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Full Version: I'm... alive?!
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Halloween already passed, but this is still appropriate considering it's me Tongue

Anyway, if any of my old friends recall, last I was around was over a year ago, and I was talking about translating my stories into English... "What happened?" You may wonder, "Why did [I] went off the grid again after that?" 

Well, the short answer is: Life happened.

As for the long and detailed version of my adventures and mishaps, here goes:

I started on what I promised. I really did. But then I got a wee bit stuck, and then I got notified by my landlord at the time that I was being kicked out (I didn't do anything wrong, they just needed the space for personal reasons). So that's the first thing that happened.

Then I failed an exam because it was hard as all hell, and I clearly was not prepared enough.

Then because of a problem with the university's registration system (which my uni staff still keep denying and blaming it all on me instead, btw), there was a whole lot of complications for me to sort through.

Amidst it all, I met my new/current best friend, who shares my passions, dreams, and worries about writing and the future of literature in general. And we started a Facebook group whose aim is to help young writers write "the old fashion way" through proper and thorough researches and experiences, prioritizing the quality of the craft instead of trying to get views and forcing yourself to publish low-quality chapters every day. That group lasted around a year, with both of us putting a lot of effort into it. But eventually, and quite recently actually, we closed it down as we realized we need to first earn/gain some gravity for the things we say before we attempt to change anyone's mind, especially young minds who are obsessed with virtual views and virtual fame.

So I was busy on a whole lot of fronts, finding a new place to stay and moving there, studying, writing, running a Facebook group, solving issues that determine whether or not I can graduate or flunk out.

It wasn't until a week ago that I bother to log Discord or forum. I'm not entirely back this time, either, still a lot of business and complications to sort through. Just dropping by to say hello!

So Hello, and goodbye Tongue

See you in a year if I'm still alive by then...
Well, it is nice and incredible see you here around again. Even if only for this time. Have nice times Monkey, and live well friend!