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[Meta Thread] Pokerole Mystery Dungeon: Primal Shadows
Time for another pokerole adventure to begin, this time hosted by me! 

[Image: 450px-Pok%C3%A9mon_Mystery_Dungeon_logo.png]
Primal Shadows

Welcome to Pokerole Mystery Dungeon: Primal Shadows!

For those of you who are returning players from the other Pokerole campaigns we've hosted on this forum, I hope you're ready for an experience unlike any other we've played so far!

And for those of you who are new players, welcome to the roleplay section (and possibly the forums as well)!  We hope you'll enjoy your stay and have a lot of fun while you're here!

If you were a human who woke up as a pokemon one day, but had very little memory of your life from before you were a pokemon, what would you do?  How would you survive?  And more importantly, why were you turned into a pokemon in the first place?  This campaign seeks to answer those questions and more, as we go on an adventure across the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!

Current Players:
1. Lord Windos (Pyra the Devimp)
2. PhantomUnderYourDesk (Kee the Galarian Zigzagoon)
3. Spiritmon (Kogeki the Delta Riolu)
4. no one (Daxter the Midgardian Charmander)
Not currently looking for new players.

If there are empty spots in the list above, then we have room for new players to join the game!  PM me if you'd like to join!

Do note that if you wish to join the game, it's expected that you'll be at least semi-active.  Posting in the game thread every other day at minimum is ideal, but it's to be expected that real life will get in the way of that every so often.  If and when something happens that interferes with your ability to play the game, inform the GM that you'll be unable to post if you can (and when you think you'll be able to resume posting if possible) so that they can take action accordingly.  If you're inactive for long periods of time, the GM may auto your character or remove the character from the game at their discretion.

Character Creation, Rules, and Other Stuff

To get the ball rolling on actually joining the game, if you don't have the Pokerole rulebooks downloaded yet, the first thing you'll need to do is download and read through them.  The first one you'll need is the corebook (we'll be using the 1.2.5 version, which is the latest one at the time of writing), and the second is the Pokerole Mystery Dungeon Module.  Click this link to go to the Resources tab of the Pokerole website, where you can download both the corebook and the Mystery Dungeon Module.

Now then, whether you're new to Pokerole or a returning player on these forums, here's a brief overview of some rules and mechanics that are relevant to this game!  If something has a page reference next to it and you want more information on the topic, you may want to read that section in the corebook or the Mystery Dungeon Module, starting on that specific page.  (Of course, it's good to read all of the rules regardless, and I highly recommend doing so if you're unfamiliar with them, but this post should work as a quick reference if needed)

And that should do it for the pre-game debrief!  I hope everyone's excited to get started, because I know I am!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this Meta Thread or PM me. 

Pokerole Mystery Dungeon: Primal Shadows will begin once I either have at least 4 players participating or it is Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 (whichever comes first)!


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