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Well, lets hope this doesn't happen @TheTainted_Wisdom. The world is in to much chaos already. No need to increase even more chaos.
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So my state finally issued a stay-at-home order today (the local area where I lived did that just yesterday), although I've been self-isolating already thanks to an extended spring break + fully-online classes when we start back on Monday. I'm generally a stay-at-home kind of person myself, but especially since forming a nice little friend circle through college, I'm finding it hard to want to stay here 24/7.

Like @Iron said, there's been a lot of sudden changes to how our world and daily lives operate. All the movie and restaurant ads on TV have adjusted to advertise on-demand streaming of brand new movies and take-out and delivery options. Going to the grocery store ahead of our lockdown yesterday was quite an experience; the checkout areas were cordoned off to allow only one customer through at a time, and there was one insistent person behind my mom who argued with the cashier about standing behind the red line until we were done (that poor cashier looked SO done with everything -- I'm sure she'd had that argument more times than anyone could care to count).

It's a massive adjustment for everyone, and unfortunately I fear that the people who insist on protesting or fighting back against the regulations for whatever reason ("it's just a flu bug, what's the big deal" "it's such-and-such conspiracy meant to make us do this-or-that") is only going to stretch this situation out longer. Honestly, governments wouldn't HAVE to issue orders and threaten people with criminal offenses for breaking quarantine if everyone would just use common sense. Just because it's not much of a big deal now doesn't mean that it doesn't have the potential to be later down the road if we do nothing.
Oh yes, getting groceries at the store is a unique experience now indeed, both in a good and bad way - 'good' as in 'there are less people around now and I can avoid them as much as I want' and 'bad' as in 'I feel bad for the cashiers having to deal with the situation'.

(03-27-2020, 05:34 PM)EeveeBailey Wrote: (...) Just because it's not much of a big deal now doesn't mean that it doesn't have the potential to be later down the road if we do nothing.

That's very true! It saddens and makes me angry that one of my co-workers doesn't seem to take things seriously and keeps making casual fun of the situation. Unfortunately though, they're not the only one to do so, by far not, and the others have to suffer due to that. (-_- )
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