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Celadon City Post-Campaigh: Arial
(09-13-2019, 07:20 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

"*Nods* Roger. If that's the worst experience you've had with Teleporting, I'd say your luck isn't the worst with it. Still, never a bad idea to practice with it to get better, so I'd recommend you do that if your going to be frequently Teleporting in the future. If you need any help with it, the Vensi Gym would be the place to go, even if it's acolytes and leader enjoy their theatrics a bit too much."

Yeap, Arial's no longer a total failure at social interaction. Praise be his progress, and whatever is responsible for it!

Concerning the information you provided about Gaspar's new and True Form - or the lack thereof, really - Kellyn accepts it with another nod, leaving the matter at that, which causes your brother to quietly *Sigh* in relief. Thank heavens! Anymore scrutiny from the Ranger Chief, and they'd start to grow AND lose hair over it!

The adolescent hero turned red as a Cheri Berry became ever increasingly flustered as you cheerfully rejected his self-humbling rationale and sung his accomplishments and your highest accolades, to the point he hide his face and started tapping his index fingers together from the sheer notority he's receiving. And when you asked for his autograph, he nearly Fainted from shock and was sent a-stammering!

"I-I-I, uh....sure! A-ain't a problem! J-j-just......please s-stop! Y-your p-p-praise is...istoomuchforme! Don't need it! S-save it f-f-for s-someone e-else t-that d-d-deserves it more!"

His voice was almost painfully shrill and timid sounding, and it and him being overwhelmed by you caused the Ranger Chief himself to start laughing at the spectacle, which only served to magnify the boy's shy embarrassment! Even Lucille can't help but smile and giggle briefly, despite herself! Poor dear.....he clearly doesn't handle such adoring attention very well, does he now? Such a pity for a hero like him, but at least he's made all the more cute for it!

Once Viktor signed your notebook and Kellyn finished chuckling, the later clasped your empty shoulder and gave you a grin that wouldn't sent shivers down your spine if you didn't know it was friendly.

"Thank you for that, Arial. Always appreciate having good laugh and my son getting the due respect he's entitled too, and you delivered well on both accounts. If you got anymore kind words for them, then I'd like for us to hear them! Help build his self-esteem, I think, ha ha!"


Ah, family you missed them so.

Short while later, Kellyn nods at your question about your, saying "Yeah, that should be enough to live off of for two weeks here," before sticking a hand into his pocket, pulling out $2000 Poke, and slapping it into your open palm!

"....But take this anyway. *Smirks* Think of it as a gift, for livening up me and my family's day at the beach. Especially Viktor's. "


"Ha ha ha ha!"

"...Brother, you can stop teasing my nephew. I believe he's had all he can handle, or just about."

"Ha ha, yes de-sis."

When you make to leave for Bealbeach, the old hero nods and offers another handshake to send you off with, while Viktor is too flustered to give his own good-byes and Lucille is just.....watching.

"No problem. Always happy to help someone in need. It is sorta my job too, or it might as well be. Take care yourself, Arial, and hope you have a good time in Bealbeach."

Your request for his number gets a raised eyebrow from the man, though, before he shakes his head, looking somewhat serious but not mean.

"No offense, Arial, but my number is on a need to know basis, and you're just a stranger to me. If you need to get in touch, you can head over to the Tandor Ranger HQ and - "

"Brother, dear, how about I give my number to him instead? That way, I can pass along messages between you two, without either of you having to deal with the Ranger's dread bureaucracy or the problems of him having you on speed dial."

That interjection from the former mad scientist causes her husband to snap his head to her, with a look of plain surprise about him.


"*Smiles* Yes, brother? *Tilts head* Is that a problem?"

"......No, I suppose not, if you don't mind."

"I do not, so that is that."

Lucille reaches into a nearby dark green bag - her's, no doubt - pulls out a piece of paper and pen, scribbles her number on it, before getting up to go over and give it to you. On it was also a simple message: Call me later, tonight, or else. Don't say anything about this to Kellyn or Viktor.

She smiled pleasantly to you, but her gaze was still very much wary and guarded. 

"Here you go, Arial. Don't be a stranger, now. My brother and his son could certainly benefit from a man like you spicing up their lives."

