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Competitive Guide: Frosthra
Hello Hello, my forum friends~! After creating a few movesets for Concancer, I’ve been inspired to make a guide for the crustacean’s arch nemesis, Frosthra! I hope enjoy the guide, as always!


[Image: latest?cb=20160816130513]


HP: 85                                   S.ATK: 140
ATK: 55                                 S.DEF: 95
DEF: 65                                 SPD: 115

Compared to the other Ice types in the game, this prismatic moth has the dubious privilege to have a lot going for and against it. To start off positively, It has blisteringly high S.ATK that would give pause to even the tankiest of walls, and a SPD stat high enough to start feeling bracing. This glacial insect also has access to Quiver Dance, amping up its already impressive stats to almost ludicrous level, out speeding and putting on ice any Pokemon not named M-Inflagetah. It has access to all the staple Ice and Bug STABs, which include classics as Ice Beam, Blizzard, and Big Buzz, but it also have Freeze Dry to tell Bulky Waters types that would otherwise wall you to chill out. The icy terror is also packing Hurricane, giving it a way to deal with Fighting types that would like to take their chances. It also has access to Haze and Sticky Web, giving it the capability to nullify any attempts at a boost sweep or resistance AND making perhaps the fastest Sticky Web setter in the game. All together, this makes this abominable snow moth a formidable Special Sweeper, capable of quickly freezing over the opposition if given even the slightest chances!

Problem is, the devil is in the detail, both broad and specific. Beside perhaps Ice/Rock and Grass/Bug, Ice/Bug is the worst possible typing for a Pokemon to have, much less a moth with a pitiful DEF stat that begs the myriad Physical Sweeper and Wall Breakers of the meta to have a field day with it. Even Special Attackers won’t have a hard time with this frosty insect, since they would have plenty of options to choose from in order to exploit its massive weaknesses. That same typing also make Stealth Rocks a killer, destroying any chance of bug making it out alive after being raked across them a couple of times. With 3 Weakness to the ever present Fire, Rock, and Nuclear type, this bug is going to be absolutely swatted if it has to stay and fight against any of these types if it is not packing a couple of Quiver Dances or HP Ground. Speaking of Hidden Power, besides it, Hurricane, Hyper Beam and technically Mirror Coat, Frosthra has [i]no other Special Attack moves that are not either Ice or Bug type. The rest of moves are almost useless as well, given its subzero ATK stat and the distinct lack of coverage moves available to combat both Super Effective hitters and heavily resistant threats. Its base SPD, while quite nice compared to the vast majority of the meta, is still outspeed by the likes of Inflagetah and Archilles without a Quiver Dance boost, and even then they could still Mega Evolve and put you right back where you begin. Its ability Deep Freeze, while great in practice, is not so great on something that can’t take too many hit, rendering it unceremoniously useless in most cases.

Overall, while Frosthra is a force to be reconned with on the battle field, it can all to easily be banished to the frozen wastelands if it get itself into a sticky situation without an out. With the right team support and a cunning mind, though, this Pokemon will be a winter nightmare to everyone that doesn’t beware.


The Russian Ballerina (Quiver Dance Sweeper)

Quiver Dance

Ice Beam/Freeze Dry

Big Buzz

Hidden Power (Ground)/U-turn

Item: Life Orb/Focus Sash/Occa Berry

Nature: Timid

EV’s: 252 S.ATK, 252 SPD

Far and above the most likely moveset that the abominable snow moth will be running in the current meta. Quiver Dance is mandatory, as the boosts the moth gets from the move are borderline necessary to ensure its survival against the likes of Archilles or Astronite. Ice Beam and Big Buzz are strong STABs that hit most of the types neutral sans Fire, Water, and Steel (and Ice, Obviously), making the reliable choices. Freeze Dry, however, gives it’s the option to help deal with pesky Bulky Waters muscling in on its turf, nailing Encartress especially hard after a Quiver dance. Hidden Power Ground is there to cover is other weakness, adequently handling most of the icy terror’s common bug bears relatively well after a QD or two. Alternatively, it can instead have U-turn as a quick way to get out of high risk situation, preserving the moth while sending out a more appropreite counter to whatever threat it was up against. Its also great for scouting out switches and building momentum, so there are those qualities to consider as well. Item choice comes down to preference. Life Orb makes the most of Quiver Dance and its stats, but Focus Sash and the Occa Berry provide a degree of protection that the snowy insect would certainly desire as well. Overall, you can’t go wrong choosing with this set, as its power is something greatly desired indeed!

