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[Game Thread] Pokerole: Mount Coronet Mystery
(03-08-2020, 12:07 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

With the scene of Corphish over, Kogeki look around and see the dark place around them. With so much darkness, he felt they are being watch for someone or something. He touch his white scarf, trying to calm himself from the ominous feeling he is feeling right now. When they finally reach the plataform with the altar, Kogeki could felt the vibration of power coming from the Splash Plate. "So...this thing is resonating with this altar correct? I just want to keep something clear: There is a chance we might not survive this battle. So if things get out of control and dangerous, you will leave me behind. Me and my Pokemon will try keep Dialga occupied while you guys find a escape route and warn League about the danger of Dialga in this Mountain. Death is something is a possibility we must serious consider. Promise me you guys will leave me behind and escape in case things get out of control."

The Pokemon choice of Kogeki is Nami. To prepare the defences when we begin the onslaugh against the ultimate enemy.
Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.
Oh niiiiiice (not), those ANSWERS Kee's hoping for are not only not-served on a silver platter nor given without a battle for them, but also carefully hidden and obscured in darkness. Oof... Even if he never been here at all, it's absolutely undenyable that something's wrong here, MIGHTILY WRONG. Octavia does not leave Kee's side by an inch, hissing at the surrounding and not liking this surrounding at aaaaall, but she's unafraid. As long as she is with her most beloved person in the world, all will be well.... right?

I'm going to use the opportunity and give Kee +1 Alert for 12XP in the current scenario and surrounding.

The moment Kee lays his eyes on that fateful platform, he grimances and fights that inner urge to....take his(???) place on it. What this means and where this urge comes from, he has no clue - but he quickly looses the battle of fighting this urge. Those answers he craves.... He NEEDS them!!

Lucas successfully and thankfully snaps him outta this...state, trance, whatever, and all Kee's giving him in response is an agreeing glance. It has become time to pluck those red gemstones outta his guitar bag, put them into his pocket, and pick the old Dusk Ball containing Yurei to put it in the same pocket!~~

Towards Kogeki's words.... Kee just shrugs. "Nah, I won't promise THAT t'ya. Please just STAHP talkin' bout death 'n dying... I'm not afraid of dyin', but I'm not so dumb to run head-first into it or kill myself on purpose." Then he looks away and crosses his arms.
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it" [Gerard Way]
--Windos is my OTP ❤---
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(03-08-2020, 01:18 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

Nothing particular happens when Corphish touches it, but he does look a little more confident when he holds it.  He'd much prefer having the Splash Plate as his hold item if he's going to be participating in this battle.

Chances are that those holding Plates in battle will get some kind of benefit when using moves that match the Plate's type.


Regarding fleeing the battle, let me drop a reminder that the exit the group just came through is no longer visible. If it's still there, it's likely hidden in the darkness.
(03-08-2020, 12:07 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

Ran was dead silent the moment the group arrived at the summit and were black void that enveloped all but the ruins itself, until he quietly and grimly uttered thus:

"A Empty Night. A true, pitch black Empty Night. Ill, grave omen, for our task ahead of us. Pray that we're prepared for it, everyone."

And that was all he said. There was simply nothing he else he could say that would adequetely described the unnerving and foreboding feeling Spear Pillar gave him. It was like an Ending was approaching, and he couldn't for the life of him tell what kind and for whom it beckoned of....


Him being inexorably drawn into the ominous trianglur formation that represented the Trios of Sinnoh caused him to shudder like a leave soon after he took his place in the center, a sour and worried look appearing as he glanced around at everyone.

"Great, we're all being readied as substitute seals to restrain or beckon Dialga . Representing either the Pixies, or Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, and Arceas themselves. Whatever is guiding us this way, I sure hope as hell whatever plans you have work without getting one or all of us sacrificed . Bah....."

At Lucas' behest, Ran takes his piece of the Red Chain (If he has one) and/or his Azure Flute out (Regardless), and elects to keep Paula out with him. Well, he was going to Return her and have Omnia stay, but the big siren, ah, objected to that idea, giving the metamorphic Pokemon a look that convinced them to let her take over protecting their Trainer before taking her rightful place beside him, her Mega Trident held with grace and majesty. Ran was a bit annoyed about that, but he couldn't find it within himself to fault her for the decision. He knew how much she cared for him, and was only acting in the best intention for his shake.

