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Full Version: I have pokerus to giveaway.
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I had a thread on the other forum, but want to tell you here, I have pokemon with Pokerus to giveaway, the infected pokemon are from routes 3 and 4 and I prefer to trade in the oNline Lobby. Contact me Via PM or Email once online stuff is back up. Please do research on pokerus before asking what it is or how to spread it. I'll probably update this thread with more info if the official website is not back in a week.
ONLINE STUFF ARE BACK UP! Most of the people on this forum are already using the Fan-server. More can be found out in other threads if you look around...

I would ask for 'em if I don't already have boxes full of them and people are not already Wonder Trading them in fan-server... The Lobby is seriously laggy and buggy these days so if you prefer it, be sure to backup your save, like A LOT! Also, since you seem to be nice and all, be sure to come visit our discord, it's made for easy trade, battle, and comfort! Smile
Please feel free to share any information you'd like here. If the Official site returns this Forum will be around long enough for you to easily transfer any posts you submitted Smile