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[Game Thread] Pokerole: Mount Coronet Mystery

Finally, the Toxic Plate.  The four Plates, now all six sided instead of four, sparkling like gemstones, orbit Arceus in a symmetrical pattern, one at each point of the primary compass directions.

Arceus changes color again.

[Image: 96px-HOME493Poison.png]

The Toxic Plate, representative of those desires that slowly eat away at living things, devouring them from the inside out.  There is nothing more horrible than a slow death, and suffering emotionally is but one way for it to happen.  Without the bad things in life, however, there can be no good.  Happy times will be followed by sad ones, and sad ones by even more joyous ones.  Poison, much like Dark and Ghost, has a questionable place in the Creation of Life, but it serves its purpose nonetheless.

Torn apart by feral pokemon, you say?  Curious...perhaps there's a chance they yet live after all, if the remains were impossible to identify.  I cannot claim to know for certain that is the case, of course, but maybe it will help you come to a decision.  I have my suspicions that not all is as it seems in your case...

Karen gives Kee a sad, empathetic look.  She still looks like she's on the verge of tears, but for entirely different reasons now.

With all four plates returned to the Creator, its form is now completely solid, completely real.

At last.  My power is returning to me.  Not much, but enough.  With the power of the Syrentide's chant aiding me, I can perform the impossible for brief moments.

Now then, I have a little explaining to do.  About why you've been drawn here, and about what comes next.  A grim tale is what I have to tell.

Arceus's form shifts back to the dull, discolored form it started in as it begins its story.

[Image: 493-Unknown.png]

As the sacred mountain began to turn dark with Shadow, something stole into the Hall of Origin and managed to ambush me.  It stole my gathered Plates, scattering them across the Sinnoh Region.  I can feel them calling to me from every is only by a sheer miracle that four of them found their way back to me almost of their own accord.

That thing that stole my powers from me then found the Azure Flute's hidden location, sealing it away on the Mystri Stage in the Sinjoh Ruins, where no Pokemon would be able to touch it.  It attacked and entrapped Legendaries across the land, placing them where no human would dare tread, or making them disappear altogether.  It darkened the sacred mountain with its Shadows, darkened the hearts of the pokemon living inside it, all to further its plans.  Its dark designs for Sinnoh completed, it then lured the Time Keeper, Dialga, to the Dark Spear Pillar, where it darkened the dragon's heart.  Time had fallen under its control, and combined with its powers over Space, the universe would soon be its toy.

It is a dark being that my powers sealed away long, long, long ago, and I dare not speak its name, lest it return to these halls and undo all our hard work to remove its influence from these lands.  It traveled through both time and space, seeking those that would eventually oppose it, and did everything it could to interfere with their lives without leaving a trace of its presence, save for one thing: a mark depicting a pokemon with the traits of all other Legendaries, and none of itself.  The chaos such actions left in their wake have dragged people and pokemon from across all realities into ones that were not their own, and it's all because of the one thing this being desires more than anything.

This being intends to become a god.

But it has made a mistake.  It has lead you all here, and you have freed Dialga from its control.  Time is no longer forced to do its bidding.  Giratina has fled this dimension with the dark power that enabled as such.  I do not know what the future will hold for the Renegade, but I do not expect they will be able to fight that power forever.

It is with a burdened heart that I offer you choices in response to the recent events brought about by this multidimensional disaster.  Let it be known that I mean as well as I can manage when I offer them, though.

Arceus shifts colors again as music notes begin to circle it, Paula's Lucky Chant suddenly starting up again from out of nowhere.

[Image: 96px-HOME493Fairy.png]

With the power temporarily granted to me by this heartfelt song, I can offer you three choices concerning what you do next.


...what will you all choose?

Look to your companions if it will help you come to a decision.  Look to your pasts, your futures.  The choice is entirely yours.
(03-14-2020, 06:26 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

Kogeki's face reveal earns the man a brief but vividly sympathetic grimace from Ran before he looks away from them. Not because the sight scared or sickened him - he'd seen similar mutilation from the bodies of his worker being unearthed and carried out of the mines after that day, so their own was only a gruesome surprise to him - but out of polite respect for the honorable man he'd worked with. It was the least he could do for the man, really. Well, beyond making him their newest robo-arm and mask, but Ran considered that just the right thing to do for them, and therefor expected nothing from it. 