He nodded back to the champion. "Ready, everyone. Just give when the signal, and I'll start playing the Azure Flute. And Kogeki, we're all in this together to the very end. I will not about my partners again we they need me most. We'll beat Dialga or whatever comes next, or we all die trying."

(Ready to begin the Final? Battle)
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Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

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Online ID: 000650
(03-08-2020, 03:28 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:
(03-08-2020, 01:18 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

Nothing particular happens when Corphish touches it, but he does look a little more confident when he holds it.  He'd much prefer having the Splash Plate as his hold item if he's going to be participating in this battle.

Chances are that those holding Plates in battle will get some kind of benefit when using moves that match the Plate's type.


Regarding fleeing the battle, let me drop a reminder that the exit the group just came through is no longer visible.  If it's still there, it's likely hidden in the darkness.

In that case Dragonstrike, Corphish will hold the Splash Plate. "Here Corphish. You can hold it."

Before the battle, Kogeki do something. He talk with Nami who is outside of the Pokeball and talk with her. "I think thats a good chance to test thigs." Kogeki put out the Dramsamasite. "I trusting you to not go beserker."
Nami item change. She is holding the Mega Stone. And Corphish is holding Splash Plate.
Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.
(Ready for the battle mate)
Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.
Once everyone is in their places around the Spear Pillar's pedestals, Randolph brings the Azure Flute to his lips at the instrument's beckoning, and when he plays it this time...

The surroundings darken as the Azure Flute's melody echoes throughout the void and all of Spear Pillar suddenly feels far more ethereal.  Tension fills the air as it hums with power summoned by the Azure Flute's melody, the very surroundings appearing to shift and change, phasing in and out of existence as something tries to pierce the darkness of the void and replace it with rainbow colored light...

...and then Spear Pillar stabilizes, ceasing to change into something it is not as everyone sees something strange.  An orange glow, coming from somewhere in the darkness beyond the Spear Pillar's main platform.

The sky turns red as a clearly unnatural storm gathers overhead, for there are no natural clouds above the Spear Pillar.  The dull red glow of the storm silhouettes the massive form of what can only be Dialga standing atop a ruined pillar, orange veins of power pulsing with energy.


[Image: 220px-Primal_Dialga_anime.png]

Everything goes silent as the Legendary pokemon gazes down upon those who dare to intrude upon this sacred ground.

And then everything goes black and dark once more, and time itself seems to freeze.

For what feels like an eternity, everyone waits with bated breath for the Legendary pokemon to appear again.




The Legend Appears: N's Dragon - Pokemon Black and White

And then a flash of lightning that illuminates the surroundings and booming thunder heralds its arrival, suddenly appearing in the midst of Spear Pillar's spires.  The Legendary Pokemon of Time, Dialga.  Except...

Something is very clearly wrong as the Dark Legendary roars at the stormy sky overhead...


Primal Dialga, The Degrading Timeline

[Image: ENIe31CUEAAzcAM.png]

...and then turns its furious gaze on the intruders that dare to attempt to defile the sacred domain of Arceus.  Time begins to speed up and slow down randomly as the Legendary's powers run wild, completely out of control!  At any one moment, every being present could be moving incredibly fast or as sluggish as possible, the effects of Dialga's presence being completely random and unique to each individual.

"Everyone, now!"

Lucas rapidly takes his bag off of his back and withdraws two items from it in one swift motion.

The first, the red gemstones that form the links of the Red Chain.  They rise up into the air along with all the others that the party produces, then fly towards Dialga!  They encircle the Legendary, beginning to spin around and around and around, faster and faster, the circle getting tighter and tighter as they spin...

...and then they become red, spectral chains that shackle Dialga, wrapped around its entire body!  Dialga roars again, feeling its power reduced by the binding effect of the Red Chain!  Time partially stabilizes upon the Legendary being bound, but that chain can't stop the effect completely!  Time still seems to randomly speed up and slow down, just less frequently!


Dialga's stats are reduced to their mortal equivalents!

The second item that Lucas draws, he holds aloft in his hand.  "This probably can't get much worse than it already is, so I think this calls for a little extra firepower!"
[Image: 4b1a4d1c66a0b2e2c2fce72dc94788a5]
The yellow, prismatic orb that Lucas holds aloft begins to shine with a dark purple light as it calls to its master.

