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Celadon City Post-Campaigh: Arial
This is a post story of the this camapaigh after Arial get to Tandor. Ready to continue when you are @Lord Windos;


Arial had to resist the urge in bonk his head with the metalic skin of Gaspar. All he can do is look to the gawking people look to him along with the Ranger Kelly with his family.

Very funny Watchers. Gladly to know you didnt lost your sense of humor.

Say Arial to himself, full knowing of the entities who is problably watching this moment. After the recent events of his life, he now aware of things most people dont. Entities who is capable of watching over his universe.

Why things can't be easy and with no problems for once without me get in trouble. We are trying not to call attention, and right now, this is the opposite we supose to do!

Arial thought that things full knowing Gaspar can now ready his thoughs and communicate via mind. He had to have a plan, so he pass to Riza and Gaspar what they have to do.

First, Arial and Riza get out of his mount with his things, at the same time his brother shrink its size, until he became a little Duplicat. "Whoosh! That was a rough trip! We were walking though the frontier close to Bealbeach and we try to teleport more quickly."

Arial than apologize Kelly and his family. "Sorry in ruin your beach and private time...My Duplicat had take the form of a teleport pokemon and we try to teleport close to this city, and we endend up here in this spot. Sorry for this."

"My name is Shrodinger. And this is my friend Bet." Say Arial. It is not a lie, since its part of their names, just not the full name. "We are looking for jobs here in Bealbeach City, so could you help us with that? Again, sorry for this awkward situation." Arial was indeed sorry for causing troubles after leaving Team Rocket.

About Gaspar...there is not to much he can do about that for now.
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Arial then bring Necrozma (who still light off) and tell Kelly his friend need medical treatment right away! He say that to avoid any further questions.
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@Lord Windos

When they finally got some time to rest, both Arial, Riza and Gaspar decided to have a moment to rest and ponder what to do. Arial ask for a moment in private with Gaspar, to discuss a few things. About some unfinish bussiness. Without anyone around them. Arial even ask Riza to keep a eye around them to make sure there is no surprise foes.

Arial heavily sigh and then scratch the back of his head. "I know what you gonna say Gaspar. But before you say anything let me just tell you something. If there is, one thing that I regreting right now, is spare Necrozma life okay? I didnt think very clearly back there, but I though kill Necrozma for trying to kill us and kill Riza in front of me, death would be too much kind with him. Err, her. I think making her ours, and having her freedom be taking away would be a much better and fitting punishment. Not to mentioned the though of having a Legendary disguise Mon along with you would be a great idea."

Talking about disguises, Gaspar right now is in Orland form.

Arial sigh again and then he lay in the ground for a minute. "But now that the adrenaline of battle finally end, I can see now how much dumb, stupid and insane I was. I mean, more insane than normal. I should have just push the trigger, and put three or four bullets in that black prisma and end all of our problems. But nooooooo. Because the stupid Arial here suddenly decided to be merciful towards a freaking mad god of light who in the moment it awake, could try to betray us. And cause a ruckus. *Sigh* Or not. Zuryk make sure in put that Master Leash on Necroz, to make sure she dont betray us."

"Maybe we should just end killing here right away. Nothing as a fews Nuclear and Legendary attacks dont do the job. But I suppose even in human form it is impossible in killing her...It could give a hell of wounds, but I suppose it would be not enough to actual kill her. The only way I could think of would be Cursed Arms, but we dont have Mamudo Eclipse, Tobias or Residuam Culidae. And I not want to go a Treasure hunting of hell to find another one after our freedom."

Arial then had a idea. "If Spiritmon said is true, we could...I dont know. Use your powers to travel to another world, and simple throw Necrozma there? With preference a world without light? That way, she will never bother us again. It could be cruel and we are not criminals, but hey we need to be pratical no?"

"Although..." Arial said with a worry face. "Thats bring us to another serious topic: Alice. Having Necrozma around would grant us another Legendary protection in case she go after us, and problably with two Legendary, we could face her. With some luck, after we leave Tobias and get away from Reiner, we will not need to see Alice so soon. Maybe she gave up and loose interest of us since we do not have TPK anymore. But in case she still hunt us, we can always teleport to another place. Maybe use that dimensional ability of yours and go to another universe. We should call it Ultra Teleport. What you think?"

