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Favorites types
(04-08-2020, 10:19 AM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

I had a slight idea Psychic would be your favorite. Well, perhaps its not surprise, since most of the people favorite types most of time have psychics in their lists. No surprise though, they are also my the fourth favorite type after Fire, Steel and Ghost. Because what can be more powerful than the power of the mind? And I can understand why Gallade is your favorite: Having opposites types (Psychic/Fighting). Having a cool story in the dex. Strong and fierce. A powerful sword master. Reasons to like it there is a lot! I still gonna have a Gallade or Gardevoir in future campaighs, mark my words! Might be difficult now in Primal Shadows since Karen is a Ralts, so even if I had Kirlia back, it might be strange have 2 Gardevoir in the same party.

Heh, Metagross. Had a few bad times back in my time of Pokemon Emerald (when Gamefreak was still a respectable Game creator). Metagross is a pretty strong type, represeting the pure essence of what make a Psychic Type: Pure Logic and Power. Damn, now that make me wish to had choose a Beldum as char in Primal Shadows, but I dont regret choosing Delta Riolu. And I excited to continue our journey and see what kind of powers Kogeki might discover.

The last one its a pretty great choice mate. Having no definitive last top three type open space for have free choices of taste in any type pokemon. Thats awesome.
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