Music: The Portal 

The sky crackles with black and purple lightning as space and time distort, and the clouds above begin to swirl until a portal opens in the center of the storm.

And out of that portal comes a shadow with bright red eyes, its form indistinct and unnerving.  The shadow makes its way to the ground, hovering in front of Dialga.  As it stares down the Time Pokemon, its shadowy form resonates with the item Lucas is holding.  It solidifies, becomes more real...

Until one of the most feared and dreaded Legendary Pokemon in existence materializes, their wings spread wide as they continue to glare at their rival in power.

The Renegade Pokemon, Giratina, in their Altered Forme

[Image: latest?cb=20160105231631]

The Distortion pokemon gazes at Dialga with wrathful yet appraising red eyes that feel like they could peer into the very soul of whoever's unfortunate enough to earn the Banished Dragon's ire as the Griseous Orb floats to its master's side of its own accord.

So, I have been summoned because something is distorting time, driving the Time Keeper, I still see a spark of sanity in their eyes.  It is not too late to fix this.  And after I do, I will find whoever did this and show them what happens when you use the power of Distortion without my permission!!

Two Legendaries, both facing each other with the intent of beating the other senseless.
5 trainers assisting, 4 of them with pokemon of their own while the 5th stands by the master of Distortion fearlessly.
Two pokemon bravely defending the one person who doesn't know why she's here.
This will most certainly be a battle for the history books.

Primal Dialga Round 1 Initiatives
Nami: (6) + 9 = 15 (she'll be at the top of the initiative after Mega Evolving, so I'm putting her ahead of Scizor)
Scizor: (6) + 9 = 15
Paula: (6) + 9 = 15
Giratina: (5) + 9 = 14
Nidoqueen: (5) + 9 = 14 (Karen's pokemon gained and spent a little exp in that downtime!)
Dialga: (6) + (5) + (2) = 13 (Dialga rolls 3 D6 for its Initiative, adding no bonuses)
Yurei: (4) + 6 + 2 = 12
Espeon: (4) + 8 = 12

Dialga's Time Pressure halves everyone's Will scores (except Giratina's)!  In addition, time seems to consistently slow down around Dialga, causing the maximum number of actions that can be declared every Round by Dialga's opponents to be reduced by 2 (max 3 per character) and making it slightly easier for Dialga to hit everyone!

Giratina's Spectral Pressure does not half Dialga's Will, but the Renegade flits in and out of existence seemingly at random, making them more difficult to hit with attacks as well as granting them an extra action!

Dialga's Steel armor glistens in the darkness, as if ready to burst with energy!

Rui sees a black aura surrounding Dialga!  "Eep!  Guys, Dialga's a Shadow Pokemon!!!"
Dialga...the God of Time. And Giratina, God of Dark Matter. Two of the God Pantheon of Sinnoh itself. 

And Kogeki is looking at them both. 

To be short, Kogeki couldnt believe in his own eyes. He was already impress with the power of Primal Pokemon. But now, he can see how much pale the Primals is in comparison to true Legendaries. Before the reduction of power of Dialga, he could felt a imense and overwelming power who could crush his soul. The Pressure of Dialga presence could almost crush his Will.

But...he was still able to stand. He almost kneel because of Dialga power. But he then remember why he is here.

Not to save Sinnoh.
But for revenge. And take back what he lost. 
It was the time of Kogeki slay a god...and he would enjoy every single minute.

Kogeki look at his enemy, and then he do something he never did before...he laugh...But not a normal one.

It was a normal giggle, but then crack in some sort of maniacal laugh.

"Ha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

To someone who is serious all the time, see such state of maniac humor is almost out of character. But have the chance of hurt a Legendary Pokemon, and see such might Titan be to their level of is almost impossible to Kogeki not see such irony in the situation. And the chance of discount all the hatred he have towards the Legendary Pokemon species.

And what better target then one of the strongest beings in the world?

His laugh was engufed by his mask, almost looking a beast who was cage for a long time. He look at Primal Dialga. "Finally...we meet each other Dialga. I know you are controling by something, but dont think this will make me hold back against you."

"God of Time Dialga. Its now YOUR Time to fall."

Nami look at Kogeki, and he to her. It was time. Kogeki grab his Mega Kunai. "Now Izanami. Show now you Mega Evolution!"

