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[Game] Lord Windos' PokeRole Adventure: Celadon City Vandel
"Alright, one battle, coming right up.  Just to warn you beforehand: one of my partners is a little on the scary side.  And knows it.  He loves scaring people.  And both of them are pretty fierce battlers as well.  Well, whenever you're ready, let's get started."

Cue Arbok and Kingdra v Smeargle and Wigglytuff!
"He won't scare me mister at all mister. With such a good trainer like you, I know he won't do anything mean to me at all. I'll act scared for his shake, though," she said, before throwing out her two Pokeballs in front of her, summoning her Wigglytuff and Smeargle! Together with their master, they all struck a graceful, fanciful pose, but like she said earlier, her Pokémon could use a little more experience to make it look perfect!

Cute Battle Royale Round 1!

Wigglytuff: DEX (3) + Survival (1) + Roll (4) = 8
Smeargle : (2) + 4 = 6
Kingdra: (2) + 2 = 4
Arbok: (6) + 2 = 8

Wigglytuff goes first, then Arbok, Smeargle, and Kingdra. Let the match begin!
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

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Reiner can't help but smile as he sends out his pokemon in response to the girl sending out hers.  Arbok, as expected, immediately gets to work looking menacing.  "Alright Arbok, you know the drill.  Keep that fairy away from Kingdra.  Kingdra, Focus Energy, then use Hydro Pump on Wigglytuff.  And for both of you: Try to avoid KOing her pokemon if you can.  Yes, I know that's not the usual orders, but just go with it, okay?"

Wrap on Wigglytuff
- Accuracy: 2 Dex + 4 Fight + 1 Brawl - 1 Accuracy - 2 Actions = 4 D6
- Damage: 1 Power + 3 Strength = 4 D6 base
- Effect: Blocks for 4 rounds and does 2 D6 typeless damage at the end of each

Acid Spray on Wigglytuff
- Accuracy: 2 Dex + 4 Fight + 1 Canalize - 3 Actions = 4 D6
- Damage: 2 Power + 3 Strength + 1 STAB + 1 SE = 6 D6 base + 1 damage
- Effect: Lowers target's Strength by 2

Focus Energy
- Accuracy: 2 Dex + 4 Fight + 1 Canalize - 2 Actions = 5 D6
- Effect: Kingdra needs one less success to score a Critical Hit.  (needing only 3)

Hydro Pump on Wigglytuff
- Accuracy: 2 Dex + 4 Fight + 1 Canalize - 2 Acc + 1 Sniper - 3 Actions = 3 D6 (Hey, look! It can still crit!)
- Damage: 5 Power + 3 Strength + 1 STAB = 9 D6 base

Order: Hold Back and do half damage if they would KO the target pokemon.  We're going to be playing with 1 HP = withdrawn rules tonight!  Don't expect it to happen often in this campaign.
Just because this battle is 'Easy' doesn't mean its that easy!

Cute Battle Royale Round 1

Smergle, displaying her masterful artwork for all to see, rushes in front of Wigglytuff and protects them with their body!

Wide Guard
Accuracy: DEX (3) + Fight (3) + Channel (2) - 2 Actions = 6D6 Die
(1)(4)(5)(6)(4)(4) = 5 Success

Wigglytuff decided to prepare himself for a world of pain, for that is all he can see coming his way!!!

Defense Curl
Accuracy: 8D6 - 2 Actions =  6D6 Die
Wigglytuff's Defense is raised by 1

(6)(4)(3)(2) Arbok grapples onto Smergle instead of his original target
Damage: 4D6 - VIT (2) - Wide Guard (3) = Just 1 Die
(2) And the dice hate you once more! No Damage, but Smeargle is now Wrapped

Focus Energy
All moves require one less success for Crit for Kingdra

Giggling to himself, Wiggletuff bounds over to Kingdra for some good old rough housing!

Play Rough
Accuracy: 8D6 - 1 Inaccuracy - 3 Actions = 4D6 Die
(5)(2)(4)(3) Hit!
Damage: STR (2) + 3 + STAB + SE - Vitality (3) = 3D6 + 1
(5)(4)(2) Kingdra takes 3 Damage, 7/9 HP - 1 Pain

Arbok, angry at being denied his fluffy target and his fellow partner being beat up, use Acid Spray vengefully on them!

