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Nuclear Hell, or My Days in a Random Tandor
Finally... the light at the end of the tunnel: Kevlar Town. Save and grab all the items.
Buy 10 Pokeballs and get a Premier Ball. Save again (as long as I'm in a town I can save as many times as needed)
on to Route 2 and my next Pokemon. Throws a Premier Ball and Catches Paraudio, Male, Level 3. Let's see..." Boomvox" seems to be a good enough nickname.
now to go back to Kevlar town, heal up and save again. Now into Passage Cave. I run into a Sableau and after 4-5 pokeballs breaking on the third shake I catch it. Nickname: Namako
with that I'm up to 5 Pokes Heal and save one more time. and I think that's enough progress for one post. またね~
"I'll show you a dance cloaked in shadow!"
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