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Dark Monotype Shenanegans
Hello everyone! So I was playing through this for the first time, and around Venesi City I thought: "This would be fun to run a monotype team."

So then I needed to figure out what type I wanted to run. There is a fairly good balance of most types in the game. The only type I knew I did not want to run was Nuclear. I was debating between Dark or Bug or Ice.

Finally I decided on Dark type after having been given a link to some more in-depth research about doing a monotype run.

So this brought me to asking the community for 8 Dark Type Pokemon eggs. At the moment I have 2 eggs. (if you would like to donate an egg of a dark type pokemon, my thread is here. I have hatched the first one which was given from community member Iron. It was this guy!

Devimp 1
Devimp 2
Devimp 3

Now me being an idiot, when I went to name him, I named him Iorn instead of Iron. IVs are lacking, a neutral nature, and defiant ability, but that Nasty Plot looks sexy. Perhaps I can make him a mixed sweeper. Only time will tell on this little guy.

And now that I have hatched my first egg, the playthough starts!

Now... sure I could get all dark types via eggs from ppl in the community... but I wanted 8 eggs for a reason: a rule that I am setting in place for myself that will add to the fun a bit - I am only allowed to hatch an egg after I beat a gym. So once I beat the first gym, I can then hatch my next egg. This will add to the challenge a bit I think.

Stay tuned for the next installment which will probably be me going through to the first gym.
Next up on the agenda: Route 1, Route 2, Passage Cave, and Nowtoch City goodies.

Alright. Now last time, if you recall (or just read the last post), I hatched the Devimp egg. This means that it is only level 1. That could be a problem. Better find some level 2 Cubbugs to battle against to level up. 

Yada Yada Yada, training training training, no problems with the trainers on Route 1.

Route 2. First trainer battle - no problem. But NOW is where I hit my first (optional) roadblock. Mr. Hiker Larrie and his dumb Mankey. Now first time I faced him, Devimp was level 6. Well guess what... so is his Mankey. And Mankey is a fast monkey. He outsped me, plus he has low kick which is super effective. Took me down to 3 HP in one hit. An Oran berry isn't gonna help with that. Needless to say, I died. So I went immediately back and faced him again. And again. And again a couple more times. I was hoping that I could get a burn on his Mankey so his low kick did less damage and I could heal with a potion. Couldn't get the burn. Alright then. Thanks RNG.

Yada Yada Yada, training training training, back to fight Larrie. This time at level 9. And this time we outspeed Mankey which is good. So what happened? I ember the Mankey, he goes down to what I thought was half hp. Turns out he has an odd amount of HP, because the next ember left him with 1 HP... Thats right... ONE. Stupid monkey.... Lost again. Immediately rematched him. But this time, oh how the tables turned. Iorn got mad and crit the mankey down to 1 HP on the first turn. Good job Iron uhhh... Iorn! Next up was Barewl. No problem. A couple embers and it was dead. 

Onwards to passage cave! First off, let me just say, Tonemy are annoying always poisoning me. Barewl aren't a problem, and Grozard die in one hit to Bite.

Trainers/wild pokemon not really a problem here. Pretty straightforward... or at least it was til I ran into a blackbelt spinner. Can you guess what he has? Thats right: MANKEY! uuugggghhhhh

Alright. We are 2 levels higher than this level 9 Mankey. Maybe we can outspeed, 2 shot with ember, or at the very least get a burn. Well none of that happened. No. Instead Mankey crit me and I died. RNG sometimes I swear...

Now to figure out if I want to grind a few levels again, or skip him since he is a spinner. (for those that don't know what a spinner is, it's a trainer that sits in place and spins clockwise/counter-clockwise; easy to dodge) I think I will skip him this time.

Grabbed the great ball and left Passage Cave. We made it! Nowtoch City! Home of the first gym. But before I do that, most if not all cities have goodies throughout. So its time to talk to everyone and check every house for all the free crap I can get. Then I came across this nice lady. She gave me my very first TM: Attract. And you know what, I think attract will be more useful than leer right now. So now Iorn has learned attract. 

In the next house over, low and behold! The name rater! Thank you good sir for being early in the game! Iorn, you are now named Iron! At the top floor of this building, is a guy that wants a Fortog and will trade me a Baashaun. Hmm... I do need to catch some pokemon so I can get a dusk stone for Oblivicorn later on... Plus Baashaun is a dark type... I think I will make this trade (I didn't really think about in game trades in my rules before I started). But not now, because I was silly and forgot to grab the old rod! D'oh! I shall be back my good man!

Last but not least, time to check out the ranger station. First person I talk to gives me a full heal! Thanks! Unfortunately, they are not accepting help from civilians at this time. Dang. The nice nurse upstairs insisted I have some potions. I won't say no to that. 

I guess all that is left is the gym now! But that will be the next chapter! Stay tuned!
You should think twice about using that Baashaun, as you can get a Nuclear one later on that is Dark-Nuclear and is hugely fun to use... Good luck!
Yaaaay, you're indeed sharing it! Thankies! (o_ _)ノ彡☆

Ah, I though Iorn was a hilarious name for that smol devil. he'll allure his foes into the dephts of hell with Attract, that's just as hilarious. But all these Mankeys, ugh! Fear not though, as Oblivikorn will (hopefully) show them not to mess with a Dark Type!
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And Oblivicorn it's a awesome choose. Just be careful in the Steel Gym. It's very much thought
Beating ghosts with Heart!
Melting Primals with Kogeki!
Well the move has been finished. Hopefully I get a bit of time to throw up the next part of the adventure at least in the middle of unpacking

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