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[Game Thread] Pokerole: Mount Coronet Mystery
Kogeki bow in respect towards the Nurse in apologize way. "No dispute will happen here ma'am. Sorry for disturb your peace."

Kogeki also re-read from the shoulder of Randolph(who is not very much difficult give the stature of the guy), Kogeki also release a exasperated *sigh*. "The old man put the responsability to explain in my shoulders...typical professor. Typical." Kogeki stand up from the table and nod his head to the direction of the rooms. "Lets go you two. There is many things to explain, and I suppose you dont want to die by freeze no? I will ask someone to bring something hot for us to warm in this freeze. There is many things to explain and very much little time."

When they finally enter the room where they can have some private conversation(if you could send a description of those rooms @Dragonstrike), Kogeki also requested something hot for them have a good and nice conversation. Kogeki ask for himself a hot chocolate and let Karen and Randolph make they requests. "Comfortable? Good. This might be a big conversation."

Then Kogeki begin to retcom all the events that happened around Mt. Coronet and so of his discoveries.

"Professor Rowan problably give you some info, but I will try to tell you about everything. For quite a time strange events has happening around Mt. Coronet. Trainers taking more time to travel though there even in the most simple paths. Pokemon being more violence them normal. Path looking like they were changing. And even some pokemon very strange, like a Blueish Steelix and a Primal Rampardos. A Primal Rampardos is similar to a normal fossil Pokemon. Only gigantic, more stronger and powerfull, and angrier."

Kogeki show some scars he take from in his shoulder. 

"I had the unfortanely luck in see such beast and took some wounds and scars from the battle. I have a type advantage with Water, Ground and Steel, and had defenses made by my support and even mega Evolving one of my pokemon, and even with all that it was someway difficult."

"Me, Professor Rowan and another skilled trainer we traveled there and face some really nasty and violences Pokemon: Geodude with Explosion tendecies. Ambush by a group formed by a Noivern, a Overgrown Crobat and a Swobat. Was not a easy battle but was not also easy."

"In the way to enconver such mystery, along with the nasty Rampardos, we also find a strange looking wall. With pictures with shades of what appear to be Pokemon. But...bigger and almost like causing havoc and destruction."

"When we return from Mt. Coronet, we discover we took 10 hours inside there, but to us only 3-4 hours have passed."

"There is something sinister inside Mt. Coronet, something who even I had no idea what is. These strange Walls acording to professor Rowan was appearing in other parts of the Sinnoh Region...and no one know who or what is causing such phenomenom. Even Cyntia herself is worry about such events."

"Our job, is to uncover what the hell is happening in Mt. Coronet and what secrets is happening there. Professor Rowan problably going to give us more details about it when we meet with him. For you two have a idea, most of this info didnt release in public yet to not cause mass panic around the region until we discover what is happening."

"Any questions?"
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The back rooms in the Center are simple, typical meeting rooms with decently sized tables.  Not much special there.  The doors can be locked for additional privacy. Karen has to recall her Shiny Rapidash (which looks like it's just itching to run around to its heart's content) because the meeting rooms aren't roomy enough for a large horse pokemon to stand in.

A happy looking trio of Delibird bring everyone some hot chocolate and a warm breakfast (player's choice) on serving trays.

One major correction about the events Kogeki is describing: it was not a blue Onix that Kogeki heard about, but a Blueish colored Steelix.
When the ninja nearly chastizes Karen for looking at his arm, she gives him a "Gomen." and looks back down at her cell phone to read Jasmine's message back to her.
When the group is in the back room, Karen listens intently to what Kogeki has to say, and when he finishes, she adds something to it; "When I first got here, and was exploring Eterna Forest, apparently the interior layout of the forest was reversed."
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[Image: 2019-01-18-210927-copy.jpg]
(06-08-2019, 11:07 AM)Mikaruge108 Wrote: When the ninja nearly chastizes Karen for looking at his arm, she gives him a "Gomen." and looks back down at her cell phone to read Jasmine's message back to her.
When the group is in the back room, Karen listens intently to what Kogeki has to say, and when he finishes, she adds something to it; "When I first got here, and was exploring Eterna Forest, apparently the interior layout of the forest was reversed."

