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Dex Completion
Anyone happen to have these Pokemon? (Pokemon traded will be traded right back!)


I need them to finish off the currently available Pokedex. I tried on Discord, but people seem reluctant...
I am willing to trade you a spirtzee that'll transform into a Aromatisse, if you have a chainte or linkete to trade me.
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I have the eeveelutions, if you can catch me online sometime.
If you happen to catch me online, I wouldn't be reluctant. I don't even get why people are reluctant, really. If you don't trust someone, backup your save, and if they flip-flop on the deal, load your backup and don't do it with that person again, if they follow through, you just found someone you can trust (somewhat) AND helped someone out. The good outweigh the bad. And in any case, one should backup game anyway cuz who knows what might happen that can screw up one's day?
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Plus it only takes about 10 minutes to produce an Umbreon.
I managed to acquire the ones I was missing on my own. Sorry guys ^^;; Sadly my version of the game only give the Shiny Stone and not the Shiny Charm atm...

I still would like to trade if anyone has a foreign Duplicat for Masuda breeding, if any.

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