Though he really hadn't gotten to know him (or anyone in his group, for that matter), their past trauma and plight has always resonated deeply with the wee little man because of his own personal tragedy he endured that was so much like there own.Their blatant disrespect and disdain of the Legends too, while questionable and downright irritating at the best of times and downright suicidal at the worse, was something he could amply understand, given he had his own mine cart of issues after that day that he was only in recent years and recent days he was finally beginning to fully unload, process, and move on.

Hearing that their....beloved friend could possibly still yet exist somewhere makes him smile just a bit for them. Like him and the rest of their partners, the cyborg ninja deserves such good news, after everything they've gone through.

Kee's sudden announcement of their hither-unknown suicidal desires and all the reasons for it thereof.....well, the scuffy smith was ashen faced about it for just a few fleeting moments, before he just.....let out a heavy *Sigh* and shook his head, his expression and himself becoming wearily apathetic to it all. It was not that Ran didn't sympathize in the colorful musician's own grief - for he did, in much the same way he sympathizes with Kogeki - but.....he just couldn't find it within himself to care after dwelling on it for a few seconds. His relationship with the punk star was a baffling one at best and fairly tenuous at all other times, and unlike with Kogeki he didn't know anything really about their past besides them from being from another reality and the general info he gave to everyone. Frankly, neither him or they didn't have the time nor chance to really get to know each other to truly be invested in their respective plights. So after dying from the aftermath of a beyond harrowing yet still fortuitous battle with and against Legendary Pokemon, the bristly blacksmith was far too exhausted and numb/still in shock to start giving very much of a damn about a young adult whose relationship with basically only amounted to 'decent working acquaintance and occasional source of annoyance/amusement' .

Was that heartless of Randolph? Perhaps, but as it was said, he's just too tired to care about that anyway. Too damn tiredbone and soul weary from this emotionally and physically GRUELING ordeal that was all at once his job, his duty, and, most recently, his death sentence. He just wanted his role in this whole stinking rotting, wretched terrible, Tauros shit supernatural mystery force business over and DONE with, once and for all, god damn it.

So once all the Plates the group had were given, Arceas revealed the full scope and true nature of what was behind this multi-reality encompassing cosmic disaster he and his partners have been involved with, and the Grand Alpha laid out all the cards on the table, Randolph Schmidt made his choice. The only choice for him. With a tired, tired expression that only became pained when he once more heard his lady's mystical song, Randolph quietly but boldly further approached Arceas, looked straight up into their all-seeing gaze....

.....and slowly, slowly shook his head.

"No. I can not, will not take on this sacred quest you are offering. What you are asking me to do is too much. Too much for anyone but the most extraordinary and exemplar of individual, and maybe not even them. This recent quest Rowan, the Pixies, and you invariably burdened me with was already far too much for me, yet I went through it out of simple necessity, obligation, and responsibility to do something about it before it, whatever the shitting bastard is responsible for the grief it has put you and everything else through it its egomaniacal scheme for god-hood, brought to ruin my and countless other lives. The quest that ended up killing me, as I expected it to and planned for in that event, and only through sheer fortunate series of highly improbable circumstances that I have any choice besides accepting that fact and move one. And I'm not about to make a choice that will only lead me to further and greater strife, suffering, and hardship that I am unsuited for, and never wanted in a million years. Or however many you've existed, Arceas. Not when I have friends to go back to, and my own Pokemon to look after. Me and my partners may have managed to take down Dialga, but that doesn't change the fact that I am an simple, old little blacksmith. One who's went well beyond his calling and somehow achieved what should've been impossible for him, but I'm still a blacksmith."

Randolph reached into his Inventory, pulled out The Azure Flute, and presented it to Acreas.

"So again I say no. Restore my life Arceas. Take this, take me back home, and let only my memories and hard earned treasures and my treasured new partners follow after me. Find some other gutsy, brave, or foolish man or woman that desires to help ya or what you're offering in exchange for their service. I have done my duty towards you, and once is all I can endure."