Arial sight once more and finally gave up his strengh and lay once again in the ground looking to the sky, with few Aveden and Birdie flying in the sky. "I problably mess up pretty bad right now brother, so you are free to scold me for your heart content. I deserve it. If you want to punch me or something, feel free in do it. I act stupid and should have kill Necroz. We killed before, why I should begin to show mercy to Necrozma? Argh." Arial roll a bit in his lay position. "Maybe I became a soft heart or something. Wonderful." Arial was not happy with his decision of spare Necrozma.

Although...Killing Necrozma would problably had the same side effect. Since Gaspar death, Arial begin to hesitate in kill. He became to be...less violent, and with less killing tendencies. Until that moment, Arial was capable of kill a enemy human or Pokemon without second thoughs, if that means the survive of his family.

Now? He is not so sure anymore...So many happen in his life. Be Reiner bodyguard leave Arial with so many doubts about him. About what he though before to be the most easy path to go. Survive at any cost, no matter what. 

Maybe he is right. He begin to develop a soft heart. And he hate that.
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[Huh.....didn't think you'd post here until I got around to doing so, but so be it! Can't really respond right now, as I'm in the middle of studying for an exam, but after tomorrow I'll start updating this post game thread a little! Least I can do, to pass the time for us all between the gaps in the big Deoxys battle!]
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[Thanks mate. Promise I will not bother much of this thread. I was a bit bored with Iron taking his time and Dragon pausing his campaign]
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[Alright, got some free time, so let's continue where we left off!]

[Yes, let's. ]

[Wait, wha - *Is cut off* ]

[Last time on Arial's Post Campaign Story.....!]


[b][....Our marvelous jester Arial ended up unexpectedly joining Kellyn and his family on their beach holiday get away, and tries to salvage the situation the best he can! Oh dear! Will he succeed in his efforts, or only compound the trouble he's in! Considering his lack of luck and social grace....well, I'm certain he'll be getting results, whether he likes them or not. So, let's see how that turns out,  hmm?]

[Firstly, though, a couple of things should be noted, just for the record and add more context to the situation: namely, Riza is still very much asleep/passed out and Arial was holding her in his arms (So as for her not to fall off Gaspar), while Necrozma was 'sleeping'  on her stomach on the lower portion of your mighty metallic feline's back, creatively strap to it by the chain on her collar so that she doesn't fall off. From the Ranger's/Scientist's/Champ's perspective, they can't see the chain, or you assume so since they are not giving you funny/supicious/JUSTICE! looks. Ultimately, this means the poor puppet is on his own with his brother handling this, but that shouldn't be too insurmountable a task for the Lightslayer I imagine. Or hope, for their shake! Hehehehe....]

[Okay, NOW let the fun begin!]

Your pithy comment caused the Ranger Chief to blink a couple times, before he snapped out of his shock and stood up ramrod straight, walking over to you and your full metal monster of a brother briskly with an air of sudden serious as he regarded you and your family neutrally but not unkindly.

".....Yes, I see. Apology accepted. Teleport mishaps do happen, especially if the Pokemon is using the Move in unconventional ways."

His gazes turns critical, and a small frown appeared as he looked at you, Riza, and Nercozma, and back at you again.

"Saying that......why did you have your Duplicat make a mass Teleport to Bealbeach? It's a risky use of the Move that not many Psychic Pokemon can pull off without it going wrong, as you know now. Judging from what I see....were you trying to escape a bad situation? Or something else? Do you need help, sir?"

Kellyn was in full Ranger Chief Mode now, quickly accessing the situation before him, and trying his best to determine the what, how, and why behind it. Given how remarkably astute his guess was, you'd say he was pretty close to figuring the main reason behind your cross Regional Teleport out! Yeap, that's the big and stern do gooder you know and have done your best to avoid - until now.

The casually dressed peace keeper (He's in swimming trucks - so is his son, for that matter, and Lucille is wearing a white beach sundress, and straw hat. They're all wearing sandles, too) frown turns curious, and he regards Gaspar with it and a bit of speculation that cause them to slink behind you (Where Nercozma was now laying too). You could also see that both the kid champeon and the former mad scientist were staring at your brother too with varying types of curiosity - wonderous on Viktor's part, and analytical on Lucille's, which only served to make them (Gaspar) more tense and nervous.

"....And what sort of Pokemon was your Duplicat Transformed into? I've never it before, and that's a rare thing for me."

