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[Game Thread] Pokerole: Mount Coronet Mystery
(06-08-2019, 01:17 PM)Mikaruge108 Wrote: "And there was some graffiti of some sort in Celestic Ruins, I got a picture of that." (I don't remember the design, nor have the PM mentioning the graffiti anymore, so Dragon'll have to describe it) She opens the photo album of her cell phone and moves so that the other two can see the screen, the first picture on the screen before she advances it is a picture of Karen and Jasmine in a half hug, and looks like a selfie, she pages through a few more pictures before stopping at the picture of the graffiti. "Don't know how much bearing it has on this mystery, but it was definitely fishy."

" too, eh lass? Had my own run in with one of these 'murals' at Mt Stark - don't ask me what I was doing there, 'cause it's not either of your's business - and it was more full of bad omens than a pack of Houndoom. Didn't take a picture of it, but I still remember it clear as day, so I can draw it for ya."

Ran proceeds to do just that, bringing out a pencil and some paper from his Inventory and drawing a clear diagram/sketch of The Mt. Stark Mural for all to see, which given his own years of drafting schematics/plans for blacksmithing/work projects should be of pretty good and crisp quality:

Quote Dragonstrike: 'The triangular mural in the games that can be interpreted as the Lake Trio surrounding Dialga/Palkia or Arceus in the middle of the Creation Trio (...) along with the same second image of what appears to be a pokemon with the features of many different ones attacking the image of the Legends arranged in a triangular pattern.

"*Nods* Agree with ya there, lass. I'm not sure myself were all these bits and pieces connect, or what the heck it all bloody means, but I do at least know that it spells pure TROUBLE. Bah....just what I asked for in my daily routine - not the fuck at all."
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Karen visibly cringes at part of what Ran said, though neither him nor Kogeki can tell what caused her to recoil.

Fuzzy memories of a family trip to Saffron City and Celadon City, and a Houndour attack on Route 7 come to the forefront of her mind...

Quote:To begin with, he don't have a real arm, but instead a artificial one. A prosthesis made of the darkest wood. There strings attach to its fingers, trying to make Kogeki able to open and close his fingers. But despite that, its looks like very difficult to have a strong hold in certain actions. It was attack to its left shoulder, having a firm connection to its arm. Its also have some strong cable to hold the arm in place to not detach by accident in the middle of the battlefield. Below its wood arm there was also a Katana, with the details in black and blue, with some sort of signature of a strange fish with a sword in his hands.

When Kogeki reveals the prosthetic arm, she winces thinking about what he must have gone through to require such an extensive prosthetic.
"I'll show you a dance cloaked in shadow!"
[Image: 2019-01-18-210927-copy.jpg]
(06-08-2019, 01:34 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

"......So we're the second option they're all banking on to get the job done, while they are scrambling to solve this horror mystery of a problem? *Facepalms* Gottverdammt. What on this horrfrosted covered earth are they playing at here?!Can't speak for either of you - for now - but I know for damn certain they're much better and more qualified Trainers out there than....ugh, me. By flint and Steel, I've only got my first badge recently, and beyond that just have been ambling all over Sinnoh doing me own thing and teaching hooligans and ill mannered brats manners these past few however long its been! What does Old Fashion see in me that he thinks is the right kind of man for the job, or is just taking the piss?!"

Needless to say, Randolph was not satisfied with that answer. In fact, he was left more wanting that ever from it - yikes!

Seeing Kogeki's now revealed artificial limb shut the short man right quick, though, save for this line:

"Mein Gott."

That......dear Legendary Gods, that was plain horrible. Not the prosthetic itself - for to his discerning eyes it was of fine Craft (btw, Does Ran have any ideas concerning it and the Katana[Like Improvements/Brand New Design], since he's rather specced towards tinkering/making stuff of that sort, Dragonstrike?) - but what necessitated it. If the trouble surrounding Mt. Coronet and beyond could do THAT to a man.....then what else could it do? Or already has done, but worse?

