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The mostly sad or emotionally moments you ever watch (anime, cartoon, book, etc)
Heya everyone! Spiritmon here. Ever in your life you watch or read something that give you awful/strange feelings? Who make you sad, to think, or anything. Of course anyone already feel that with that chaotic world of ours. But in the fiction, this happen? Here a little list of some moments that make emotional or feel like shit. To avoid spoilers I will put spoilers alert. Let's begin. I will put in comments to be more easily to see. Say in the comments what other sad moments you all can remember from the fiction.
Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.
First: Justice League Unlimited: Ace Death

Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.
Next one: Solomon Grundy Reward:

Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.
Easy, the endings of Valiant Hearts: The Great War and TellTale's The Walking Dead Season 1.

Toy Story 3 -
Batman Beyond "Meltdown" episode -
Static Shock "Jimmy" episode - (Pretty damn self-explanatory if you watch it)

Paranorman - "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" When they all stand together to defend Norman against the town mob. And of course the final confrontation with Agatha.

Static Shock "Frozen Out" episode - Talking Down Permafrost

And The New Batman Adventures "Over the Edge" episode -
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(12-19-2019, 07:23 PM)TheTainted_Wisdom Wrote:
Some of those I still need to watch, but Toy Story 3 indeed have a heavy emotional moment. If you love something, you must let it go.

Hmm if I can think in something sad (and is related of Pokemon) is 3 certain events. In the Celebi movie where Celebi ends up dying after spend her energy. Darkrai death in his battle against Dialga and Palkia. Aaaaandd....Ash loosing the Kalos League. That was the one who hit hard in my soul.

But he win the Alola League, so he is forgiven.
Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.
Hmmm, probably my favorite was in Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson, at the climactic moment with Dalinar.

I think the most heart-wrenching scene I've seen is actually in Naruto, when it compares his and Gaara's childhoods. That one took my feels and dropped a house on them.
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Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.
Seems to be already taken care of by Iron.
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Kinda late to the party as usual -_-;, but anyways:

1.) Clannad, both the anime and the visual novel (which I am currently re-playing on the Switch)
2.) Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen
3.) -Crisis Core- Final Fantasy VII
I saw it coming, as I had seen Advent Children before beating this, but that ending still really hit me hard.
4.) Corpse Party: Blood Covered
I know what you're thinking "But Mika, that is a horror game."
*Honorable Mentions (WIP)*
Air (VN)
The ending was kinda sad, but the game just didn't really feel fleshed-out as well as Clannad. Haven't seen the main anime yet, but I did see the ~90 minute movie adaptation.
Kanon (VN)
The original Anime (haven't seen the remake ...yet) doesn't make the list. Mai's and Makoto's routes were the two most emotional, behind Ayu's route.
Orange (Anime)
It has been ages since I saw this anime (probably close to 2 years), but it was pretty good. The live action movie adaptation wasn't nearly as good, but still fairly emotional.
I'm sure there are way more that I've seen, but I can't immediately think of any.
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