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[Game] Lord Windos' PokeRole Adventure: Celadon City Vandel
(05-29-2019, 09:53 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

The sick kitten could only groan weakly back and shake his fist impudently at you two, before a dizzy spell hits him and he vomits to his side again. Blaaaagh......well, it's not like he doesn't deserve this or worse, so he'll suffer the backsass and his illness with as much dignity as he can afford.....

As for everyone else's reaction to Weavile double back change of heart, Taylor is flabbergasted, Emily is overjoyed, and Lindworm is sort of in the middle of the two women's reactions, as well as curious. Beth smiles and bows to you......happy to have helped.

".....*Taylor shakes her head, and grumbles* ....Yeap, shady business alright. *Sighs* Not sure if I should be thrilled or pissed about having my chain yanked around like that, but.....I guess if things are now fine and dandy between you two, I can let what he did go too. *Glowers* He'll be hearing MY opinion about it, though, 'cause I don't appreciate such a scondral move at all. We're supposed to be thick as thieves, damn it!"

"Weavile's back?! *Clasps hands* Yay!!! I'm SO happy we're all still friends! *Looks a bit worried* Hope he gets better, soon, though. Tummy troubles are no good at all....."

"Hmm......I suppose all is fine again, then. Now that.....everything has been settled now, I agree with you Reiner. Let's make haste and leave Celadon, before anything else can go awry for us."

Taylor shivers as you ask about that, an uncomfortable and.....embarrassed? grimace quickly forming on her careworn face.

"......I was afraid you'd be asking me about that after Beth finished......inspecting ya. *Sighs*  Long story short, she found and choose me. I'll.....tell you the nitty gritty details later. *Mutters under her breath (Which you heard) MUCH later, hopefully......"

Your old partner then *Claps!* her hands together, derailing the existing conversation and drawing all attention to her.

"Alrighty! Since everyone is here now, I say it's time for us to say Sayōnara to this crazy city, before something else in it go off its rocker for the sheer chaos of it! Beth, take us away!"

The strange Pokemon smiles once more and bows to her master, before making a flourish with a hand.

Immediately, everyone's shadow enlarges and shallow them whole, leaving only Beth remaining, whose's shadow still holding onto everyone's own. She then looks up towards the ceiling at where our perspective was viewing everyone and gives us a curtsy, before she sinks into her own shadow and Teleports, far far away.

Far away from Celadon. 

Far away from the Flower Festival, and all its revelry, excitement, tragedy, and nightmares. 

Far away from the many futures you choose to reject, for one reason or another.

Far away from everything you've know for the past few years......and straight into the unknown.

Over the course of a single week, so very much has changed for you. Your hopes, your aspirations, your dreams, your friends and allies, your enemies and adversaries, and even yourself. Heck, it would be simpler to list what hasn't been shaken up for you, like a Anti-Bond Martini.

Nothing was certain for you anymore. All was in a flux. Your way towards your goals, once a solid and unified path forward, now was a ill defined mess that could lead you astray, entrapped, dead, or, worse of all, to failure. Everything now seemed more against you than ever, and your chances of success just as slim.

Despite it felt happy. Free. Accomplished.

For every dour happenstance Miss Fortune has graced you, Lady Luck saw fit to bless you in turn. You have a new little sister in Emily, a stalwart friend in Lindworm, your old partner and first crush Taylor back, the dubious affections of Kyubi and Angelica, a thrilling 'interest' from Giratina herself, a terrific business relationship with the mysterious Merchant Lilith, miraculously your half sister Clair in the near future, your parents love and faith, several new Pokemon partners that all respect you.

And a bond with Mew that will last a lifetime.

Taking on the Elders, bring them to task, and changing Blackthorn will be hard. Insanely so, now that you don't have Team Rocket backing you up, and your enemies new and old Houndouring you ever single inch you scrap closer to realizing your goals. believe you will be just fine. No, you and your friends WILL be MORE than fine. You will all succeed, and bring magnificent change to the world!

You all will ROCK them!

Reiner's Celadon City Vandals Storyline: END.

The Celadon City Vandals Campaign: COMPLETE
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