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Full Version: Net Neutrality is being Repealed.
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I'll be first to say that I'm not to educated on this subject, but what little I know makes me frightened by Ajit Pat's plans and policies for the internet as a whole.

Some further reading on the issue just has me dreading more and more about these upcoming changes.

The FCC's Plans to Kill Net Neutrality also Kills Internet Privacy

I'm not one for politics or preaching about government policies; heck, I try to stay out of that arena as much as possible, since I view it as a waste of time and energy on my part. But these changes...they threaten not only our internet speeds and time on the web, but also small business, starters, the free market and much, much more.

I encourage anyone reading this thread to do some research on the subject, and make you voices heard on the subject!
Whether you are whole heartidly against the removal of Net Neutrality, or have different views on how such a thing can be handled, its important to let your representative/senator/governing body (If you live outside of the USA) about this critical issue!

Don't just let this fade away into the background: Keep this topic alive, and make it as widespread as possible!!!
Thanks for sharing, dear. Anonymus might be very interested in this...creepy yet important issue. I see them demsonstating for Net Neutality and against the plans to kill t off. Though, I am not from America, nor am I much interested in politics, and it's notable that NOTHING of this has reached media here where I live. Seems like none cares. Although this will affect the whole Internet worldwide.

Can't help but to wonder what is their reason to repeal Net Neutrality all of a sudden... 

Quote:Even worse, because of a recent decision from a Federal Appeals Court in California, the FTC can’t prohibit the vast majority of ISPs from sharing or selling your personal information at all.

This is what scares me.
The most bad thing about this repel is that it allows ISP to dominate the internet, slowing down services and business that compete with there stuff in order to make a greater profit. It also allow them to set up mob like brackets, forcing certain services to pay up or suffer far slower speeds. Its a disgusting attitude to have, but these corporations are all about making the money...

This repel could affect the whole world as well, since a lot of foreign sites and businesses are station in American severs, subjecting them to this repel. Very bad news indeed...
It's for the sake of profit. It's always the profit that is valued. Ugh.

You're indeed right, most of the companies behind well-used websites have their residence somewhere in the USA....
Thanks for bringing this up. Sending my concerns tomorrow.
Let me sum up the situation in a neat little easy to understand package free of political rhetoric and ungodly long repeal forms.

Censorship = Bad

Controlling what can and what can't be shared through process screening = Bad

Having a heavily regulated net that throttles specific information = Bad

Promoting information from one source while at the same time restricting access from other sources = Super bad

Keep Net Neutral.
I couldn't have said it better myself, Cody. Thank you for taking the time to make such a wonderful comment!
I already see this cenario before. Here in Brazil, one company called Oi try that same thing and failed viserable (thanks God). In my opinion, let the the internet neutral. To private the internet that way....give me bad vibres from that idea.
If it can (almost) happen in Brazil, then it can happen anywhere else in the world. We need more people to be aware that a free internet is the right internet.
I agree. But you hear the news? Almost any type of bad thing happens in Brazil. Corrupt politics, danger in the streets, vandals breaking patrimony pubric. And of course the conection of the internet its really really bad. I will not say its the worse country in the world (I could born in the North Korea. THAT would be a hell of a life), but Its very dangerous sometimes.
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