"M-m-A-auntie Debs, not you too....!"

On that fairly ominous note, you and your currently reptilian brother beat feet to Bealbeach City, doing your best to get their quickly without raising any alarms from the family of heroes. How you felt about Lucille's message is up to you, and whether or not you tell the rest of your family about it.

The journey to the coastal city was scenic, but uneventful. Spotted some other beach goers as you got closer to the more public/less out-of-reach beaches, as well as some Cassnails and Cocarans wandering about the place, but none of them bothered nor approached you. You end up arriving right at the city entrance, standing there as you gazed at its many skyscrapers, glitzy businesses, and tropical decor and architecture, all of it a familiar sight to you.

After so many years on the run and abroad in Kanto, you're finally back home. You never though you could return - not without a pair of handcuffs on you - but you have. You're home. With you family, old and new....
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(09-13-2019, 09:03 PM)Lord Windos Wrote:

Arial himself hold his laugh, since he didnt want to ruin the family moment they are having. This kinda reminds him the moments he head with his only family, Orland. He had a sad smile in his face, with honest. Kelly tounching his shoulder bring Arial back to reality and smile again. "Thank you sir Kellyn. Your son deserve indeed all the honors." Arial then look again to Viktor. "Thank you for the autograph Viktor. If you need someone to have a little Pokemon battle, dont hesitate in give a call. I may not strong a Super Nuclear Pokemon, but I can prove to be a challenge. Lets just say a cat have its tricks."

Upon receiving such money he was left speechless and look to Kellyn, then the money, then Kellyn again. "I...I dont know what to say...There is no problem indeed for you?" Arial still not very much used to this kindness people show. He is more used to the worse side of society and people. To someone give help to a complete stranger...well, the experience with Reiner help a lot to make Arial with other eyes to society. Arial simple nod his head and look to Kellyn with honestly thanks to the great Ranger. "Thank you my friend. When I found some work, I promise to repay you someday. A cat always know when it have a debt."

With the negated request, Arial quickly apologize himself. "I sorry! Didnt mean to sound rude or like a creepy or something like that. It was rude of my part in make such request. I apologize."

When Deborah, or rather, Lucille decided to give her number, Arial had a puzzle face. "Uh, sure. If there is no problem, I accept your number. Thank you."

Arial take the piece of paper, and then he nod his head of thanks, hiding the ominous feeling of the message he read. He kinda already use it to receive treats from other people and pokemon. After the Lovecraft horrors he had to face in the past, he not exatcly to much phazed to with Deborah treat. He defeat a mad god of light and survive! This kinda make someone more brave, but not less cautious. Something he about to do tonight is give the call to Deborah.

"Thank you. Viktor. Mr Kellyn. Lady Deborah. Have a good day."

He then hop in the back of Gaspar. (Who I need to make a correction Windos. Gaspar is in the form of a Felinger, a big Cat Pokemon. Like this one.) Arial decided to not tell Deborah family about the message. If she write such message it is because she suspect he know who she is, and problably want to take satisfaction with him. Arial hardly can blame her. She is just like Arial, someone who want to leave the past behind and begin a new life. He will talk with her later, but for now, some rest is needed.

Arial upon entering the entrace of the city, took a long minute he take a big breath and said. "Home. Home sweet home. It is great to return to our home city. Eh Gaspar?" Arial look to his brother. "I know something who will make you happy. Coconut Milk. I will buy your favorite, who have included Ice Cream of vanilla and chocolate who you love so much. What you say brother? Your brothers and sisters would might like too."
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[Loving the story we're building so far, mate! But that's enough for tonight, so I'll respond again sometime tomorrow. Promise!]
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

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[Me too! Feeling pretty sleepy though. Have a good night mate!]
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@Lord Windos
After a while, Arial could have a moment to enjoy the view in the back of feline brother, seeing how little the city change. "Home sweet home eh Gaspar?" Arial decided to free his other Pokemon to finally have a breath on the City! Well, everyone except Sekmet. Arial get closer Sekmet Pokeball and told her. "I sorry sister. I know you are excited to go out, but the people in Tandor have a difficult relationship with Nuclear." Say Arial whispered a apologized to her. 