A uncomfortable silence descended upon him as he re-thought things through in the light of the technically cyborg ninja's reveal + further deliberation on The Mystery for several loooooong minutes, before at last he heaved a great big *SIIIIGH* and started to massage his forehead with one hand.

".....This job is entirely beyond my qualifications, and so far outside me preferences that flying from here to Unova is Starly shit in comparison. I so do not want to deal with this premium grade shit, fit for Berry Mulch. "

*Sighs again, removing his hand from his head*

".....But I can't in good conscious turn away from this now. Not after seeing first hand - er.....for me self, rather, the damn ruinous consequences this Problem can dish out on a poor unsuspecting and undeserving bastard and thereon."

*Gives Kogeki a firm stare*

"I'm not doing this job for you, Kogeki. Nor am I doing it because I have pretensions to heroism, like so many stary eye young fools. Reason I'm doing it is 'cause it's the right thing to do, and if no one does it, or not enough people step in to take care of it, then only bad can happen. If that means a cantankerous old son of a bitch like myself has to go sleuthing around Mt. Coronet's warped cave system and figure out what to do about it, Dann ist es halt so: so be it."

Randolph Schimdt clenches a fist and pounds the table with it to punctuate his statement, causing his half eaten breakfast to rattle around a bit before settling thankfully without a mess. He gives the Tsuki shinobi and Karen a serious and solemn stare, before he lets out a huff turns his attention back to his meal.

"That's all there is too it."

He then resumed eating, polishing off the rest of his plates at his own leisurely pace.
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

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Kogeki look to Randolph picture with concern eyes. "It is almost like the picture I see in Tsukinami village, but there was the picture of the Deep Pokemon, a group of three Sea Monsters who rule the deepest waters. They were also know as the Deep Trio: Baitatao the ruler of volcano waters. Leviathao, ruler of freezing waters. And the most feared among them, Krakanao ruler of the darkest waters. There is a legend who says together, theyre powers combined could rival or surpass even Kyogre itself in rule the seas."

"Problably not as you think Randolph. Maybe Cyntia and the Elite Four is trying to find any kind of clue they can find and problably hiring other trainers to other places of the region to find out whats happening. We might be one of those groups of hire people. Thats just theory of course, so feel free to disagree if you feel so."

Despite the heavy atmosphere between them, Kogeki was gladly to not go to this adventure alone. "Despite our differences, thank you Randolph. And thank you too Karen."

He search in his bag until he find something: Two Dusk Balls. "I want to give to both of you something you might like: These Dusk Balls. Inside of those there is a Noivern and a Overgrown Crobat. Both of them female, so if you find a breeder, you could get some interesting results."

"The Noivern its a female, who has the Infiltrator Ability(Or Frisk if you want to change it). She also know Dragon Pulse, Moonlight, Tackle, Screech, Supersonic, Air Cutter, Super Fang, Gust, Bite, Absorb and Razor Wind. Be aware she is very much disobedience."

Extra Info: She is level 52. 0 Happiness, 0 Obedience and 4 Disobedience. 
Attributes: Health(4). Strengh(2). Special(4). Dexterity(4). Defense(3). Insight(3). 
Social Attributes: Tough(2). Cute(4). Cool(5). Beauty(4). Smart(3).
Skills: Fight(4). Survival(4).  Rest(0).
Specialities: Brawl(3). Channel(3). Evasion(3). Alert(3). Nature(2). Stealth(4).

"Crobat is also a female with also the ability Infiltrator(And also Inner Focus as other ability). She is also a Overgrowl Pokemon so she is much more sturdy than other Crobats(+5 HP so she has 15 HP in total). She also know Cross Poison, Absorb, Screech, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite, Air Slash, Venoshock, Poison Fang, Confuse Ray, Leech life, Air Cutter, Swift, Giga Drain, Nastly Plot and Venom drench. She is also considerally disobedience, but not much as Noivern."

