthusiast, and it's only morning still!~ She holds back a squeal of pleasant suprise. "Sounds good, thank you!! It's perfectly alright that someone from the Shelter will be present." It's even a positive sign. "If possible I'd prefer Cress City than Stair City to be the place of the interview as I'm currently residing near this city. ....I'm not yet sure whether I'll be able to attend an interview tomorrow as I aim to travel on westwards this day, but I'll call again as soon as I am free to handle out an actual date to meet up. Will that be okay?"

(@Iron, I just wanted to say that I just edited this post and my wording a bit, as it'd be easier to actually hold that interview not beforehand and instead as soon as Togepi's processed. I guess I also misunderstood something in the first place by accident, sorry!)
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(Okay, I try make things quick and clean)

Heart simple awake early to make himself ready to go to the next destination. He makes a quick arrange in his party before anything:

Netune (Leftlovers)
Rose (Black Belt)
D-Pikachu (Poison Barb)
Typhon (Lucky Egg)
Xatu (Wide Lens)
Caesar (Miracle Rood)

He also some of his daily training session with Netune , Typhon and Caesar. "Since Rose still worn out because of her...experience, she not gonna participate in today training. Netune and Typhon. We gonna take the opportunity to train you synergy as partneers. Our goal was get you more close to your eletric powers. Thunderbolt, Acid Spray, Zap Cannon and Thrash shall be our goals moves for you to learn. Expect us during our journey to be in many battles. Netune, you are a skilled Water Pokemon and be doing great progress. But you still need to increase your powers." Heart then bring Gustav to the place. "Your goal move shall be Muddy Water, one of the best Water Type moves." Gustav then summon Muddy Water to demonstrate its power. "Its a strong and powerfull move who can blind your foes. In future battles that move shall be important when you become a Swampert. Its unimportant to you have such move very sooner so dont expect a light training."

"And finally Caesar...yours training will be one of the most important. We will soon head towards the place called Eleanor, a famous place for his Sun Stones. And where is Sun Stones, problably have Moon Stones...we might there the require Stone for you finally become a true emperor as your main name. But you still need training to learn your most powerfull moves. I have you the Miracle Rood, a item that will make you capable of use Grass Knot. You must get use it to fight against future Water Pokemon. Thats your training for today. Also you might work of your Rock Smashs."

"Alright people lets train!"

After trainining, Heart wait in the lobby for everyone comes.

(Thats your clue to talk with Heart about Delta Corsola and Swamperinite @Lord Windos)
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