"Reversed? Could you you please give me more details information about it? How it was this reversed state?"
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(06-08-2019, 11:37 AM)Spiritmon Wrote:
(06-08-2019, 11:07 AM)Mikaruge108 Wrote: When the ninja nearly chastizes Karen for looking at his arm, she gives him a "Gomen." and looks back down at her cell phone to read Jasmine's message back to her.
When the group is in the back room, Karen listens intently to what Kogeki has to say, and when he finishes, she adds something to it; "When I first got here, and was exploring Eterna Forest, apparently the interior layout of the forest was reversed."

"Reversed? Could you you please give me more details information about it? How it was this reversed state?"

"When we went in, that's Gardenia, Rad Rickshaw, Jasmine and myself, we entered on the Eternia side of the forest, but the inside appeared to be the southern entrance."
"I'll show you a dance cloaked in shadow!"
[Image: 2019-01-18-210927-copy.jpg]
(06-08-2019, 08:41 AM)Spiritmon Wrote:

(06-08-2019, 09:14 AM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

The tiny terror gave the ninja a unimpressed look at their implication that the cold weather would do him in (He despises it with a passion, but it ain't gonna kill him!), but in the end he just grunted in ascent and hopped down from his seat to follow them to one of the Center's many private rooms. As much as heading that stupid spook's directions rackled him something fierce, he needed to know more about the job Old Fashion hired him for, and they were regrettably the only source of info. He didn't want to cause another scene/more problems so soon too after the Nurse got onto them too, so for now he would swallow his spite and ill will towards Kogeki like dose of Energy Powder and carry on the best he could in these sorry circumstance. Nothing is ever simple or easy for him lately, bah......

Concerning breakfast, Ran's was a rather hearty affair, as he ordered one large plate full of chipped beef and gravy and another of sour dough pancakes with gooseberries and maple syrup and tucked right into them with slow determination as he listened to the ninja's debriefing. What they initially recounted was old news to him, as he knew as much himself from what he heard back at home from Marlene and the odd rumor/absurd claim he picked up on his travels, prompting the mean midget to huff in irritation in between a bite of flapjacks and a gulp of cocoa. Sure, they mentioned some new strange Pokemon he hadn't heard about before, but beyond that it was the same old, same old. Where they going to get to the actually important Knowledge soon, or was that all the damn creep knew? 

When they revealed how they knew about Primal Rampardos and the whole story that it entailed, Ran's resentful attitude immediately vanished as in the place of shock for a brief instance, with him stopping eating halfway through his meal and swearing softly under his breath as he viewed the scars before he focused his full, unbiased, and undivided attention on the man. 

Strange and savage Pokemon, enigmatic mural on the cave walls that weren't there before (Which eerily coo aligns with his own encounter with a similar mural), the flow of time and the interior inside Mt. Coronet being stretched like a slinky......

The more he heard, the more he was began to feeling an dread inkling, a dire suggestion, and a ominous foreshadowing. He was not a hundred percent sure of what, per say, as he didn't have enough details/concrete evidence yet to solidify and bring together those vague and hazy hazing thoughts/feelings/premonitions into an actual hypothesis/idea of what in Arceas' name was going on. 

He was certain of a few things, though: this situation was big, BIG trouble , and that the job he let himself be signed up for was going to be hard and hardly uneventful.

'......Oh boy. This....this is going to be just like one of those perilous mysterious adventures I've read and heard about, isn't it? .......Fuck. Fuck fuck fucking hell. *Mentally frustrated sighing* I never get any easy work these days. Hellfire and brimstone, I swear its like I've been cursed by a Legendary, or something. *Aggrieved Sigh* Probably a Heatran, in that case. Maybe I shouldn't have been poking around their homestead for one of them, if bugging them caused the molten lot of them to make my life interesting in all the wrong way. Bah.......!'

By the end of Kogeki's recollections (And Karen's, which were certainly food for thought too), Randolph had been spending several minutes in deep (and brooding) thought as he listened on and then deliberate over which and what he was going to start questioning first, which mostly consisted of him staring down at his breakfast with a most serious, grumpy, and seriously grumpy expression. 

Then, at long last, he let out an almost explosive *SIGH* as he closed his eyes and started to kneaded the bridge of his nose for a bit, until he stopped and fixed the ninja with long, disgruntled (Not at them, surprisingly), and just plain unhappy look, his frown light but prominent and his eyes both tired yet enlivened.

