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Forum Event RECAP: WTE4
Uranium Fans!

This post was long overdue, but after some calculations we finally have all of the number crunchy goodness that comes with the Good'ol Fashioned Event recaps. So without further delay, let's get started!

Stats from WTE4

The Great Wondertrade Extravaganza 4 took place on Saturday, May 27th

36 Expert breeders answered the Call to Action

The highest recorded Single trainer trades was @Pheonixia52 with 500 Pokemon given away!

WTE4 lasted an extended period of 6 Hours.

During the event period 19,561 Wondertrades were completed Successfully, That's 39,122 Pokemon travelling through the Wondertube!

During the event period, we had attendees join us from Canada, United States, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, China, Italy, Japan, South Korea, France, Venezuela, Norway, Russia, India and more!

As of the writing of this post, Pokemon Uranium players have completed 1531942 Wondertrades 

As a final, but certainly most important mention, A truly massive thank you goes out again to @EeveeBailey for helping organize, collect data, answer general questions and spearheading all of the tasks required to host the event in my absence. You have my undying thanks and admiration.

See you all at WTE5!
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Cody stop you're making me blush aaaaaa Blush  Tongue  Heart

Big thanks to everyone who stepped up and participated -- whether you threw in one, five, or ten boxes (or maybe just a few Pokemon), you're all to be congratulated for playing a role in this massive event.  We all had a lot of fun, and we look forward to doing it again soon! Big Grin
Hmm, so I finally figured out the time after it was over cuz I'm rather busy these days now. Anyway, it was at 1AM where I am, so theoretically speaking, I could have made it, but my brain doesn't and can't be bothered with time-conversion these time around, plus I was sleeping early that day due to, er, reasons... Anyway, guess I'll catch you people the next time if I'm not buried under homework, exams and whatever... Wink
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