Acid Spray
(6)(1)(1)(6) Even with snake eyes, its still a Hit
Damage: 6D6 Damage - Wide Guard (3) - VIT (*3) =  1D6 + 1
(6) Wigglytuff takes 2 Damage, but seems totally unaffected by Acid Spray's effects! (Competitive triggered) 5/7 HP Remaining, -1 Pain

Smeargle, even in in the folds of a giant snake, has enough mobility to do a little dance

Quiver Dance
Accuracy: DEX + Fight + Perform (0) - 3 Actions = 3D6 Die
STR, DEF, and DEX of Smeargle raised by 1, Initiative doesn't change

Kingdra, quite ticked of from being man handled by that blasted Fairy, fires a concentrated blast of water at its impudence!!!

Hydro Pump
(1)(1)(6) ....That completely misses the mark, and just ends up watering the Dogwood in the background

"Mister, do you like my Smeargle's arstry? The Gym assistants showed me their Pokémon moves to us after I asked to see their gracefulness!"

(6)(3) Smeargle takes 1 Damage

Current Stats:

Wigglytuff: 5/7 HP, -1 Pain
Arbok: 14/14 HP, fresh
Smeargle: 5/6 HP
Kingdra: 7/9 HP, - 1 Pain

Cute Battle Royale Round 2
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

Heart Phantom is my OTP~ Heart

Online ID: 000650

"Arbok, keep up the pressure, and keep that Smeargle tied down so it can't use Wide Guard again.  Kingdra, I want you to use Hydro Pump again, but focus just on the one this time.

"I have to say, little miss, you've got a decent strategy going there.  But good strategy or not, it can be broken."    

Coil: 2 Dexterity + 4 Fight + 1 Intimidate - 2 Actions = 5 D6
Effect: Raises Strength, Dex, and Acc by 1.

Acid Spray on Wigglytuff, Smeargle instead if Wigglytuff is withdrawn
- Accuracy: 2 Dex + 4 Fight + 1 Canalize + 1 Coil - 3 Actions = 5 D6
- Damage: 2 Power + 4* Strength + 1 STAB - 3* Vit + 1 SE = 4 D6 + 1 Damage

Hydro Pump on Wigglytuff
- Accuracy: 2 Dex + 4 Fight + 1 Canalize - 2 Acc + 1 Sniper + 2 Single Action - 1 Pain = 7 D6
- Damage: 5 Power + 3 Strength + 1 STAB - 3* Vit =  6 D6
Cute Battle Royale Round 2

"That is not all my artists can do, mister! Wigglytuff and Smeargle, its time for a duet! Give him your best performance!!!"

Both Pokémon had a gleam in their eyes as their master said those key words, and began to sing a powerful, festive song! They have one target in mind when they are singing: Arbok!

Spider Dance , Acapella Version ~!

Double Simultaneous Round Performance!
Wigglytuff's Accuracy: 8D6 + 2 = 10 Die
(1)(2)(4)(6)(6)(4)(5)(6)(2)(5) S-s-super Crit!
Smeargle's Accuracy: Same as Wigglytuff's
(3)(2)(2)(6)(6)(2)(3)(4)(1)(2) Not a Crit, but it still hits!
Damage: [STR (2) + *5 + STAB X 2] + Smeargle's STR Boost (1) + Crit (2) - Vitality (*6) = 13D6 !!!
(4)(4)(5)(4)(2)(3)(3)(5)(5)(1)(5)(3)(2) Arbok takes 7 Damage!; 7/14 HP, -2 Pain, Deafened!

The once fierce and frightening cobra is sent realing from the combined musical assault, especially from the Smeargle right up next to it. His ears!!! They tighten their body, trying to steel themselves and get their prey to cut out that racket!

Arbok's STR, DEF, and ACC raised by one

Smeargle goes "Hurk!" as the sinous body around it tightens drastically, cutting its singing short and prevent it from sounding off another Round until its free from its Bind!

Kingdra, not subjected to the full brunt of the attack, was actually swaying to the beat of the Normal Duo's song until Arbok closed curtains on it. It quickly made up for its trace state by firing off a vicous (If somewhat restrained) Hydro Pump.