*Bows Head*

"Forgive me, Arceas. Forgive me, Kogeki, Karen, Kee, Scizors, and Rui. But I've had enough. Let me go return to life and finally rest. Please."
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Kogeki approach Rans and put a hand in his shoulder. "It's okay Randolph. I understand. It was a pleasure and a immense honor to join this adventure with ya. Fighting along with ya against Steelix...It was a painful battle, but it's prove our strenghs together."

"But...For a long time, I been searching my wife, Shimo. And I finally know where she is. I must find her. For my son. And for her. I failed with her once. I not going to fail with her again."

Kogeki then grab his sword, and offer to Rans. "Rans, I want you to carry this with you. A token of my friendship, and the bond we share in this journey. I have the feeling I might not be able to carry this sword with me, and I would hate to leave this behind. Also, ask Rowan to send a message to Lord Kaito and Lady Hinata about where I am. My sword will be the proof enough. And they will trust you, don't worry."

Kogeki then look at Arceus. "Sigh me in God. I will find my wife, no matter where she is. No matter the form I take, my heart it is in the right place."
Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.
(03-14-2020, 09:06 PM)Spiritmon Wrote:

The ninja's touch caused the dwarven craftsman to look up at them, and their words nearly brought a regretful grimace to his face, but instead he somehow managed to give them a weak smile and a nod back.

"....Thank ya, Kogeki. We haven't exactly been the closest of partners, but I can say that I've come to respect you greatly. Most men who'd gone through what you have would crack like an piece of sandstone, but you've managed to keep yourself sharp, determine, and resolute like the fine blade you carry, no matter how hard everything tried to shatter your into pieces. *Chuckles* I'm glad I've done what I could for ya arm and keeping your head still attached to your shoulders, and I'm glad....I'm glad I can call someone like ya a friend, ya damn Sleuth. *Grins* And don't call me Randolph. My friends call me Wolfe. Got it, Sleuth? "

When they made to entrust their katana to him, Wolfe's eyes went wide as the moon, as he couldn't believe they'd do such a thing or give a non-relative or close friend such a highly honorable responsibility, but when they subsequently explained why they did so his expression became both serious and solemn as he nodded once, before taking the ancient and venerable blade. "Very well. I'll keep it safe for ya, and I'll make sure your masters know the fate you've choose. *Grins* But only if ya swear you'll try your damndest to survive, and come back to me and reclaim it with your pretty wife hanging off your shoulder. *Winks* Consider it a special mission, from a friend, one with a huge reward waiting for ya upon completion. *Chuckles* Not telling you what it is, though. Think the mystery as additional motivation for ya to Hustle on that quest, along with seeing me again. Understand all that, Sleuth?"

Ran is trying his best to affect an air of light heartedness for their shakes, but it eventually fades into a gentler but more genuine feel of fond farewell as he steps away from them.

"Good. Now, get going. You're wife is not going to be saving herself, you know. Be well, take care, and.....may the waves and sun be with you on your journey."
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

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Kogeki chuckle, and for the first time, he was able to smiling, despite his messy face. "I also glad to call someone like you a friend. I just hope when I become a Pokemon, I be able to keep this arm you made. I get used to have a mechanical arm." Kogeki nod his head. "Heh. As you wish Wolfe. No...friend Wolfe."

Kogeki chuckle and said to his friend. "I not so weak Master Blacksmith. And in the form of a Pokemon, I will be even stronger. I will come back, and with Shimo in my arms. I am curious to what surprise you have stored mate."

He gave, Wolfe hand one last handshake with the mechanical arm. "Farewell Wolfe. May the winds and light of the moon guide your path my friend. We will meet again. That's a promise."

Kogeki look at Rui, Karen and Kee. He approach Rui and tell her. "Well...sorry for scared ya with my face Rookie. I guess we walk now in different paths. Keep that kunai with ya. I pretty sure it might save your life in your universe."
Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.
"...going...our separate ways...yeah..."

Rui's been thinking hard about what she wants to do, as has Karen.  It looks like the two of them sat down to discuss it with each other, and more than a few tears have definitely been shed by both.