"I promise to release in a more calm place okay?" With that said, Arial release the Pokemon with him: Melchior, Baltazar, Asura, Airmid and Zeus. "Brothers, sister. Welcome to Bealbeach City. And a warm welcome to Tandor! We are in home finally. Enjoy yourselves as you see fit, but no trouble okay? We still need to find a place to rest."
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[Sorry about not updating as schedualed. Remembered I had some work to do, so I had to put off posting here for another couple of days. Will keep an update schedule for now on, though! Every Friday and Saturday I'll more or less have at least 1 update a day here, and Sundays are a possibility for updates too. That's that, for now!]
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

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@Lord Windos
Arial was in some private place alone with his Pokemons around. Gaspar, Baltazar, Melchior, Asura, Sekmet, Airmid and Zeus. They decided to settle in a place where they were was Arial old home: A abandoned building, outside of the urban areas, where there was less people to be worry about.

Arial buy Coconut Milk to everyone, except Melchior who doesn't like milk and wanted orange juice. Riza was stil sleeping, same for Necrozma. "Welp, I guess it's time to wake up the guys of our group people." 

First, Arial approach Riza and he takes a few minutes to admire her beauty. He shake her a bit trying to wake her. "Hey Ladybug. Time to wake up. There is a lot to tell you." She probably doesn't respond immediately, so he remembers a old tale about a princess who sleep and was wake up with a kiss. "Well…I not exactly a prince. But doesn't hurt try to wake her like that."

He holds Riza head, and then he seal his lips to Riza lips, enjoying the feeling of kiss his girlfriend without having the odd feeling of Bug lips. He do miss that strange feeling, but none the less was enjoyable.
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After talk with Riza about the situation of Necrozma and have his conversation with Gaspar, Arial decided to have a little chat with Necrozma. He talk with his Pokemons first. "If she do something, you have permission to blast her with good attacks."

Arial then approach Necrozma and he said. "Wakie wakie…" Then he slap Necrozma face! "Wake up!" Then he slap again. "Fine then…"

"That's for killing my girlfriend!"
"That's for making Riza Pokemon feel sad!"
"That's for lethal wound my family!"
"That's for wound Riza give!"
"That's for scary the hell of me because of her death!"
"That's for faint Gaspar in his epic moment!"
"That's because I like it!"
"That's because Iove slap people faces!"
"That's for making me pity you!"
"That's for making me hate you!"
"That's for problems you gonna bring!"
"That's for you looks like a hot chick!"
"And finally…"
"That's for making me slap you a lot and make my hand hurt!"

Arial was saying all these things to Necrozma, while he was slapping her/his face with his hand. If you want some reference to this scene, here this video:

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(09-13-2019, 10:06 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

Kellyn only nods back to you, still smiling, but your standing offer of GLORIOUS COMBAT! to Viktor manages to dispel some of his flustered embarrassment, as he perks immediately at it and gives you a dazzling smile only marred by how red his face is!

"Really? Awesome!! Most don't wanna challenge me once they know I'm the champ, so I'm game anytime for a good fight! *Rubs back of head, giving and embarrassed grin* Just.....don't praise me to high heavens then, alright?"

The Ranger Chief waves off your incredulous inquiry, simply saying it is not and letting the matter settle there (Unless you wish to continue it, for reasons), and again accepts your thanks with a nod.

"As I said, its no problem to me. You don't have to pay me back, though - that Poke's a gift, not a loan. If you want to repay me, stay out of trouble and practice Teleporting with your Duplicat, so no more mishaps happen again."

Similar to her husband, Lucille only smiles and nods as you accept her number, though you could tell she was still perturbed with how blase you were being towards her. More so now, even - seldom few there are, that do not fear her dark, dark secrets....

The heroic family waves you off as you bid farewell, all of them (seemingly) unbothered by your abrupt appearance in their lives and happy to have meet you. What a rarity, and isn't that sad? Oh well, your life's on the up and up for now on, so nothing's going to stop you and your family's happy times! NOTHING!