Hydro Pump
(1)(3)(3)(4)(5)(1)(5) Hit, but no Crit
(5)(2)(6)(4)(4)(2) Wigglytuff takes 4 Damage; 1/7 HP, -2 Pain

Wigglytuff eats their Sitrus Berry, HP 4/7

Acid Spray
(4)(6)(5)(4)(6) Perfect Crit!
(6)(1)(5)(2)(1)(4) +1 Wigglytuff is out of the match!

Sopping wet from both water and poison, and feeling more than worn out from it, the pink fluffball retreats from the battle field, leaving only Smeargle remaining. The girl goes over and guides them over to the bench for him to rest and dry off from his battle.

(6)(6) Smeargle takes 2 damage; 3/6 HP, -2 Pain

"You may have gotten Wigglytuff, but he did his very best until the end, so I'm not mad mister! Smeargle, do your best!"

Current Status
Wigglytuff: Out of the fight
Arbok: 7/14 HP, -2 Pain, Deafened
Smeargle: 3/6 HP, -2 Pain
Kingdra: 7/9 HP, -1 Pain

Deafened: Caused by extremely loud noises in close proximity to the affected. Target can't hear clearly for 2 Rounds, and must roll an Insight check to see if they understand what their master is saying.

Cute Battle Royale Round 3
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

Heart Phantom is my OTP~ Heart

Online ID: 000650

"That was quite the performance there, little miss.  Kingdra, fire off a single Water Gun please, and try to avoid KOing Smeargle while doing it.  Arbok, keep Smeargle still, and look a little menacing while doing it."

Leer on all foes (Assuming Arbok heard that order or decides on his own to stare menacingly at the offending artist)
Accuracy: 2 Dexterity + 4 Fight + 1 Intimidate + 2 Single Action - 2 Pain = 7 D6
Effect: Lowers all foes' Def by 1

Water Gun on Smeargle, hold back if it would KO
Accuracy: 2 Dexterity + 4 Fight + 1 Canalize + 2 Single Action - 1 Pain = 8 D6
Damage: 2 Power + 3 Strength + 1 STAB - 3* Vit (2 if Leer connects) = 3 D6 (4 if Leer connects)
Cute Battle Royale Round 3

Insight Check: (6)(5) Arbok hears you loud and clear!

Smeargle's Defense drops by 1, back to neutral

Smeargle, while a bit unnerved by the snake that is eye it up like a Tauros Burger, grabs its hidden Sitrus Berry and bits into it, before glaring right back at it. An artist like her will never be stopped such critsism!
Smeargle is back to full HP

Arbok's Wrap may prevent it from guarding or singing, but it has one last trip up hurray , the piece de resitance to her artful performance:

Petal Dance
Accuracy: DEX (*4) + Fight (3) + Channel (2) - 3 actions = 6D6 Dice
(3)(1)(6)(1)(6)(6) = Hit!
Damage: STR (*3) + 5 - 1 Resist - Vitality (3) = 5D6 - 1 Damage
(4)(6)(5)(6)(6) Arbok takes 4 Damage, 3/14 HP

Water Gun
(2)(5)(5)(5)(1)(6)(4)(4) The water shots out of Kingdra's snot like a bullet! Critical Hit!
(3)(6)(2)(4)(1)(4) Smeargle takes 3 Damage; 3/6 HP, -2 Pain

Petal Dance 2
Accuracy: 9D6 - 4 Actions - 2 Pain = 3D6 Dice
(5)(4)(5) Sorry, but its a hit
(2)(3)(4)(5)(4) Arbok is out of the match!!!

Arbok quickly disentangles itself from Smeargle and beats a hasty retreat to their master's side in a panic, clearly wanting to have nothing to do with that Smeargle anymore!

Petal Dance 3
Accuracy: 9D6 - 5 Action -2 Pain = 2D6 Dice
(1)(3) Smeargle elects to gracefully finish its tasteful routine, looking none worse the wear for it besides being wet. (Own Tempo triggered)

The girl claps her hands at her friend's performance, receiving a magnanimous bow from them in return. "Smeargle learned that move by watching Erika use it on a challenger with Vileplume, but he never gets dizzy like they did, though. I still don't get it, but its fun to watch!"