Extra info: Level 95. 0 Happiness, 0 Loyalty, and 3 Disobedience.
Attributes: Health(4), Strengh(5). Special(3). Dexterity(5). Defense(4). Insight(4).
Social Attributes: Tough(6). Cute(3). Cool(5). Beauty(4). Smart(4).
Skills: Fight(5). Survival(5).
Specialities: Brawl(5). Channel(5). Evasion(5). Alert(3). Stealth(5).

"This is a gift of apologize for my previous mistake against your person Mr. Randolph. It was very much impolite of my part for have called you...that back in the lobby. I apologize for my previous mistake. This is also a gift for you Karen. These two I captured myself back in Mt. Coronet, along with a Shiny A-Geodude who I keep for myself and a Larvitar who I captured for befriend him and willing to join me."

"These two have their own strengh and weakneess, but both required skilled to retain their hostility and also disobedience. But if Professor Rowan hired you, I trust any of you have skill."

"So...any interest mates?"
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Melting Primals with Kogeki!
(06-08-2019, 01:34 PM)Spiritmon Wrote: To begin with, he dont have a real arm, but instead a artificial one. A prosthesis made of the darkest wood. There strings attach to its fingers, trying to make Kogeki able to open and close his fingers. But despite that, its looks like very difficult to have a strong hold in certain actions. It was attack to its left shoulder, having a firm conection to its arm. Its also have some strong cabble to hold the arm in place to not detatch by accident in the middle of the battlefield. Below its wood arm there was also a Katana, with the details in black and blue, with some sort of signtature of a strange fish with a sword in his hands. Any details you could add Dragonstrike?

(06-08-2019, 02:23 PM)Lord Windos Wrote: Not the prosthetic itself - for to his discerning eyes it was of fine Craft (btw, Does Ran have any ideas concerning it and the Katana[Like Improvements/Brand New Design], since he's rather specced towards tinkering/making stuff of that sort, Dragonstrike?)...

Randolph's Crafting Knowledge: 3 Intelligence + 5 Knowledge + 5 Craft
(6)(5)(3)(3)(3)(1)(2)(3)(6)(6)(5)(5)(2) 6 successes. That's a massive success.

So, one detail I will add about Kogeki's artificial arm is that it doesn't look super duper heavy.  However, given that it's made of wood (and a type of wood that Randolph has never seen before at that), it probably still has at least some heft to it and might be difficult to hold up for extended periods of time, no matter how light the material is compared to the rest of its ilk.

The artificial arm itself only replaces Kogeki's arm up to his elbow.  The rest is still flesh and bone.

And yes, as Spirit said, the fingers can be adjusted manually, but it's obviously not very practical in a scenario where swift action may be required.  This isn't a fully functional mechanical replacement like the ones in Star Wars.  This is a piece of wood with hinges that has been designed to look like an arm and is only able to roughly imitate its motions.  Actions that require 2 hands will be more difficult for Kogeki, if not impossible, if he does not have sufficient time to do the task slowly and carefully.

To get it to fully function as a replacement arm without any drawbacks would require more advanced technology, but it could be done with the right tools and materials (probably involving a lot of electronic parts).  Doing so without altering the arm's original design would be more difficult, however.

The design of the arm is simple, but that simplicity is what makes it look so fine and like a beautiful piece of art instead of a crude replacement for a missing limb. There are no obvious imperfections in the wood.


As for the katana itself...well, first of all, the fact that Kogeki is carrying a katana is quite strange in and of itself.  Most pokemon trainers rely on their pokemon and don't get involved in the actual combat themselves.  Weapons designed for human usage are rare.  Randolph's probably made a few in his time for the odd eccentric, though.

The weapon is sheathed at the moment, so it's hard to really see what the quality of the actual blade is like, which is the part that Randolph would know the most about.

The hilt, though, has that same 'simple but beautiful' aspect to it that Kogeki's wooden arm does.  There are few complex patterns, but the blacks and blues that are there swirl together in such a way that you can't help but admire the craftsmanship anyways, even if you know nothing about blacksmithing nor art (Randolph does, obviously).

