Pokemon Uranium

Full Version: Lost a bunch of progress in my game
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[removed for discussion of cheating]
(04-15-2020, 01:54 PM)Arnae9 Wrote: [ -> ][removed for discussion of cheating]
I think you're SOL pal. I have no idea how to edit the game's files. To avoid this in the future, go into the options menu and set the Autosave to activate every 5 minutes so that it saves even if you forget. Unlike Pokemon Insurgence's quicksaves, Uranium's Autosaves are separate from hard saves, so if you create a save before venturing somewhere you don't want to stay in or something like that you can just exit to the main menu and load the main save instead.
Yep, Autosave is the way to go.

And the discussion of cheating methods is not permitted.