Current Status
Wigglytuf: Out
Arbok: Out
Smeargle: 3/6 HP, - 2 Pain
Kingdra: 7/9 HP, -1 Pain

Cute Battle Royale Round 4!

This battle is neck and neck! Who will win?!
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

Heart Phantom is my OTP~ Heart

Online ID: 000650

"Well, aren't you full of surprises?  Arbok, good job.  Kingdra, one more Hydro Pump please.  Let's end this."

Hydro Pump
- Accuracy: 2 Dex + 4 Fight + 1 Canalize - 2 Acc + 1 Sniper + 2 Single Action - 1 Pain = 7 D6
- Damage: 5 Power + 3 Strength + 1 STAB - 2 Vit =  7 D6
Cute Battle Royale Round 4!

Round and round, Smeargle spins, straight into Kingdra's fins!

Petal Dance
Accuracy: 9D6 - 2 Actions - 2 Pain = 6D6 Dice
(5)(1)(1)(2)(4)(2) 1 Success is still a hit!
Damage: STR + 5 - Vitality = 5D6 Damage
(6)(1)(6)(2)(6) Kingdra takes 3 Damage; 4/9 HP, - 2 Pain

Unfortunetaly for the amatuar artist, dancing right up to the sea dragon only put its closer to its nasty Hydro Pump! They. Are. Within. Range.

Hydro Pump
(2)(4)(6)(2)(6)(4) It hits and crits!
(6)(4)(3)(1)(5)(-)(-)(-)(-) Smeargle is sent flying into the Dogwood, and is out of the match!

Fortunately for both you and the girl, her Smeargle only had a slight head and backache from the impact, so all is fine in the world! The girl pouts at seeing her last Pokémon go out of the fight and scuffs the ground with her feet, but she just lets out a understanding sigh and walks forward towards you, and shakes your hand.

"Good match, mister! I don't consider myself a battler like other trainers my age, but I'm far from weak with my adorable team mates! Thank you mister for the great match! My name's Emily, and if you every want another portrait drawn of your Pokémon, then I'll be here everyday of the Flower Festival from Morning to Afternoon. I would stay out later, but my mom doesn't like me out in the dark for too long. I better head to the Pokémon Center to heal my friend and head home then!"

Returning her Pokémon, she was just about to run of to the Pokémon Center, when she stopped, remembering something important, before running back over to you! "Oh, mister, I just remember something I saw the other day! While walking home from school one day, I saw a Persain lurking in the allyway near here! I didn't a good look at it before it ran off, but it looked kinda strange.... My mom doesn't want me to mess with a tempermental Pokémon like that, but since you are a strong, kind trainer, I think you can handle it! If you catch it, can you show me it mister later?" Emily said, before noticing how far the sun has set and jumping up in slight surprise.

"Oh no, its about to get really dark soon! I better go now, before my parent start looking for me! Bye mister, have a wonder time during the Flower Festival!" With that said, she runs off towards the Pokémon Center, making quick progress towards it. Ah, the energy of youth...

Arbok and Kingdra get 5 XP each, while Reiner gets 5 XP + 3 Bonus XP: One for quality roleplaying and character development, and 2 for overcoming a sticky situation!

Sunday Night


Cap: All
Difficulty: Non-existent
Reward: ?
Note: Heading to the Pokémon Center right now will have you run into her, and you can offer to escort her home if you wish. Nothing bad will happen if you don't, so you don't stand to lose a friend in this instance.

Cap: 1 (2)
Difficulty: Moderate
Reward: Random amount of Poke + ?
Note: Emily said something was off about this feline, but what?

Lantern and Lights Vendor
Cap: 2 (2)
Difficulty: Moderate
Reward: 1 Pokémon and $2000 Poke

Night Police Officer
Cap: 1 (2)
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate, depending on how you handle it
Reward: $1500 and his Pokémon, plus 1 random Non-Lethal Weapon

Other options: Training, Visiting the Merchant, Pickpocketing, or exploring the city for a bit. These are always available to you no matter the day, so I won't list them with the other encounters for now on.
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

Heart Phantom is my OTP~ Heart

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