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Pokemon Switch 2018 Reveal Discussion
(06-03-2018, 10:03 AM)I Wrote: I've heard about the on bulbapedia. I don't have a switch and if I did there is only one game for it I wanna get and it hasn't been released in the US yet (I think) the senran kagura game for switch. and I'd definitely rather play the gold beta and it's broken shiny rng. (I've gotten 6-7 in one day) I think the funniest thing about the beta is the starting town name: Silent Hill(Isn't that a horror game/movie franchise Dodgy)
EDIT: Ah, here we are this is the game for the switch I was talking about:
and I was right not yet released in america. on a side note, the switch isn't region locked sooo... *Goes to to order a copy of the game and a switch* (jk Tongue )

Or not. Just found out the game is like the vr DOA game for ps4 (dead or alive, an M rated Street Fighter style game. but not this particular one.       ) damn phone Quit making me a perv "boneapedia" Dodgy
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