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Nuclear Hell, or My Days in a Random Tandor
Hello, and welcome to my randomizer Nuzlocke titled "Nuclear Hell, or My Days in a Random Tandor".
Some extra rules:
*No saving on Routes Allowed
*Must nickname all caught Pokemon
First of let's just speed thru all the intro menus... To my Character
and his name: Nate, like the default name of the male character of Pokemon Black2/White2. Onto the TAT (Trainer Aptitude Test) I answered all RED as it doesn't matter. He says I get Raptorch, but let's see what I really get... A Grozard, Female. Let's nickname her Chiryuu (It means Ground Dragon in Japanese)
"I must of got something mixed up?" says Bamb'o "No shit" I say. and Theo gets a Lombre. Nice. I win
so let's get our first wild poke [...] 5 Game Over's later [...] Xenogen, Female, nickname: Chet (That is what the Predalien in AVP Requiem was called)
we heal up at home and get to our next checkpoint, after checking to see if the grass in Moki Town is considered a different area. Wow. Nuclear Actan Lv2. Let's catch it, or not -.- F12. Hmm. Luxor, Lv3, Male. Dragon Raged me to death... Splendifowl, Lv5, Male. Zeroed out my acc. and broke free of my remaining two pokeballs. Ah, much better: Chimical, Lv2, Male. Caught. no more pokeballs. Nickname: Shou (after this character)
Now, heal up and onto the next town.
A New Challenger Appears!
School Kid Tath
Pokemon#1: Eshouten, Female Lv.5
Results: Game Over
School Kid Tath
Pokemon#1: Selkid, Female Lv.5
Results: Game Over
School Kid Tath
Pokemon#1:Majungold, Male Lv.5
Results:It's down as well as two of my pokemon
Pokemon#2:Xenoqueen, Female Lv.4
Results:Game Over
School Kid Tath
Pokemon#1:Empirilla, Male, Lv.5
Results:Game Over
Okay I'm grinding. See you next time in the next town.
"I'll show you a dance cloaked in shadow!"
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