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"You are banned" message
Title. Upon login, I'm met with a "you are banned" message. But I'm obviously not banned, as I can post just fine. In fact, similar to the Alerts bug we have, clicking the title image gets rid of the message and brings me to the board as normal, but this resets upon next login. What is going on?
.....I honestly have zero clue about this, mate. I'd PM Cody or Iron about this with more Details/A Screenshot (If you can), since they both manage the forums and all of us pretty much. Best guess I have is that some bit of code bugged out and flaged you for ban without really banning you, bring you the message but not actually locking you out. *Shrugs* Could be wrong, though, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt, as I'm not tech wizard or site operator.
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I would almost bet my cup of cappuccino that the message you're mentioning looks like the following?
The same issue has started to pester me quite a while back as well, sometimes more, somtimes less. Worrisome it was and I was sure I didn't do anything that could have gotten me banned, Iron could confirm to me that I did nothing wrong. The time I couldn't even read threads properly let alone post, I contacted Cody and told him about this issue - He managed to solve things eventually, my IP-adress has been banned accidently while purging of spam bots.

If clearing the cache and browser cookies as first aid doesn't help, I'd contact Cody.
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Being as this has been a couple days ago, I imagine you've probably resolved the situation.  But I'd definitely let Cody know.  Last time I saw this happen to someone, it was like Phantom said -- a spam bot spoofed her IP and it got her caught in the crossfire too.  Luckily it's pretty easy for him to remedy once he's made aware that it's happened.
Ah. I'll probably notify him too. And yes, the ban message is exactly the one Phantom posted.
The source of this issue has been found (after weeks of digging) and should now be resolved! Smile
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