Rain, Wind, and Hail, but no Sunshine (Rain Team Set)

Rain Dance


Freeze Dry

Quiver Dance

Item: Smooth Rock/Charti Berry

Nature: Timid

EV’s 252 SPD, 252 S.ATK; 252 SPD, 126 S.ATK and S.DEF

A more far out approach to Frosthra, but none of the less effective when pulled off with the right team. The Idea is to set up Rain Dance immediantly as either your opponent switches out their Pokemon, or juicing up the frosty insect with a Quiver Dance and following up with it. Rain Dance, when combined with a Quiver Dance or two, help soften up incoming Fire attacks by a not so insignificant degree, giving it a great deal more safety. Free Dry is preferred over Ice Beam on this set mainly because the rainy weather is likely to lure out Water Pokemon out, thinking they can easily exploit the moth, only to get hit with frostbite. Hurricane is star of the show, as while it doesn’t get STAB, a boosted cyclone of death and confusion is not something most Pokemon can handle in a short time, much less it being spammed at them with 100% accuracy. Item depends on whether you want to extend the weather as long as possible, or just want some extra protection against Rock Types attempt to smash this precious flyer. If you already have a Rain setter on your team, however, you can opt to run U-turn and Life Orb to get the most out of Frosthra prowess while providing an exit strategy. The EVs are mostly identical to the first sets, with the second option EV distribution existing because the rain gives it the chance to invest in some bulk without it seeming like a token effort at best.

Freeze, Don’t Move! (Sticky Web/Anti Harashment moveset)

Sticky Web


Haze/Reflect/Light Screen


Item: Focus Sash

Nature: Timid

EV’s: 252 SPD, 252 ATK

By far the most contrary set that Frothra has to offer, but it does have some potential lying within its icy depths. Its phenomenal speed and access to Sticky Web make the moth the fastest user of it in the game, allowing it to lay it down quickly as Possible. It can then beat a hasty retreat with U-turn, hitting whatever that try to deal with it and switching out to a more appropriate counter. Haze can be used to erase any stat boost made by the target, while the screen moves are there to offer an extra layer of security to the abominable snow moth’s team. Taunt is there to shut down non-Prankster Pokemon from setting up to begin with, prevents it from being statused, shuts down a stall’s ‘mons main method of healing, etc..  Optimally, the icy terror needs a Focus Sash to survive the surprise hit before or after it lays down the web, but a Lum Berry could be used to prevent this warrior from being waylayed by sickness or a lack of mobility! Taunt could also be replaced with Ice Beam/Ice Fang, if you want more attack power on the set at the cost of protection, but I would not recommend it.

Alternative Moves

Sharpen: If you want to go completely against all logic and make a Physical Sweeping Frosthra, then you might as well give it an honest effort with this move!

Toxic: On the Sticky Web set, it can be used over H/R/LS and Taunt to have an option to wear down Tanks that try to wall the frozen bug in and chip away slowly at its health.

Silver Wind: A 10% percent chance to raise all stats is not good odds, especially since you already have a move that boost the better half of its base stats 100% of the time.

Frost Breath: More BP and PP than Ice Beam, and has the ability to punch through certain boosted targets. It also works well on a Choice Scarf set, as it doesn't need a QD to be effective.

Partners to Frosthra:

Lassuire works well will the snowy little bug, as its STAB Earthquakes and Hazard setting capabilities helpfully weed out and weaken its many checks and counters. M-Electrux provides rain for Frosthra to hide under, partially protecting it from fire, and helps deal with Bulky Waters regardless of whether its using Freeze Dry or not. A Baton Passer giving a Substitute or free stat boost would also greatly lengthen its stay on the field, as would Chimiconda Petrifying the opposition. Pokemon with Intimidate like Beliaddon can also force out or weaken its Physical threats, and the devil is quite strong on its own to take care of most if not all of them. Slow VoltTurn users would also be a boon for this cool insect, as it gets it safely on the field with little to no fuse, and minimal damage caused by Hazards.

