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Full Version: Looking for Mystery Gifts / offer shinies
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Hi there !
I'm desperately looking for a Mystery Gift Luxi (Ruyi), nature Modest/Timid/Calm

I can offer :
-shiny Ekans
-shiny Cocaran
-shiny Tubjaw

(even several of them)

-shiny Electruxo, also, if someone would have by any chance a shiny Hershey (Mystery Gift Sheebit)

I propose shinies but it can be also rare pokemons, with good IVs, HA or breeding moves, let me know !
I may have a shiny Electruxo in a month or two if you're willing to wait, I'll be getting my shiny charm soon and I will be breeding for shiny starters first. In exchange, I'd like either one of your shiny Tubjaws or a Cottonee with a foreign country's flag in the top right corner, for shiny breeding. Good luck!

Oops sorry my message was confused !
I already have a shiny Electruxo, I'm willing to trade it for a Shiny Hershey.
But if you want a shiny Tubjaw, it can be done ! Would you have any shiny to propose ? Or I'm also looking for an Adamant Krampus (MG Devimp), if you'd one by any chance !
Since I didn't get my computer until last fall and discovered Pokemon Uranium in early may, I unfortunately don't have any MG pokemon except Karubin and Velocikull, sorry! I have a shiny male Tricwe if you'd like to do some shiny trading. I may be available to trade pokemon once I get a shiny Smore. I'll notify you when I will be available.


UPDATE: I found the shiny Smore I was looking for. I'm usually available around 2-4 pm on weekdays, eastern time.
If it's a female Smore, I'm very interested !

ID's 102560

(I'm UTC +2, When it's 14:00 / 16:00 by you, it'll be 20:00 / 22:00 by me, should be ok !)
Sorry, I spent something like 20 hours looking for it, so I'm not trading her. The shiny male Tricwe is still available, though. I will have better shinies available in two weeks at the maximum.

No prob, I understand ^^
Notify me when u wanna trade pkmns !
Alright, I will!

How about now? Since you're on already. I may only be available for a very short time.
EDIT: I'm going off now, sorry.
Well, little update !

So, I'm still looking for old Mystery Gifts. Here's what I have to propose (shinies or competitive mons) :

[Image: v3x0z85]

The list of the competitive pkmns (5 IVs / perfect IVs / eventually hidden ability) is purely indicative, I have some more, and I can also breed on demand, just let me know !)

Basically I'm looking for any MG before 3rd anniversary, that means Jelly Bean (Glaslug), Krampus (Devimp), Blair (Masking), and so...
Still, I would just sell my grandfather for a MG Luxi, Ruyi ! (but he's not that healthy, and he eats a lot of junk food)

Thank you ! Wink
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