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WTT Shiny Dunsparce + 5IV Minicorns
1. i wtt my Lax shiny dunsparce for another shiny or something else equal

[Image: 1512652762-shiny1.png] 

2. Minicorns to trade

[Image: 1512708179-minicorn1.png] 6IV

[Image: 1512708218-minicorn2.png] 5IV

[Image: 1512708381-minicorn3.png][Image: 1512708414-minicorn33.png] 5IV Adamant

[Image: 1512708452-minicorn4.png][Image: 1512708506-minicorn44.png] 5IV Jolly

[Image: 1512708543-minicorn55.png][Image: 1512708570-minicorn5.png] 5IV Modest

I have others Minicorns, if you interested pm me, i have not both screenshots.

Trade them for other breeders male/female from other Egg group
[Image: 1512659602-ketahsigna.jpg]
I have a spare female Orchynx, I'll send you a private message.
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