Randolph's Alert: 3 Insight + 2 Survival + 2 Alert
(6)(6)(3)(4)(2)(6)(5) 5 successes. Great!

One thing Randolph might notice about the design of the sword wielding fish imprinted on the blade's sheathe however...the sword that it's holding looks almost...watery and wave-like.  As if it's made of liquid instead of metal.  Randolph has a feeling that means something significant, but he's not sure exactly what.

Oh, and that fish pokemon holding the sword?  It's got a katana on its head, too.  And it looks like said fish can walk on its rear fins as if they were legs.  For a fish pokemon, it's quite strange looking, to say the least...
(06-08-2019, 03:47 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

(06-08-2019, 04:07 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

When Kogeki further thanked him and offered one of two stout and interesting bat Pokemon as further apology for calling him that, Ran looked up from his breakfast with a expression of mild surprise and intrigue with both his eyebrows upraised, before his expression smoothed out as he let out a somewhat exasperated *Sigh....* as he shook his head.

"Ya don't need to butter me up to earn the lack of me reprisal, Kogeki. May have set my blood a-boiling with that habit of yours, but I was and still not asking for some tribute as reparation. Just for you to cut that out and leave me alone, at the time. Honestly."

The mild midget then fixed the cyborg shinobi with a serious but understanding look as he inclined his head towards them, and held out his hand for a shake, a gesture which he had denied Karen earlier

"I understand where ya coming from from with this gift, though, so.......*Sighs*.....apology accepted. I'll take that Crobat, if you wouldn't mind just giving it to me in the first place, or if the lass doesn't want it for herself. *Shakes head* Still don't like you too much, but now that me head's cooled off - hmpt, no thanks to this city's blasted climate, bah! - and learnt a bit more behind this......*waves hand around* character of yours......I can let go of that spat of our and do my damnest to work with ya, if ya don't go needling me again like that. Deal?"

With that done, Randolph took the time to briefly speak about the Nami Ninja's prosthetic, motion towards it and nodding at it during certain points.

"Very good prosthetic arm ya got there, by the way. Don't recognize the type of wood used to make it, but I can tell its of finequalify Craftsmanship, even though its lacking in the functionality department. Whomever made it did a bang up job, so my compliments to the creator, and my hopes it didn't cost ya a loan on your other arm, and maybe a leg too while they were at it! If you don't mind, though......we can go out in Snowpoint later and see if we can't scrounge up the parts to make that limb of yours fully functional and articulate. I'm a blacksmith by trade of over a decade of experience under my belt - not to brag, but it's the truth! - and while I haven't done much work on prosthetics, I have worked with plenty of electronics and stranger projects, so I don't think it would be impossible to make it work, in me professional opinion. You'll have to foot the cost of materials, but gimme a few days or so and I'll have a design ready to get started on."

Wow. That's......awful generous of him, especially considering he was not on the swellest terms with the shadowy spook! 

"*Motions to his katana, and nods* Can't tell how good your blade is, since it's seethed and all, but judging by the artistry done on the hilt and the hand guard, its probably exquisitely made too. *Shakes head* Not sure why your carrying around a weapon like that, 'sides the fact that your, and I don't know what manner of fish creature is depicted on in, but I can say for certain it take care of you well, so long as you take care of it."

Yeap, the small man definately knows his Craft and has sharp eyes to tell all that about their arm and sword! Smart little bugger, innit he?
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(Using phone/4G to type up this post and text-typing is a bit of a pain on the character sheets, will add Noivern to sheet l8r)
"Noivern? Not too familiar with Pokemon outside of Johto, but that one sounds interesting, arigatô [thanks] for your generosity."
"I'll show you a dance cloaked in shadow!"
[Image: 2019-01-18-210927-copy.jpg]
Once the meeting's all wrapped up (feel free to flashback to anything you need to finish there), it'll be time to get out and about and find things to do!  Snowpoint City, the city of snow and glittering ice, is a large place, so feel free to pitch ideas of your own about what your characters might be able to do in this frigid city.