Izanami feathers increase of range, until she envelope her whole body with her colorful colors. But then something happens...

Ambient Creepy Music | Road Through The Dark Forest | Sad & Somber Background Music

Everyone could hear a music. It begun as a piano...then they hear. Voices. As the piano music was playing the voices sing as one being. All in perfect harmony and sync. And then...Nami evolution happens. But, it was...different.

It was not a normal light like the Mega Evolution. But instead, while Nami body was protect by her feather, a dark wind surround her, as the music and the voices became more and more louder. And then the wind became stronger, and then a Tornado of Darkness appear around Izanami!

Now, they could see from where the voices came from. Inside the wind...there was spirits. From many kinds in different forms and colors. They were around Nami, giving power and strengh. 

The music begin to sound more sad and depressing...almost like Nami could feel all the tragedies happen in Kogeki life. Everything he lost.

And everyone he lost.

The tornado became stronger, and if Randolph, Kee, Karen, Lucas, Rui  and Kogeki could glimpse inside the dark maestrom, they could see something...Monsters. Demons. Tragedies. A Dark Future where they fail this battle. Their mistakes. Their Fears. The things they try to hide. The nighmares and shames. All brough back to life.

But they are not real. Only a mere manifestation of Izanami Mega Ability: Bad Dreams. But this power give their a clear message: Dont dare to sleep in my presence. Because if you do...I will bring your worse nightmares to life.

The Dark Tornado subsidied, in a huge explosion of both light and darkness. While the music still happens.

From its place, a Mega Dramsama appear.

Her feathers increased in number. In her back, the number of feathers is almost impossible to count. Almost like in the middle of maestrom of darkness, she had absorbed the spirits to trigger her evolution. Some feathers even sprout in each side of her body, forming something similar to ''arms''. Strage white dots appear along her face and neck, almost like grown new pairs of eyes around her.

She was looking down, until her gaze lock eyes with Primal Dialga, and each of her feather sproud to life and lock to her enemy, almost like serpents of a gorgon, seconds before of petrify a target:

When her transformation, Izanami look at her master in worry. Kogeki was panting, for see such nightmares before him. But he calm down, and look to her partneer. "I okay Nami...I face my nightmares everyday...Dont worry about. Worry about Dialga."

She still looks worry, but she obey, returning to her usual menace position.

"Nami! Prepares to launch your attacks! Begin with Hypnosis! Put that God to sleep! Then go with Telekinesis and Nighshade! In case Dialga still sleep, use Nighmare instead!"

Kogeki warn his friends he gonna use Telekinesis to make all attacks hit Primal Dialga!

Also in case Nami get half of her HP, Super Potion on her. 

Hypnosis: Insight(3)+Allure(3)+Contest(3)-Accuracy(4)-Actions(2)=3D6+Will Point
Effect: Put target to Sleep.

Telekinesis: Dex(4*)+Fight(3)+Channel(3)-Actions(4)=6D6
Effect: All attacks gain Never Fail effect. Target become immune to Ground moves.

In case Dialga still sleep:

Nightmare: Insight(3)+Contest(3)+Intimidate(3)-Actions(6)=3D6
Effect: Cause 1 Damage. In the end of the round, target receive 1 damage.

In case not:

Night Shade: Special(5*)+Fight(3)+Channel(3)-Actions(6)=5D6
Damage: Power(4)+Special(5*)=9D6
Effect: Ignore foe defenses. Base Power became 1 for 10 Levels (She is level 40).

Notes: Bad Dreams make Sleep Target receive +1 Damage in the end of the round.
Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.
Ran expected Dialga’s appearance. No, he anticipated it, in the same way a war weary solider anticipated the eve of a bloody war. Full of dread, fear, anger, and a awful exhilaration that it was finally upon them. Time to prove himself on the battlefield , defend and uphold everything he’s ever held dear, and see if survives to live or fight another day, or die an ignoble and senseless death.

It was a horrible feeling overall, to experience his very worst case scenarios made real by the Lord of Time confronting them like they are. To see a fell, feral state overtaking them and driving them to the brink of rage and insanity against the very people that were trying to become its salvation, and perhaps many, many more’s.  Knowing that even with the divine aid of other Legends, the chances him or anyone else walking away from this alive - much less intact or successful – were very, impossibly slim to none.

