Poll: Do you think that there are user who want a german translation?
Yes, there are enough people.
No, there is no need for a german translation.
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Help I want to help you! German translation.
There is a Spanish translation of the game, so I don't see why there can't also be a German translation. If you can gather a small group of fellow German speakers, then it would be no problem.

P.S. I knew German for a while, but only high-school level stuff and most of it has been forgotten, so I wouldn't be of any use.
I replied to the other thread.
This thread can be closed.
Hey guys,

how are things going concerning the german translation? If any help is needed, I would like to help you.

Greetings from Germany
@Nantel If you want a quick response on this, you should PM Cody or Iron about this, as I think they are involved in the dev of the game.
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The person to contact for translations is actually Samrux!
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