Some of the points of interest are as follows:

The Pokemon Center (Random NPC Encounters)
We all know what this building is for.  No further explanation needed.  A popular place for all things related to Pokemon Trainer life, including both trades and battles.  Could meet a lot of different people here, though who's in the building currently has a tendency to change rather quickly since only a select few people actually linger in these safe havens for long periods of time.  Can do battles and/or trades with whoever you end up meeting here (and it only takes up 1 encounter), but the chances of encountering rarer stuff here is lower.  (5 random NPCs)

The Pokemart (Shopping!  Doesn't take an encounter slot)
Shop inventory roughly follows what's available in the games.  The standard healing items and pokeballs and such can all be purchased here, like in any pokemart (no badge restrictions).  The specialty counter has the following items for sale:

The Trainer School (Random Battles)
This is where the youngest kids all learn how to be pokemon trainers!  A few older kiddos can also be seen hanging around taking additional classes to hone their skills.  The schoolyard is always a popular place for Pokemon Battles.  Some students watch more experienced trainers battle in the yard and try to learn from the experience, while others challenge passerby to test their mettle!  If you're looking for a better chance at a harder fight or want to help show the kiddies what they have to look forward to, this is the place to visit! (3 random battles, higher chance of being harder)
[Image: 267px-Snowpoint_City_Trainer_School.png]

Move Tutor's House (More moves!  Might not take an encounter, depending on what you do)
Snowpoint City is home to a Move Tutor who's infamous for teaching some quirky moves that most trainers in Snowpoint don't have much practical use for.  Normally, he teaches these moves in exchange for shards, but you guys don't have any.  Maybe he could be convinced to teach some moves in exchange for something else, though (or maybe you guys have some other ideas?  Or maybe you could find someone who has some shards they can part with.  If any of these moves seem interesting, let me know, and we'll work something out).  As long as the move is in the pokemon's moveset on Bulbapedia/the Uranium Wiki, they are able to learn the move from this tutor.  Each move normally costs 8 Shards of any color.

Trade House (Random Trades)
In the last 8 years, one of the houses in Snowpoint has actually become a popular spot for trading pokemon, items, and a whole bunch of other things.  The woman who lives there is infamous for the trades she conducts herself.  It takes a whole encounter to properly ask around this building, but the trades here are generally composed of rarer stuff than the ones in the Pokemon Center. (3 random trades, higher chance of being rare)

Snowpoint Temple (Optional Mini Dungeon)
A sacred place with a League guard (usually a highly skilled Ace Trainer) always posted at the entrance.  Requires special permission from the League or the Snowpoint Gym Leader to enter if you can't get past the guard in some other manner.  It's a place with a lot of hidden knowledge for those who look for it...provided they can deal with the powerful wild pokemon that call the location home.  Some of those same wild pokemon are also somewhat rare in the Sinnoh Region (including wild Smoochum and Jynx, which are especially rare in Sinnoh), also making it a hotspot for Collectors (if they can manage to get in, that is).
[Image: 267px-Snowpoint_Temple_anime.png]

Snowpoint City Gym (Optional Challenge Battle!)
- Cap: Challenging Candice is 1 per encounter, 2 per day. No cap on facing her Gym trainers.
A place filled with many surprisingly welcoming Ice type trainers.  The Gym Leader in particular is very well known for having the exact opposite personality of a typical Ice type trainer.  She and her gym trainers are always up for a fight, particularly if it means if they can show off how they're compensating for the Ice type's weaknesses!  The gym is specifically designed to allow for the usage of weather changing moves and Abilities indoors (guess which one is the most commonly used).  Some trainers challenge this gym specifically to try and get access to the Snowpoint Temple.
Sign Text:
Snowpoint City Pokemon Gym
Leader: Candice
The Diamond Dust Girl!
[Image: 267px-Snowpoint_Gym_anime.png]

Acuity Lakefront (Random Wild Pokemon)
There aren't any wild pokemon in the city itself, but there's plenty on the lakefront!  Who knows what you'll encounter?  I'll roll a few random wild pokemon to take your pick from if this encounter is selected.