And yet, underneath all that, he felt a twisted sense of relief too. That this god damn job was finally nearing its in, the he and his partners were finally getting to the bottom of this Tauros shit supernatural mystery force, and that finally, finally got to do something about it besides bitch, complain, and solicit the help of complete strangers to spread the word about this disaster before it was too late.

Finally, this odyssey was coming to an end. For better, or for worse.

Randolph Schmidt gazed at the Primal Dialga, his expression resigned, yet calm and prepared. Paula stood right up front to his right, her own look impassive and resolved, not once shying away from the Steel Colossus before her. Both of them were scared and nervous as all hell, but they wouldn’t let it consume them. They were ready. Ready to reverse this travesty before them, and save the entire world!

Then Lucas summoned forth Giratina the Renegade and Dark God of Distortions with casual ease using some sort of gold crystal totem. One whom was very cross with the current state of affairs and whomever was behind, and was about to duke it out with Time Lord with what he did not doubt would be equal and extreme ferocity as them.

After that…Ran still maintained his unflappable demeanor. Behind it, though?


Near. Full. Blown. Panic.

Ran was prepared to face Dialga and meet his fate, whatever it was. He was not prepared to face it and its bigger, meaner, and arguably more bad than they were right now sibling and get involved in a literal Legendary power struggle and dispute between two Gods. This situation, already bad enough, had become the very definition of ‘FUBAR’ .

The sea queen herself looked terribly caught off guard for a moment by THEIR , but unlike her beloved trainer she was quick to recover as she realized THEY were on there side, becoming more determined and dedicated in her duty to protect them and defeat this menace that was threatening him so! A burning, passionate energy welled up from deep within her, bringing an almost tangible glow to the big siren as she smartly twirled her Mega Trident and slammed its but into the ground, regally scowling at Primal Dialga. She would not be cowed by them! She would be her trainer’s shield!!!

Oh wait a minute, Paula is actually glowing, the Mega Stone on in her Trident starting to pulse rainbow and prismatic energy in sync with her Will! Oh my…!

Not that Ran noticed right away, of course, too busy biting the inside of his cheek to help pull himself together and come up with a plan for Paula that would save his and everyone’s collective bacon. He was also distracted by Kogeki suddenly flipping his lid too and his terrible soul snatching feathered fiend Mega Evolving, the former of which made him think ‘Damn it Gods , they made the ninja lose his marbles ! ‘ while the later……well, let’s just say if he weren’t already terrified out of his mind by Giratina they certainly would have spooked him something fierce with their……transformation into that nightmarish form of hers. The inklings of cold dread being dredged up from his subconscious whenever he looked at her for too long didn’t help matters with his own rapidly fraying nerves.

In the end, with a seemingly unstoppable wave of stress threatening to sweep him away like a piece of floatsum in sea currents, Ran elected to do as he always did when the pressure (and Legendary Pressures too in this specific case) threatened overwhelm him: stop giving a fuck, RAGE, and push back against it. When everything just stopped making sense and turned into nightmare of mess, scream out his lungs out and make things right, fuck damn it!!!


Yeap, he’s lost it, but hey, at lest he’s channeling that fevor into defeating Shadow Primal Dialga!

Orders: Let’s not waste anymore time here: Will Power Boosted Lucky Chat, Round, and Return from Paula, in that exact sequence. Under SPD’s Pressure, she has an Effective Will Score of 3, so after Lucky Chat she’ll have 2. She’ll also Mega Evolve immediately before she casts her Lucky Chant. That is al, so without further ado:

Climatic showdown, BEGIN.


Lucky Chant
Accuracy: SPE (*4) + Contest (3) + Perform (3) – 2 Actions = 8D6 Dice
Effect: Known
Note: Will Point being used to enhance the power of LC itself, to whatever end that will manifest itself as…..