Your metamorphic sibling (still in the form of a Feliger) is still somewhat standoffish towards you (as it hasn't been too since you've beaten UN and he turned into a Solgaleo), but even can't help but fondly grin at the sight of their home city and let out a rumble of approval. Your offer of milk and sweets does lighten things up between you two a bit, him turning to give you an even stare before closing his eyes, letting out a *Sigh*, and opening them as he nods to you. Still tense and a bit grumpy, but its a start.

The rest of your Pokemon you sent out all were appreciative and quite happy to see Bealbeach, ESPECIALLY Melchoir, who was wagging his tail and grinning at finally making a homecoming back with his brothers! You also spotted Airmid eyeing the beaches with a look of excitement and longing, but when you focus your total attention on her she notices and startles a bit, before giving a small, bashful smile.

You later on indeed find an old condemned building to squat in with your family, and your trip to get milk (and orange juice) for your Pokemon goes off without a hitch. You've been away from Bealbeach so long (and Tandor, for that matter) that nobody recognizes you, which is great considering you were a wanted criminal before you took your 'extended vacation' to Tohjo!

Waking up Riza Sleeping Beauty style......was unsuccessful, sadly. The poor girl was too exhausted from both dying and being revived/reincarnated into her human self for such stimulus to jolt her into awareness, though you do get an happy sounding mumble out of her. No telling how long she'd be out, but at least she's okay, right?

Finally (much later on), concerning your......retribution towards Necrozma, she too doesn't wake up to it. Doesn't react in the slightest as a matter of fact, and looks completely unharmed after you finish trying to dope slap her silly and awake, breathing lightly in her deep slumber. 

Your efforts are not entirely wasted, however. In the midst of your payback session, you misjudged the force behind one of your blows and end up causing your hand to bounce off her head somehow and squarely land on the center of her chest, fingers first......and went straight through it, your hand and arm sinking right through it up to your shoulder with absolutely zero resistance. A warm and soothing feeling pervaded that limb, like the gentle sunshine of a clear, spring day, and moving it about seemingly within the sealed and enslaved Legend felt paradoxically like firm and sturdy yet soft and pliable jello. It was an....indescribable experience, to put it succinctly. 

All you could be left asking, is thus: What.

[........And updated! Just need to get to your post about Arial having another talkie with Gasper, and I'm all caught up! Until I do, may I request you please refrain from posting, so I don't get even more backlog to clear. Please...?]
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[quote pid='67986' dateline='1568251603']


As it has been established multiple times by now, Riza is deeply asleep, and won't be waking up anytime soon. Nothing stopping you from asking her Bugs to keep watch for you and her, though, so you do just that and they agree to it without qualm. By now, they've accepted you as their mistress' mate, and therefore will listen and obey small and/or reasonable requests from you (especially if its for the shake of Riza).

Gaspar crosses 'his' arms and gives you a rather deadpan look at your forlorn admission, 'his' expression plainly saying 'Nooo, you don't say, brother?" , but thankfully he remains silent, letting you get everything off your chest before 'he' starts sinking 'his' claws into you. 'His' lips twitch and he snorts when you deride your own questionable sanity (or lack thereof), and he sharply frowns from both distaste and thoughtfulness when you bring up Zuryk, Alice, and his new Form's powers, but aside from that your father's stand in is patiently nonreactive as you speak.

When you finished, it took a few seconds for your brother to finalize his thoughts on your regretful speech and the myriad threats now trailing behind them all, before 'he' broke his silence by walking up to you and breaking your nose with one expertly aimed punch, knocking you flat on your but. 'He' then proceed to bonk your head several times in quick succession, each hit punctuated by him angrily spitting out a word that, when put together, described his outlook on your choices and the situation you and the whole family were now in.

"You. Crazy. Moron! Of. Course. Sparing. Necrozma. Was. A. Bad. Idea! Putting. Your. Life. On. The. Line. Was. A. Terrible. Idea. Too!   If. You. Had. LISTENED. TO. ME. And. Used. That. Rock. Hard. Head. Of. Use. Wisely. Instead. Of. As. A. Battering. Rampardos. Almost. None. Of. The Trouble. We're. In. Now. Would. Exist! Too. Late. Now. For. You. To. Wise. Up. Though! Why. Why. WHY. Must. You. Be. So. Insane. And. Insanely. Reckless! WHY!!! GRAAH!"