Lake Acuity (More random wild pokemon!  And maybe plot related stuff?)
The lake where the Being of Knowledge, Uxie, once resided.  A popular tourist destination.  To reach it, however, you must first go through Acuity Lakefront (encountering a wild pokemon on the way is required).  Wild pokemon can also be found here (and also still count as a single encounter on the initial trip to the lake).
[Image: 220px-Lake_Acuity_anime.png]

The Port (More...exotic trades and battles)
- Cap: ? per day. (There aren't many international trainers around this area, so I may impose a limit on it)
Trainers often get passage to the Battle Zone from here.  However, the sailor who makes that trip isn't currently making any trips to the island where experienced trainers and pokemon gather, as he's taking the day off after having just made the return trip (which Randolph knows isn't easy sailing by a long shot).  There are, however, many different kinds of other ships that dock here, bringing various goods from the rest of the region that the inhabitants of Snowpoint City might find useful.  A handful of foreign trainers are lingering around here, too, having just arrived from either another region or the Battle Zone.  The trades and battles are of the same general rarity scale as in the Pokemon Center, but they're fewer in number in exchange for always being something that'd be kinda weird to see in Snowpoint and/or Sinnoh. (2 random international NPCs)

The Rest of the City (???)
Again, feel free to pitch other ideas as well (preferably in a PM or the Meta Thread if you aren't dead set on a particular idea)!  Snowpoint is a big place with a lot to see and do, even if I haven't come up with it all myself!  Training sessions and battling each other are always an option as well.

Current Weather: (6)(6) It's not hailing today.  In fact, there's Diamond Dust falling from the sky instead!  Wow!  What are the odds, eh? (actually, they're 1/36 Tongue )  This only happens a few days every year!  I'm not sure if Kogeki has ever heard of this phenomena, but Karen and Randolph might have!  They might not have ever expected to see it in their lifetimes, either (particularly Karen, given that the only place Diamond Dust falls at in Tohjo is Mt. Silver)
Now it was the time for Kogeki to see such action of his new companion. He take a double take but in the end he accept the handshake of blackmist. He shake Randolph hand with his mechanical arm. "Deal. I promise to take care of that habit of mine and leaving you alone. Its a deal. And I gladly you have accept this gift. If you need help to tame that bat, dont hesitate in asking me. I have plenty of super effective moves to put him in check.

When Rand pointed and make some questions about his arm, Kogeki was take a moment to think what to say, since its not normal to someone ask about his arm, but in the end he answear Rand questions. "Well...actually you will not be able to find such wood around it. The wood in fact is made of the wood from a Cocancer tree. Cocancers its a Rare Ground/Grass Pokemon, who one of its abilties its grown fruits in its back. They literally have a coco tree in their back. The one however who give its wood was special. It was from a friend of mine called Mera, who was a long time ago a great blacksmith from my village. He have that Cocancer, and when I lost my arm, he cut the wood of his Cocancer tree, and with the material made this arm."

" would take a time for me to get the necessary money to pay the upgrades you mentioned, but I would gladly accept the help. In fact, I was looking for way to improve this thing for quite a while."

When Rand mentioned his blade, Kogeki unshreat the blade, showing how it looks like the blade. The blade itself have wave details carved all around the blade, almost like the blacksmith who made took time and inspiration to make a beautiful piece of art. "Nothing bad huh? The reason why this thing is important to me...its because its like a old treasure from my family. Many years ago, the Tsuki and Nami Clan was in war, until the day was stopped by the two Leader of both clans: Lord Kaito from the Nami Clan. And Lady Hinata from the Tsuki Clan. They are know in my land as human avatars of Aotios and Mutios the legendary pokemon of Ying and Yang. If you trust in such thing of course. My Ancestor of my family once fight alongside Kaito and Hinata army to stop the war between both clans and bring peace. This blade was made from the sword of his Daikatuna scales."

