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Uranium is Cool
So I haven't been on these forums in a hot minute, college is now a thing + other games + other communities. But as far as Uranium itself I do actually find myself coming back quite a bit, Uranium just is one of the best Pokemon experiences I've played through and easily still my favorite fangame.

But while here at college, I was able to get my roommate, who is a huge Pokemon fan like myself, to sit down and play through Uranium while I replayed it along side him. Along the way I made sure he encountered every new Pokemon. I got to see him react to everything, completely blind, and it reminded me of my first experience with Uranium, seeing all the new Pokemon and reacting to story beats. My roommate really loved this game, as in he decided to complete the pokedex and then started his own randomizer. Some of his favorites include his starter, Eletruxo, as well as Pajay, Theriamp, Daikatuna, Coatlith, Nucleon and his personal favorite Yatagaryu, perfectly matching up with my favorite Belliaddon (pseudo-gang). And after playing through this game again for the first time in at least a year, getting to use even more of its vast Pokedex and remembering just how fun this game was, I really have to say to the New Devs and of course Twitch and JV...

...Thank you for this game, it's really fucking awesome.
Posts like this warm my heart. I love being here, I'll always love being here. Uranium has become such a common component in my life. But it's posts like this that remind me why I've been here for two and a half years.

What I don't think many people realize is that the new development team, all of us were just fans, the same as everybody else. We weren't appointed, we weren't hired, no one told us to do it or that we could do it. We all just enjoyed the game so much that we didn't want to see it go a week after it released and figured it would be better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. We just happened to have the knowledge we needed to start restoring services.

So thank you, for playing, for introducing and for sharing your stories.
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