".....Yes, I do, with my first one being thus: what the ever loving god damn are we being hired in the first place for? If this problem is big and bad enough to spook Miss Blondy herself, then why hasn't she, the Elite Four, or that new champ have done something about it themselves? The strange time and space bullshit happening inside Mt. Coronet sounds like something that bunch of crazed fanatics Team Galactic would be responsible for, or Palkia and Dialga themselves deciding to randomly appear and screw around in there for some reason. Or worse. The sort of stuff that is right in their territory, and right out of wack for us. So explain to me why WE'RE handling and sussing out this biiiig, grand problem, instead of the hotshot elites of Sinnoh?"

.....Good question, Randolph. Well?
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An important note to make concerning Team Galactic: since their former CEO (Cyrus) disappeared for no apparent reason and Saturn took over, the Team has been focusing on improving their public image and actually inventing new energy producing methods in the last 8 years.  Their energy initiative is no longer a front for criminal activity (that's what they insist, anyways).

Seeing as the League didn't shut them down entirely after the trouble they caused 8 years ago, that's probably a good sign.

Of course, there are still a few people in the region who don't trust them even after all this time.
"And there was some graffiti of some sort in Celestic Ruins, I got a picture of that." (I don't remember the design, nor have the PM mentioning the graffiti anymore, so Dragon'll have to describe it) She opens the photo album of her cell phone and moves so that the other two can see the screen, the first picture on the screen before she advances it is a picture of Karen and Jasmine in a half hug, and looks like a selfie, she pages through a few more pictures before stopping at the picture of the graffiti. "Don't know how much bearing it has on this mystery, but it was definitely fishy."
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[Image: 2019-01-18-210927-copy.jpg]
It's the same picture that Kogeki described, that same familiar pattern of three indistinct Legendaries arranged in a triangular pattern around a fourth Legendary in the middle.

Some interpret it as the Lake Trio surrounding Dialga or Palkia.  Others interpret it as Arceus creating the Creation Trio.

And next to it is that same, ominous image of another indistinct pokemon, one that appears to have the features of many different ones.  It's clear that it appears to be attacking the triangular pattern, though.

Three trainers who have all encountered the same image in various, distinct places...

Maybe that answers Randolph's question.
For Kogeki, he ask for a good portion of ramen with meat to warm himself. He has with his hashi on hands and he was eating his food with big gusto.

"Thats indeed...strange Karen. Its pretty much like what me, Rowan and Dawn we pass though when we enter Mt. Coronet. The rooms inside of it changed almost all the seems something is wrong around Sinnoh and whatever is causing this things, it is inside Mt. Coronet."

Kogeki look impercile towards Randolph gazing upon him and trying to analyze each one of his response. "The reason why Professor Rowan hired each one of us was problably because of our experiences towards this strange cases, one way or another. Cyntia and the Elite Four themselves is problably with their hands full since they need to research the other strange Walls who is appearing around Sinnoh. And thats problably why professor Rowan ask us to look to it."

" do have a point Randolph. But Team Galatic long have stopped their crimes actions, but maybe we should keep a eye on them. Evil can lurk in the shadows."

"But, if none of these answear satisfy you...well, in my case this mystery is very much personal..."

Then Kogeki finally reveal what is hide in his left arm full with clothes.

And boy, thats something not very pretty.

To begin with, he dont have a real arm, but instead a artificial one. A prosthesis made of the darkest wood. There strings attach to its fingers, trying to make Kogeki able to open and close his fingers. But despite that, its looks like very difficult to have a strong hold in certain actions. It was attach to its left shoulder, having a firm conection to its arm. Its also have some strong cabble to hold the arm in place to not detatch by accident in the middle of the battlefield. Below its wood arm there was also a Katana, with the details in black and blue, with some sort of signtature of a strange fish with a sword in his hands. Any details you could add @Dragonstrike?

"Many years ago, back in my home in Tsukinami Village in Tandor, I found such similar Wall with pictures very similar to what in found in Mt. Coronet, below in the Ocean Caverns...there was earthquake and then..."

Kogeki put his wood hand around his scarf, remembering the past...the earthquake....the bones breaking...and...

He decided not to think very much. "I lost my arm that day....along with...very much more..." He put a hand in his face, remembering what he had lost. "Somehow, what I found years ago, is connected to what happen. There is something in Mt. Coronet. Something I dont know what is yet. But I want to discover what is..."

Then Kogeki look to both Randolph and Karen. "You two are free to go away if thats what you desire. No one will force to take this job. I will go alone if really needed. And die trying if must....perhaps thats way...I may attone for my mistakes." Kogeki then look to the window, looking at the sky, memories fleeing in the past.
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