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Full Version: Looking for MG Luxi / offer shinies
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Hi there !
I'm desperately looking for a Mystery Gift Luxi (Ruyi), nature Modest/Timid/Calm

I can offer :
-shiny Ekans
-shiny Cocaran
-shiny Tubjaw

(even several of them)

-shiny Electruxo, also, if someone would have by any chance a shiny Hershey (Mystery Gift Sheebit)

I propose shinies but it can be also rare pokemons, with good IVs, HA or breeding moves, let me know !
I may have a shiny Electruxo in a month or two if you're willing to wait, I'll be getting my shiny charm soon and I will be breeding for shiny starters first. In exchange, I'd like either one of your shiny Tubjaws or a Cottonee with a foreign country's flag in the top right corner, for shiny breeding. Good luck!

Oops sorry my message was confused !
I already have a shiny Electruxo, I'm willing to trade it for a Shiny Hershey.
But if you want a shiny Tubjaw, it can be done ! Would you have any shiny to propose ? Or I'm also looking for an Adamant Krampus (MG Devimp), if you'd one by any chance !
Since I didn't get my computer until last fall and discovered Pokemon Uranium in early may, I unfortunately don't have any MG pokemon except Karubin and Velocikull, sorry! I have a shiny male Tricwe if you'd like to do some shiny trading. I may be available to trade pokemon once I get a shiny Smore. I'll notify you when I will be available.


UPDATE: I found the shiny Smore I was looking for. I'm usually available around 2-4 pm on weekdays, eastern time.
If it's a female Smore, I'm very interested !

ID's 102560

(I'm UTC +2, When it's 14:00 / 16:00 by you, it'll be 20:00 / 22:00 by me, should be ok !)
Sorry, I spent something like 20 hours looking for it, so I'm not trading her. The shiny male Tricwe is still available, though. I will have better shinies available in two weeks at the maximum.

No prob, I understand ^^
Notify me when u wanna trade pkmns !
Alright, I will!

How about now? Since you're on already. I may only be available for a very short time.
EDIT: I'm going off now, sorry.