Karen looks at Kee and walks over to him, leaving Rui to think a little longer.  " you want to choose  first, Kee, or...should we?  Rui's not quite sure what to do, honestly...and I guess we're not all picking the same thing now no matter what decisions the rest of us make..."

She looks sad as she says that, then gives Kee a hug.  "...I'm sorry this is so hard for you...I don't really want to say goodbye to everyone either...if you need to talk it over with someone, Rui and I are willing to listen, though..."

Her heart may not be beating right now, but it's obviously still in the right place.  You don't have to be alive to care and be sympathetic.
...Aaaaaand gone is the nice Toxic Plate, though it all silently DOES pain Kee to part with it, he feels like having chosen to do the correct thing - right? ARCEUS' words about the synergy between bad times that make you want nothing more than to fred from all suffereing once and for all and good times that make you feel like everything is at peace do mean a lot for him - and for Octavia as well appearantly, she does lick over his cheeky with the tenderest~ of affection~ once again. Kee stares at her for a moment, then does nothing but to embrace her with the same tenderest~ of affection~ - 'It's likely true', he thinks to himself, 'W'thout me goin' through all that misery, we would very likely not have one another, would we?' The faeeveelution cuddles up to him, she must think and feel just like he does. WITHOUT one another, they're NOTHING.

A big part of the coloful punk-musician still DOES wish to choose the route of death, despite everything that has been said, told and offered by The Alpha, The Original One, The Creator. The death he longed for in his weakest moments was a quick and pain-free one, even if being crushed by a stone-pillar must have looked incredibly messy, unsightly and morbid. BUT(!!!) Lucas was there, Kee's certain that the boi of a Champ will make sure that his dearest Pokemon receive a new home where they'll receive all the love and care they could ever wish for.

Another just as big part of him immediately clinged to that faint shimmer of HOPE They gave him, like a hungerseeded foe would cling to a kindly offered Perfect Apple. That, and Kee actually started to get...

...scared. SCARED and FEARFUL over heading into afterlife with utmost joy and eager only to be disappointed bitterly, only to realize that in the realm of the dead he's alone. And in THAT case there would be NO escape route because he's already dead. And therefor he meets ARCEUS' eyes with a look that is timid, meek and fearful; yet he DOES have a light smile on his face regardless. "Ya 'ave... suspicions that not all is as it seems in mah case....???" Kee mutters to Them, he can't quite follow, and he's not sure at all whether we wants to do so, he's just puzzled, perplexed and clueless. BUT his smiles does NOT cease.

When Ran/@Lord Windos came forth as the first one to issue his choice, Kee gave him a glace brimming with grief, but BENEATH that grief was plain and honest acception, and his smile towards the blackmith was kind, dear, friendly, generally conveying 'I like you'. "Make sure ya.... remember meh in GOOD TERMS, 'kay? Cuz I WILL, ya're a fun guy to hang out with. I'm sorreh though that I can't.... hold that concert-thingy ya requested from me...." He looks away.

Then at some point Karen came forth and gave him A HUG, one that vividly shows how much she seemingly....cares for him?? Kee's instant and involuntary reaction towards this is to freeze. "Kareeeeeeeen..... Stop that, stahp, pwease, ya're totally makin' me blush 'n stutter 'n all t-that.......~!!" But he smiles meekly, and after a few moments of letting her hug him as much as she desires, he very VERY carefully laid one arm around her and gently ruffled her hair with the other like he did several times before. If he would have a beating heart, its pulse would now increase to 180 beats per minute. "Ya're WAY too cute 'n adorable. 'n sympathic. 'n kind. Hehehe.... Hehe.... He...... 'f I... would be 'round yar age 'n not aro (aromantic), I'd totally....crush on ya, court ya with mah everythin' 'n stuff.... Hehehe.... Hehe....~~ *more embarassed chuckling*"
"*cough* Lemme choose first though, 'kay? P.... please. 'n however YA will choose, know that ya... mean a lot t'me. Not romantically... But platonically." He ruffles her hair once more affectionately and waits for her to let go of him before he...