Counters to Frosthra

Fire, Rock, Steel, Water, and Flying. Anying Pokemon from these typings, with the right investment and optimization, can completely wreck this moth, squashing it like the unfortunate bug it is. Priority moves hurt it badly as well, since its Speed is the only thing that keeps in from going down under the vast majority of the time. Pranksters love nothing more than to Taunt/Status the living daylights out of the poor little bug, making them a thorny issue to deal with as well. Stealth Rocks are perhaps its biggest weakness, though, as it can’t and won’t survive going through the rocks more than once at best, putting it in a do or die scenario really quickly. Finally, Inflagetah and Astronite are your biggest nemesis, as the Inflagetah has STAB and Double STAB on some of its priority moves, and the later can quickly Power Gem or Technician Ancient Power to deal with the cold little bugaboo, and if it has Magnet Rise, you can’t use HP Earth on them. A Big Buzz will send the later packing, but the point is that both of these specific Pokemon have a much higher chance taking Frosthra out without much fuss or more. Frosthra is a fragile target that breaks like fine china if it is hit too hard, so keeping up the assault on it is sure to where it down more quickly than it can properly retaliate.
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That reminds me on the beautiful, special Colarva with your OT that I once received through WT. Maybe I should finally take the time to evolve it into a Frosth Moth... It has a modest nature, though. Still useful, I guess?

I love the move Freeze Dry.
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[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
Modest is still a good nature, I just think now that Frosthra having more speed is crucial in it outspeeding the likes of Archilles and let it do the job it has! Glad you kept a hold of my special Colarva by the way, my sweetest love~!
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

Heart Phantom is my OTP~ Heart

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Well, it will just hit harder than instead of being faster! Freeeeeze them, dear one!

What did you expect, that I ever let go of it? Never!! At least, as long as my backuped save file doesn't randomly decide to die off.
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it."
- Gerald Way

[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
Quote:A Baton Passer giving a Substitute or free stat boost would also greatly lengthen its stay on the field

I was going to suggest pairing the moth with Speed Boost Tail Glow Stenowatt in a Heavy Offense team.

Other than that, I think it's worth considering a Choice Scarf set and play Frosthra with a hit-and-run strategy. Entry Hazard support would be crucial, as such, offensive Stealth Rock setters like Laissure, Tracton or Astronite would be of help.
I'd see it run
-U-turn / Freeze Dry. Yes, I would play both Freeze Dry and Ice Beam on the same set.
-Bug Buzz
-Ice Beam
-HP Ground

Another great in-depth analysis, good job!
I don't typically like choice items, but I have come to terms that they have their uses. Choice Scarf would work on the frozen insect rather well, now that I think about it, but I find that having Ice Beam and Freeze Dry on the same set to be somewhat redundant. Still, having a slightly stronger Ice STAB on hand could be what you need against certain targets, so who am I to overly complain?
Choice Specs could also work, but it wouldn't be able to keep up with speedier targets or choice banded one, so that runs into problems...
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

Heart Phantom is my OTP~ Heart

Online ID: 000650

Reading through this, I should mention that crits stopped ignoring your own boosts in gen 2. That was an odd quirk that gen 1 had due to code. Frost Breath should work just fine with Quiver Dance, though that'd really only be significant if your opponent was boosting their Sp Def.
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I though crits ignored both offensive and defensive boosts on both targets? Huh. I should get on to updating my guide for this...
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

Heart Phantom is my OTP~ Heart

Online ID: 000650

Nope, crits only ignore an opponent's defensive buffs, and the user's offensive debuffs.
Confirming that Bug/Ice is the third worst type in the game (source: Also yeah, crits only ignore opponents buffs and your debuffs when you attack, what you were referring to is Gen 1 mechanics. Frost breath is good on the QD set.

On the quiver dance set, nix U turn. There is no point into setting up if you are just going to u turn out, it's better to use HP ground or another attacking move. I'd also put in Bug Buzz as a slash'd fourth move on the rain dance set, as using two different setup moves is usually not recommended unless your name is Terrakion. This is especially true if you have the third worst defensive type in all of pokemon- you'll only be able to get one turn of setup as I see it.

Otherwise this is a good guide. I might post another one myself if I have time.

Either way let's hope the Bug/Ice type in my game is just as good as this one...

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