Kogeki then show the figure of the blade. "The Pokemon carved here its a Daikatuna, the Blade Fish Pokemon. One of the rare fish creatures capable of walking in earth and live in the sea. His ability of swordship is legendary, and it is respect and venerated as a protector and guardian pokemon, like a pseudo-legendary pokemon. It is strong and fierce, and has a lot of potential when along with a trainer who he trust a lot."

Then he return the blade back to its place. "We might have time before professor Rowan comes. We could have take in the town and make a search around the price of the materials you mentioned. Well, unless you have other things to do, what is fine. Its only for the sake of prices and speculation of buy materials of course."
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Melting Primals with Kogeki!
(06-08-2019, 07:16 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

Randolph gave a firm nod to the cyborg ninja's offer as he gave their hand a good pumping, as a strong handshake shows how serious you are! 

"Huh....its made of a rare Pokemon based wood from a ways over, eh? No small wonder it looks strong yet light, then! *Nods* Glad you have a friend willing to give you and hand like that, and literally so. Can tell he cherished and thought well of you just by seeing the detail and effort he put into your prosthetic - not the mention the fact he took an axe to his own Pokemon for the material for it, to boot! That's some strong friendship you have with this Mera, Kogeki. Hope you treasure it, as much as they did."


"Hmm....perhaps we can sell this Crobat to drum up the necessary funds? Don't mind selling your gift if its alright with you, since I already got a team of partners I like - *Mumbles* for the most part - and getting that arm of your in better working order is a bigger important to me. Two hands are better than one and all that, as the saying goes."


The dwarven blacksmith let out a low whistle of appreciation as his critical eyes gazed upon the craftsmanship of the katana, nodding with a great deal of satisfaction as he looked it over.

"Bei der Flamme der Schmiede, was für eine großartige Klinge! Your ancestors commissioned a fine sword right there, and your family has taken equally fine care of it! You'll have to tell more later about its history and more about this war between these clans of.....ninjas , 'cause it sounds like this katana of yours his quite the story to tell. This 'Diakatuna' sounds interesting too, if they're all you're touting them up to be, so maybe I'll do some reading up on them later myself, if I can find any bleeding info of them here in Sinnoh."


"*Nods* Sounds like plan, Kogeki. Don't have any plans myself, 'sides checking out the Gym to polish me Skill and get my partners some more training 'fore this bullshit mystery quest. Could also pay that Trainer School a visit, but I have a feeling they teachers over they won't like a mean old man like me making the brats there cry, or 'corrupting the youth with my course mannerisms,' bah! *Shakes head* Let's get a move on, and see if we can't find the right parts. Should also ask the Nurse Joy if she can do a check up on that arm of yours if the nerves in the stump are still working. If they do, it may be possible to hook up some nerve sensors and relays to create a feedback system for that prosthetics, if we can get it modernized."

And so that was that! Time to do a little window shopping for some tech and other stuff!

Finally, concerning the Diamond Dust, even a cold hating grump like Randolph could appreciate the rare beauty he was witnessing, and committed the scene to memory. 

It was still to damn cold for his liking beyond that, though, grrrrrrr brrrrrr!

Orders: 1st Encounter (or not) will be dedicated to finding the parts to upgrade his prosthetic arm (and selling Crobat to cover the cost of materials, if need be), which also entails asking the Nurse (With Kogeki's permission) to do a check up on on his stump to see if we can't get nerve sensors/relays hooked up to it! If this doesn't take up an Encounter for some reason, he'll pay a visit to to the Gym if nobody else will; otherwise, he'll check out/do so preemptive investigation Lake Acuity, specifically looking for a Snover and his preferred 'Type' of Pokemon along the way (A weather setter is a quality Pokemon enough to override Ran's typical preferences. Its time for my first Encounter in the campaign, and it'll be helping out what I hope will become a good friend of my character!
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