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Full Version: Etika
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There's no gentle way to say this, so I will just plainly state it: Youtuber Etika has be found dead after being missing for a week, and the cause of death was suicide. From what I gathered, his negative experience with social media drove him to do it. Personally, I never knew about him until I learnt of his suicide just recently, but that doesn't stop me from being upset and ashamed of what happened. The fact that part of his community did that to him, lead him to such a state of mind that he felt resigned to failure and death......that is just wrong.

I won't link any videos about out of respect to him, but I will say this: he will not be forgotten, and I will not let such behavior that drove him to suicide happen.
Who? I'm somewhat feeling sorry to say this, but I never heard of such a Youtuber until now either.

Apart from that, if it's true that his followers, viewer and general the community made him take this final step, it directly proofs that there are highly toxic people out there. That's just plain sad - rest in peace then, I hope for them to having found peace at last.