...faces ARCEUS.
Another music cue! *hits the infamous G-note* MCR - 'Welcome to the Black Parade'

"Arceus, Creator, Alpha, Original One....." he tells Them, his expression grim, sad, down and determined at the same time, and he has to take a moment to sob and wipe his eyes for the n-th time. "I'm not a hero. I'm just a man, one that put every bit of his will power into choosin' t'live regardless. Tell me, is there anythin' for me t'LOOSE if I accept that quest ya're asking to go on 'n b'come a 'Mon mahself? .....No, don't answer that."  Kee shakes his head, his smile ominpresent.

"....No, there's nothin' I can think of. There's only stuff for me t' GAIN instead, and I'll 'ave... a PURPOSE. So, DO bring me into tha world of Pokemon. Please."

Before They can answer though, Kee intercepts: "UNDER ONE CONDITION. Just one, please, it is ALL I'm askin' from ya."
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Karen blushes vividly at Kee's comments, completely and totally embarrassed.  Rui and Scizor both chuckle at the sight.

Arceus hears Kee's request and ponders what to say for a moment.

I cannot guarantee you will meet Octavia in that world right away.

However, I will do my best to ensure she ends up there.  I expect that no distance or time will ever truly keep you two apart.

I am certain you both will meet again, no matter what happens.

Then the Alpha looks at Karen and Rui.

And what about you two?

Rui stands up, takes a deep breath, and faces Arceus.

"...I...I want to go home, along with Espeon.  I don't even know where that is, of making me forget, do you could help me remember?"

The Original One chuckles, a rare sound for them.

Yes, I can do that.  So it shall be done.  And the Milotic that has joined you?

Milotic appears, bows her head to the Creator, and speaks for the first time in their presence.

With all due respect, I would like to return home as well so that I may watch over the lower floors of Mount Coronet.

Then let it be so.  The sacred mountain is fortunate to have such a diligent guardian.

Milotic bows her head again, honored by Arceus's words.

That leaves Karen as the last one to make her choice.  She steps forward, a hand over her heart as she looks up at Arceus.

"...I don't want to die.  I guess it's a little late for that, but...not being able to feel my's like not being able to feel any emotion at all..."

She looks back at everyone else briefly before continuing.

"I've made so many friends on this journey, and...I don't want to say goodbye, either...and I want to help if I can...both them and"

She looks at Arceus eye to eye, a determined look in her gold and silver eyes even as she struggles to hold back tears.

"Take me to the World of Pokemon.  Take me there so that I...can feel...can help...can see my friends again...I guess I'm going to have to apologize to Jasmine later for disappearing on her, though..."

Worry not about Jasmine.  I have the utmost confidence that you shall meet again as well.

"I hope so."

Karen walks over to Kee and rests her head on his arm, still on the verge of tears.

Scizor, regardless of whether he helps, will certainly be returning to his world.  He offers a claw to everyone to shake.

For those leaving, it was nice knowing them

To those joining him in returning to his home world, may they meet again in the future.

Arceus speaks one last time after everyone has said their goodbyes.  Their voice is filled with power, and they radiate divine energy.

Your choices have been made.  Now let them be so, and let the hands of time turn back.  When you wake, you shall be alive once more.

And when those of you who have chosen to press on find rest next, expect to be contacted by an agent of the one known as The Voice of Life.  They shall guide you to the World of Pokemon through your dreams.

Farewell, and good luck.  May your lives prove to be worth living.

A New Beginning: Title Theme - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Exploers of Time/Darkness

Arceus roars, and the landscape becomes one of shifting color once more.  The four Plates and the music notes begin to orbit rapidly around Arceus's ring, and are soon joined by a small swarm of Unown as well.

More Unown appear, and they begin swarming and surrounding every individual besides Arceus.  The Lucky Chant increases in volume as it reaches its climax...

And then everything goes black and silent.

And like a movie logo, the title of my main campaign fades in over the darkness.

[Image: 300px-Pokémon_Mystery_Dungeon_logo.png]
Primal Shadows

This may be the end of this story, but the real adventure is about to begin...

The End.

...for now.

To be continued....

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