After the Legendary Leo in disguised finished venting his frustrations upon you (Leaving you near Fainted and a stack of Oran Berry sized lumps on your noggin), however, he leaned down to pull you up in a big old hug, sighing remorsefully to himself while shake his head and tutting with wry amusement.

"Heh.....but that's just like you, isn't it brother? Always acting like a knuckle head, even 'fore you got cracked and started REALLY going off the deep end into wacky recklessness. *Sighs* Wished you'd act as smart and clever as I know you're capable of being more like you used too, but the way you are now ain't that bad at all. So long as me and our brothers are there to reign you in and you actually learn from the silly and or stupid things you done or caused to happen to you, everything will be just cream and gravy, eh? Eh? Not that I entirely forgive you because of that, but.....*Sighs* ....I still love ya, brother, and I ain't about to leave you high and dry because of all that. Knock some more sense into you and give you a tongue lashing you'd best NEVER forget, yeah, but Cut and run on you? Nah."

He releases you once he's through with his own confession (after he makes sure you can stand on your own, after the beating he gave you), and gets to addressing some of your suggestions/points you raised in a matter of fact tone.

"Don't think killing Necrozma will be easy as you think it is. It took everyone and that Dark God Thing rigging the fight against that beast harder than the odds of winning the slots to down it once, then it took stupid fortune, suicide plays, and a literally MIRACLE to send it's True Form crashing and burning after it rezed itself, and even then it STILL wasn't dead. Heck, now that I recall, Nuclear Moves didn't end up Corrupting them at all, so I dealing with it that way was as is bust. *Beat* ....Maybe that's for the best, though. *Shudders* After all, a Corrupted Necrozma sounds like the stuff of Darkrai's most horrendous Bad Dreams.


"You had your chance to blow out its light permanently , but you instead blew that opportunity instead and caused it to do......this to her. Having a Legendary Pokemon strong enough to make that Black Goddesses wary of fighting it our 'Loyal servent' (Finger quotes) is nice, I guess, but like you've implied she's likely going to find some way to cause us hell and grief. The lady showed and shined quite the vengeful and vindictive streak, and from what I can piece together you made her own personal crisis exponentially worse by getting.....Zuryk to do.....whatever he did to change and enslave her to you, so if she didn't already have a reason to hate your guts, she CERTAINLY will now with a gusto."

"Your idea to get rid of her, though.....hmm that might just work. I'll need time to practice self's powers and get used to them 'fore I can seriously get started with Teleporting 'cross the multiverse, but once I do get the hang of it enough it should be possible to find a nasty enough world for Necrozma and dump her into it. *Shrugs* 'Course, given that it literally and metaphysically shackled her to you, it may turn out not so easy to ditch the shining bitch, but hey, nothing is stopping us from trying and finding out we can, is there?"

"Alice, though? *BIG Shudder* Yeah, I'm getting nothing but BAD feelings and premonitions of DOOM about her, and I've never even 'meet' her. Must be my new set of instincts and powers giving me those vibes, or her presenceand interest is SO potent it has stuck fast to you and I can pick it up. *Grimaces* Either way, she's BAD NEWS, and none of us want to be given it anytime soon or ever. Maybe we could take her on with Necrozma and my New Form's own brand of kick ass *Shakes head* ....but that ain't a risk I feel is worth it in the slightest. We already know how dangerous Cursed Arm users are, so taking on a utterly MAD one with who knows how many years of experience with a weapon that can instant kill or do worse to anyone is just plain mixed nuts and Zubat shit, even by your standards times TEN! *Sighs* So yeah....if she comes after us, I say we and the whole family Teleport to another universe and escape her permanently. Much less hassle and danger for us all that way, unless she can somehow travel the multiverse too. *BIG Shudder* Mutios forbid THAT, ugh...."


"Oh, and Ultra Teleport is a nice name for my own brand of Teleporting. Pretty distinct too, so it's a great way to distinguish whether you want to make a trip across the world or worlds in a pinch."

And that's all Gaspar has to say! Floor's open to Arial now!
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