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Fonts Keep Removing Themselves
I am getting this really annoying problem every time I play this game now, I never used to have it prior to Nintendo almost killing the entire project. Basically fonts somehow dont appear in my game as if they were never installed, however they are in fact in my font folder according to the computer itself whenever I try to reinstall them. I can't play at this rate, as this keeps happening every time I close off the game to take a break or to go to sleep! I started a new game and hadn't even gotten my starter and this is getting to the point where I want to uninstall and never bother with this game again. Someone please give me some kind of help, preferably before tomorrow (because I got two double shifts saturday and sunday).  I would love to be able to see what changes were made to the game since the last beta I played but this is destroying any desire to even bother picking up the game.
We ran into a similar issue with someone else a few months back. On your windows PC, try right clicking the Pokemon Uranium Application and running it as an Administrator.
Backup your saves, don't lose progress!
C:\users\<Username>\Saved Games\Pokemon_Uranium

Save Backups:
C:\users\<Username>\Saved Games\Pokemon_Uranium\Backups

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