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Introducing the Uranium Competitive Collective
Hello hello hello everybody!
With the recent fix of the Lobby, players are now able to get themselves a simulator ID again, and to celebrate the Uranium Competitive Collective has decided to open its doors to the public!
The Uranium Competitive Collective, or just UCC, is meant to be a place dedicated to all things related to the battling environment for Pokemon Uranium. Whether you want to join or spectate in a tournament, look for a casual opponent, ask for advice on your team, or contribute to the writing of competitive guides, UCC is where it's at! Come one, come all to the freshly released Discord server!

UCC was created by Uranium enthusiasts shademonkey, Aiden, and Narshyl, with the help of babz16, Checa, Dragonstrike, Dusk, EeveeBaileyLord WindosPhantomUnderYourDesk (aka ToxicalEevee), and poweroftibarn, in order to help dynamize the battling scene in Uranium, both casual and competitive.
UCC has a number of projects that it hopes to achieve as a community, aimed at improving the competitive experience for everybody, such as: 
  • establishing fair and balanced tiers to sort pokémon into
  • creating and compiling strategic movesets for every pokemon
  • sharing competitive resources and spreading battle knowledge and experience
  • holding tournaments and community events

Here's a rundown of our main channels and what their purposes are:

#general : for all things related to Uranium battles. Here you can look for someone to battle either in game or on the Uranium Battle Simulator; ask for advice; look for someone to trade with or just enjoy live casual conversation about competitive battling.

#guides_creation : for contributing to the making of competitive guides. Discussion in this channel focuses on a limited number of pokemon at a time for practicality. Everyone is welcome to submit their own movesets for the Pokemon being debated on (ie Pokemon, Item, Ability, EVs, Nature, IVs, Moves and explanations); and rate other people's sets.

#meta_discussion : for discussing the state of current metagames. As of now there are only two tiers and they work independantly from one another : Free For All (FFA) and Only Uploaded Teams (OUT). OUT only allows the use of uploaded teams (shocking, right?) and is basically a more stable version of what you would find in a Lobby battle : items that are coded in the game, imperfect Nuclear-type pokemon and Legendaries, egg move restrictions. FFA bypasses all of that and lets you use every single item available, unreleased egg moves. UCC will strive to balance OUT and FFA by making subtiers.

#management_discussion : Here you can let us know what you think of the UCC, and give us some tips on what changes we could make to improve the server. We're all trying to make it a better place, every little contribution is greatly appreciated! Here's also where you can get involved more actively by requesting contibutor roles.

#route_9 : for discussing all things breeding, since it's the core of the Only Uploaded Teams format

Current contributor roles

Tournament organizer : Role active only for the duration of a tournament. They are the guys in charge of making tournament rules, coordonating prizes, setting up Challonge pages and whatnot. They are the guys to whom you'll send proof of your victory/defeat during tournaments.

Guide writer : Having this role means you commit to watch #guides_creation attentively and take good note of what is being said. Users with this role are granted access to the private #writers_room. There they have all the luxury of summing up the purposes of every set that has been voted for by the community, and will proceed on making well-written analyses that are eventually going to be posted on the forum.

Hungry for battle : Having this role means you agree to be pinged whenever someone is looking for a battle. This is for the most hardcore players! 

With all that said, we hope you enjoy your stay at the Uranium Competitive Collective!
Join the server HERE
Find the Uranium Battle Simulator HERE
Get your credentials in the Online Lobby -> Battling -> Battle Link
Join the UCC Discord server here:
The Uranium Competitive Collective will be using this thread to archive and centralise its resources on the forum. Stay tuned, as there will be more to come!

Join the UCC Discord server here:
Greetings, people! For those of you who haven't joined the Uranium Competitive Collective server yet, let me tell you the past few weeks have been more than eventful!

First of all, the battle simulator has known quite a few major updates,
notably including the implementation of many Abilities exclusive to Uranium such Disenchant, Petrify, Accelerate and the infamous Atomizate! Weathers induced by abilities such as Drizzle and Drought no longer last the entire battle, but now only for 5 turns, matching the in-game Uranium mechanics.

Second, Random Battles are now possible on the battle simulator!

Come battle using teams randomly generated from a pool of 235 pre-existing movesets! All information required is available on the UCC server.

And last but not least, the first season of the Uranium Championship Series, UCC's Draft League format, has begun!
8 players are currently in the preliminary drafting phase of the competition, one at a time choosing 12 Pokémon for themselves to use later in battle against one another. Once the drafting is completed, each of them will battle one of the other 7 every week, round robin style. 

Join the UCC Discord server here:

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