Accuracy: DEX (3) + Fight (3) + Channel (3) – 4 Actions = 5D6 Base Dice
Damage: SPE (*4) + 2 + STAB ( 1 [From Pixilate]!) + Pixilate (1) = 7D6 Base Damage
Effect: Not relevant

Accuracy: 3D6 Base Dice
Damage: STR (1) + 5* + STAB + Pixilate = 8D6 Base Damage
Effect: Known.
Note: Due to having 5 Happiness, Mega Rage is no issue with her! Hooray!
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

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Uh...Right here atop of Mt.Coronet aka Spear Pillar aka Sinnoh's roof and right now at the exact time and date, Kee felt somewhat out of place. And that DESPITE just a few moments ago he has been urged to take a place that appeared to be....his place. He himself doesn't quite understand why he feels that way, but he'd guess it has to do with him managing to... Well, remain somewhat calm and keep a cool head, as best as possible in this current scenario that is. But he certainly doesn't loose it like Ran or Kogeki at the sight of the events involving freaking and f#cking LEGENDARY POKEMON unwrapping right in front of them ALL.

Dialga was - is - the very creature that controls time, as long as their heart beats normal, time flows normal just as well, that much Kee knows. Hmmm, what they have to do with all that supernatural mess happening around he doesn't quite get the very moment he lays his eyes at that DRACONIC STEELY DRAGON-CREATURE, but he feels that's he doesn't have to get that at all. And he DID tell himself to just accept and acount for all happenings occuring due to said supernatural mess, so he's not going to stop with that now!~

He didn't need a second glance at Dialga to DO get however that something's very, VERY wrong with them, and that's enough for him to clearly connect them to those happenings. And oh niiiice, so they'll have to beat some sense into their time-managing-heart, alright then... Attack first, talk and ask questions later? Well well, if THAT'S what the colorful and dandy-like musican has to do TO GET THOSE ANSWERS HE CRAVES FOR, THEN HE W-I-L-L. DO. SO!!1!!11!

However, just as he has summoned Yurei and was about to let his dear spectral bird take off into battle with a dramatic yet graceful handwave, he was HALTED IN HIS TRACKS as some VERY SINISTER SHIT occured above at the sky, making him and Yurei gaze up at it in TERROR, ANTICIPITATION, WORRY, FEAR - and among it all, an UNFLINCHINGLY STRONG WILL resulting from the sheer desire TO PROTECT THOSE HE CARES FOR AND WHO LIKEWISE CARE FOR HIM. He'll either succeed, or he'll happily die trying.

At first he totally mistook GIRATINA1!!11!!!1! for an ENEMY - it took him a few moments to realize that they're not (*cue him thanking every single heaven known by all religions in the world for that*) but instead an ALLY1!!11!!!1! Among all the screams, noise, sounds and plain TERROR and TENSION, Kee just managed to throw a "Nice support there, Lucas!!~" at the Champ.

And then, a sly and daring grin formed on his face - Ohhh he'll LIKE fighting alongside a sheer LEGEND, yes he will!~ What a neat unique experience that enhanes his 'this is a battle for the historybooks'-feelings.

"Well then, you're ready, my dear?~" - A quick nod and fluffed-up plumage from Yurei is more than enough of an assurance, and he performs a much too wide, eager and yet skill- and beautful wave of his hand, and from the back of it the old geisha of a bird flies into battle - No wait, not 'exactly' into battle if 'into battle' = 'right for the offensive frontline', instead SHE FLIES AS CLOSE TO GIRATINA AS SHE CAN, totally unafraid of the fellow ghost. Yes they are many maaaany times larger than her, but that'll come in handy - "Lucaaaaas, sorreh for soft-usin' yar spectral dagon of a legend as a shield, but please LET 'EM grant Yurei some cover behind 'em!! That's YOUR call Yurei, concentrate 'n gather that concetration in a feather of yars!!!11!"


Accuracy Roll Yurei's Calm Mind 1: 4 Insight + 4 Fight + 3 Channel - 2 Actions = 9d6

Effect: +1 Special and +1 Sp.Defense (Vitality in my case) for her.
Secondary Effect: Another moment of peace.

Accuracy Roll: Yurei's Baton Pass 2: Will, which is currently 3* due to Dialga's Time Pressure. Though I want to spend 1 of those 3 Will Points to MAKE THIS ACTION SUCCEED.
Effect: Manifests the boost of Calm Mind into a feather of hers for Kee's next Pokemon to catch.
Secondary Effect: She returns to Kee in the same graceful dancing move that she entered the battle.

No Potions for her as Giratina grants her FULL Cover - but if Yurei's inflicted with a Status Ailment, cure that with a Full Heal right away.
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it" [Gerard Way]
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