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Gen 4 legendary improvements

I recently wrote about an idea for improving Vanilluxe (, and I had another Idea which I would like to share with you.

I love Gen 5, but Gen 4 is my favorite of all time, and one main reason for this is due to their awesome legendaries - I mean, some of the MINOR legendaries (lake trio and Heatran) are more powerful according to the lore than most of the main legendaries of the other games... However, their stats and gameplay do not do them justice, so I feel they can be improved, as follows:

Lake trio: Add the Fairy typing to them, which makes complete sense given their design and story, and reflects on how even the darkest of souls (Dark type) can be restored by emotions. Raise their base stats to 670 as well, giving them their rightful status as box-legendary comparable (I mean, the controllers of emotion should have at least as much power as some birds...)

Heatran: Uranium actually did this better than I could have ever done, with the Brothers of Metal storyline - that I believe can be elaborated in a postgame sidequest. Since I heard rumors of IT going to work for GameFreak, is this a possibility?

Creation trio: Give each one of them a Primordal Reversion (Primordal rather than Primal due to Primal ialga already messing that one up, and since they are way before Hoenn's legendaries), with the same base stats as Mega Rayquaza. However, each one of them will get a unique ability. as follows: 
Dialga would get the ability Time Turner, which turns time back once when it faints and resets its HP and stats.
Palkia would get the ability Space Warp, which distorts the arena and causes all attacks that do not make contact to have a 50% additional fail rate.
Giratina would get the move Distortion Curse, which is a stronger version of Cursed Body and disables evey move after it hits - forcing the trainer to make it's moves in order.

Arceus: Since Arceus is the true God of Pokemon, it should be revealed that all it's forms are a mere shadow of it's power. However, a Primordal/Original Arceus should be availible - as a projection of Arceus's true power - with a base stat total of 150 in each stat (total of 900) and the ability Omnitype which makes the user the master of all types and makes all moves hit against it "not very effective". This Pokemon should also be able to learn all the TMs and Move Tutor moves in the game.

Regigigas: Regigigas is meant to be an extremely powerful Pokemon, but Slow Start nerfs if to the ground and makes it PU. However, as Slow Start really fits it in lore, I would keep the ability, but I would give it access to moves like Rest, Protect and Recover to help stall out the 5 turns, as well as reliable set-up to utilize said turns - plus it's own Z-move to help it out.

Let me know what you think!

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