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Game Creating
Good Evening All

I was wondering who would be willing to help me create a pokemon fangame

If you interested and if you have any questions,feel free to message me

(09-17-2019, 12:23 PM)donutmaker Wrote: Hello donutmaker. It is nice to meet not only just you but, also the uranium community as well. Currently, I am making a game as well. However, I am willing to take the time to help you with yours. when you get a chance, please contact me at at any time. Thank you.
I haven't seen donutmaker on here in a while... He hasn't been on his discord either. I don't know where he went. He was last on here in October. Good luck with your game!

When life gives you lemons, wing 'em right back and add some lemons of your own!
 - Calvin
(12-17-2019, 07:33 PM)Bingo Wrote: Thankyou and Nice to meet you Bingo.

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