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Randomizer Playthrough- Nana's Saga of Bananas (and woe of Theo)
Hello hello!

Bout a year of absence, and what's this? A randomizer to the game? Let's hit it! 

Join me in this wacky adventure where up is down and right is wrong and everything that goes up must eat its cake or bury it.

Since I've played both males for my main and Nuzlocke, I guess we'll be going with the girl this time round.

[Image: 2vvlJ8y.png?1]

Let's call her Nana.

Alright, the game starts, cutscene plays, Lucille, nuclear, boom, fallout- you know the deal. Oh, and Dad became a real dick.

We start off with dear old Aunt, god bless her senile soul, attempting to sell the child in her custody off to the local shady character who lives isolated in the outskirts of town so that she doesn't have to explain why she's growing all sorts of weed in the backyard.

We put on our Running Shoes, head outdoors- only to run straight into the village idiot and crybaby, dear old Theo. Theo cuts ahead of you, and you shake your head with a sigh, and trail after him.

Bambo greets us, and promptly promises to give us our first Randomized Pokemon- right after playing 50 questions. You haphazardly answer in half-hearted random order, since the local deity on your shoulder whispers with a voice in your ear that since everything is randomized, the choices doesn't really matter.

After a weird attempt to map out your psyche, Bambo steps aside and reveals his present for you- the Pokemon to be following you for the rest of your life, the Pokemon that will be your partner, your soulmate, your other half, sharing your tears, laughter, joys and sadness, through trials and truimphs, your life's greatest companion-

[Image: Mf51BoY.png?1]

A cockroach.


Never mind that it's a bug most people try to squash upon sight on general principles often associated with trash, uncleanliness and disease, it's also a Nuclear type, which is literally weak to every other typing out there. That's the starter pokemon you're going to have to clear the game with.

Thanks a lot, Prof.

Let's call her Geiger for now.

So now it's Theo's turn, and the moment after he get his Pokemon, he jumps right on the chance to battle you right there, right now. Hey, no problem, you'd never refuse a chance to put the little brat, down, would you?

[Image: w07KLG9.png?1]

Oh. He has an Astronite.

It's just a level 4, fully 3rd generation evolved Rock Pokemon at the top of its evolutionary line. You're pretty sure Rock does 4x damage to your Nuclear/Bug Geiger over here. No biggie. You got this.

Geiger has three skills to work with; Toxic, Leech Life, and Harden. 

Nana throws out a smogon Toxic first, and Astronite thankfully replies with a Tackle. A super-effective Tackle, but still. Next is just a Harden to boost your defenses, and then followed by spamming Leech Life, which thankfully replenishes some of that lost Hp and is thankfully supereffective against Astronite's secondary typing, Psychic.

Theo proceeds to- you got it- cry after losing the match, and then runs away like a little B****. 

Well, that's the end of your first big battle, and surely more shenanigans are sure to pop up in the future. Stay tuned for more of Nana's adventures!
Hahah xD Even with a fully evolved Astronite Theo couldnt win xD just wait to see his have a new Pokemon. But I wondering: If you see again he will have the same Astronite or a different pokemon? Welp this is gonna be interesting. And from all Pokemon you could get, you receive a Geingeroach xD Cant wait to try myself and use it!
Beating ghosts with Heart!
Melting Primals with Kogeki!
You will not continue? I am crazy to know what happens next.
Beating ghosts with Heart!
Melting Primals with Kogeki!
Nice nuclear beetle :).
I will stay tunned for continue.

But after the start, I do not understand, how Randomizer works.
1) Why Theo's starter is at level 4? Is starting level also random? Does it relates with Nana's starter (to rise her chance of win)?
2) How can level 4 Astronite exist?? :o I checked the wiki, Comite evolves into Cometeor at (least) level 25, Cometeor evolves into Astronite by trade.

I think the Randomizer is glitchy, when created a non-existable pokémon.
Crazy world, huh. (What other surprises are waiting?)
Nekra88 at Pokemon Uranium Wiki.
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I do not like discord. (This forum is clearer. In addition I am just registered here.)

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