When you introduced yourself, he did so too and for his family, offering them a handshake as he did so. "Kellyn. That boy over their is my son Viktor, and that my sister, Debora. It's nice to meet you, despite the....unexpectedness of it." the chief is trying to keep his wife's identity a secret? If you didn't already know who she was from your own snooping (Read: Raiding the Ranger HQ to purge your own records from their systems/library and digging up dirt on them, before fleeing the country), you'd probably believe his cover for her too. Interesting....

I'll presume that Arial doesn't say anything about wanting a job, given that even he's not that brazen to say that with him looking bedraggled/troubled with Riza in his arms, a wary Gaspar seeking refuge behind him, and Necrozma laid out in a coma on the sand.
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(09-12-2019, 05:14 PM)Lord Windos Wrote:

"Well, not exactly in danger. You see, I used to live here in Bealbeach City many years ago. I was so much excited to see how much the City changed so I asked my Duplicat to Teleport us right away. Gaspar get his form recently and we are curious in test the Teleport range. Didn't know it was that dangerous. Forgive me for that."

Arial was sincerely with his words, since lying will only make things worse. "Also, I kinda was trying to find some place to rest. My girlfriend and my friend here, we had a rough journey and was trying to find a place to stay."

"And about what Pokemon my Pokemon become...heh, you wouldn't believe even if I tell you. But to put in short, he was a Pokemon we meet in our travels. We not exactly know what species is to be honest, but my Duplicat was able to copy it's form and some of its abilities. My Duplicat is that skilled."

Arial accept the handshake. "Heh, I recognize right away. Viktor. Savior of the Tandor Region and actual Champion of Tandor. The guy who beat Curie. I heard a lot about you. You are pretty famous. As a fellow Tandorian citizen, thanks for saving my home Mr. Viktor. Even away, Tandor still is my home, and I am gladly it is safe and sound."

Arial was kinda surprised in see Kelly hide his wife identity, but he kinda know the reason. Lucille was Curie, and only a few people know. Arial is not in place in judge her so he decided to play along. "It is my pleasure lady Deborah."

Gaspar was now in Arial shoulder. "Oh, by the way, this Duplicat is my partner and brother of creation, Gaspar. We are together for...practically all my life. It's a pleasure and a honor in meet you three."

Arial also point to his sleeping companionship. "Could you also help us find some place for us to stay? It was a long journey, and we could use some rest. Of course I don't want to mess with your day of vacation. Don't want to a burden to the champion and his family."

Arial was calm, despite everything.
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(09-12-2019, 06:45 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

Kellyn arches an eyebrow and lets out a not-quite disbelieving *hmm*, but after a couple of seconds he just nods and accepts your explanation at face value. He doesn't really think you're giving him the full story, but what frankness you do show convinces him nothing particular suspect happened. That, and the respect you were showing certainly helped!

"Very well. Now that you know, I hope you exercise better caution with Teleporting in the future, as I don't want to hear or see you ending up in trouble because it went wrong. For your shake, and for others. *Nods* Remember that, and their will be no problems between us."

Both of the Ranger Chief's eyebrows go up as you try and subtly dodge his question, while both Viktor and Lucille grow even more interested about your metamorphic matey, their stares growing more intense and putting them (Gaspar) further on edge. Oh boy, he does NOT like all the attention's getting from the heroic family, for both fairly obvious and not reasons.

When your old adversary/worst nightmare didn't say anything for several seconds, you reasonably began to worry he didn't buy your explanation, but that fear is assunged when his brow settles down and he nods again, almost prompting a *Sigh* of relief from your brother.

"Disbelief isn't 'my thing', but I will take your word for it. I would still like to know more about the Pokemon your Duplicat transformed into, but if you don't have that information it's fine. Pretty amazing it can use that form's powers as well as it could if neither of you knew much about it, regardless."

Your praise for his son brings the first smile you've seen on Kellyn's face, and what a proud one it is! Meanwhile, Viktor blushes from the unexpected recognition and tries to wave it off with a flustered smile, while Lucille looked.....torn for a split second, her expression mired with an odd mixture of shame and happiness for a split second, before it immediately gave way to a deceptively simple and tiny smile. If you weren't keeping such a good eye on things, you'd miss her reaction!

"Yes, my son is all that, and much more. Glad to see he's still getting the recognition for saving Tandor and becoming it's best Trainer and one of its greatest heroes. He certainly deserves it all, I say."

"Daaaad! Quit that! I'm not a hero because of all....that! I just did what anyone would do, if they could've! *Turns to Arial* Don't mind my dad's bragging, he just likes to make me out bigger than I am. I'm happy you think so highly of me, but you don't need put me on a pedistol. *Smiles beatifically* Just treat me like any other Trainer, k?"

Kellyn: "*Sighs* My son's too humble for his own good, but that's hardly the worst fault to have. If I had it my way he'd be a much more praised figure than he is, but I can respect his wish to remain low-key as he can. Too much fame can be a bad thing too, as we all know."

The Ranger Chief was too caught up in the moment to notice you subsequent astonishment over his wife, but the same could not be said for the woman in question. She caught on that you knew her with remarkable haste, and visibly flinched at that and suddenly looked just a bit frightened, despite her best efforts to hide both reactions. When you deliberately went along with her husband's deception, though, that prompted an even bigger reaction of honest surprise from her, which she tried to cover up the best she could by quickly inclining her head back to you in acknowledgement and giving you an awkward smile.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Arial."

Thus said, she went quiet and calmed down the best she could, but it was clear she was and still is rattled by your Knowledge of her true identity. That, and curious/suspicions too, if the faintly wary look she was giving you was any indication.

It took a bit of coaxing to get your Legendary brother in disguise out from your shadow and onto you, but you managed to do so without trouble along with introducing him, which the heroic family accepted well enough. Viktor was still curious as ever about them, while Lucille's interest had sharply dropped after the most reaction revelation between you two. 

Kellyn himself just accepted it all in a matter of fact way, and at your request he simply point in the direction of where you think Bealbeach is located.

"Go [Insert cardinal direct here], and you'll arrive at the city in no time. There are plenty of hotels with good rates and vacancies this time of year, so finding a place to stay won't be too hard. If you're low enough on Poke you can't afford it, though, I can give you a couple of thousand, which should last you a week or so and give you time to make some more of your own and figure out what you want to do."

Overall, the much acclaimed family was still in good spirits themselves and not too bothered by you, though Lucille was now on edge despite your effort to play dumb for her shake. Which, considering how badly things could have gone, was almost a non-issue! Lovely, hmm?
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[Return home after college. Next post will come soon.]
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(09-13-2019, 06:21 PM)Lord Windos Wrote:
Arial simple nod in respect towards Kellyn. "Understood. No need to say twice. I not very much used to teleportation too. The last time I teleport, I ended up on a trash can. Its was...very much embarassing with a trash banana in the top of the head." Arial said that words, feeling a bit better with the now calm situation. Guess he is learning how to be social I suppose!

"Tell me about it. The only thing I know it was pretty strong. It get away unfortanely before I could capture it or even try anything more. My Duplicat could still Transform in that thing even after the battle. If I discover something more about that Pokemon gonna communicate with you right away."

When Viktor was so much been humble, Arial had to object a bit. "Well, not annyone could do the same thing as you. Facing a corrupt Legendary Actan. Befriend him. Facing a literally Super Nuclear Legendary and  beat it on a battle. And save the entire region of a Nuclear Calamity. Dont dismiss your potential Mr. Viktor. Oh and been a Mega Evolution user too! Thats another important point to your list. See someone like as champion and savior of my region kinda...makes me feel proud in born in the same region as you, as much strange this sounds."

Arial grab a notebook and timid ask. "I know this a bit sudden, but...could I ask a autograph? I okay if you refuse of course."

With the request of Viktor in Arial treat him as a normal trainer, he nod his head. "If you say so Viktor. As you wish."

When Kellyn mentioned money Arial take a quick look in his pouch of money. "Lets see...R$ 5.980. Its all the money I have at the moment. Is this enough to save for a while? I hope so."

With that problem deal. Gaspar jump from Arial shoulder, until he Transformed into a big Feliger! Big enough to carry Necroz, Riza and Arial. "Welp, we have a path to go then. Again, thanks for the help. And sorry for the sudden appearance around here. No hard feelings." Arial also request to exchange numbers with Kellyn, just in case things get complicated. "Dont hold back if you need something Mr. Kellyn. You help me now, and if there is something I never forget is retribute a good action. Aotios and Mutios shine the future of both of you." Arial said that words with a last bow of respect, before he and Gaspar begin to forward to Bealbeach City and find a place to rest.

Any description of the path they heading now @Lord Windos?
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